Rising of Chaos, Mewtwo Gaurdian of Cerulean Cave

Pkmrphs Is. 1: Rising of Chaos, Mewtwo Gaurdian of Cerulean Cave
By Nathan P. Walsh

Chapter 1: The Beginning :Current Year: 2055

One day in the town of Phenac, a young boy named Neo a underling of Prof. Oak from Pallet town was researching the Orre region, beyond his home region of Hoenn, the Region of Johto. Neo was really into the Ruins of Alph he has heard a lot of stories about Annon.

While he was drowning in his work, his partner (his girlfriend) Kristi Kerema Sivenre came running into his bedroom. Kristi had two first class tickets to Goldenrod Cty., Johto, not to far from the Ruins of Alph. He jumped out of his desk chair and begged if she'd take him.

“No.,” said Kristi sarcastically.

“Oh, why do I have to ask I should know better.,” Neo mumbled to himself.

Kristi started to giggle. Then they looked at each other, ran downstairs, out the door. The train started to leave when they stepped in. Kristi's mom called her cell to say she and Neo's Mom were worried. Kristi explained it all.

When they got there Officer Jenny threw them into the side carts of her motorbike. She took them to the Goldenrod bicycle shop. She then gave Neo a motorcycle voucher Neo jumped at the chance. Neo also decided to buy a helmet for Kristi. Then Officer Jenny come bak in saying there was an emergency at the Ruins of Alph and needed a Pokemon trainer or two, she then chose Neo and Kristi to go.

“Hey, you two kids are pokemon trainers aren't you,” Jenny hurried when speaking.

“Yes, er... um... well my boyfriend here is,” said Kristi with excitement.

“Hello, er... well I would be Neo, Kristi here is well, my girlfriend,” Neo spoke nervously. “I'm not particularly familiar with the Johto region, because I live in Hoenn I just visited Phenac...”

“Okay, well you do have a PokéMon Navigator don't you,” Jenny interrupted Neo.

“...Well, not me, Kristi does,” sighed Neo.

Officer Jenny asked, “Then may I see it.”

“Sure,” Kristi handed over the PokéNav.

Officer Jenny then took it to her bike and hooked it up to her I. P. P. O. C. (International PokéMon Police Officer Computer). It was upgrading the map to accessorize with the Johto and Kanto maps, uploaded a Johto/ Kanto/ Hoenn PokéDex to the PokéNav. Kristi then noticed they were going to stop by Prof. Oak's to get a PokéDex and this saves us a trip.

Beep, beep, beep....

Jenny angrily hollered, “Oh, no that's my emergency line.” “Hello.

“Jenny” a voice said.

“Yes, Professor Elm”

Elm shockingly said, “I'm at the Ruins of Alph, there's trouble.” “Team Rocket and three other unknown...

“Team Snagem,” yelped Neo and Kristi.

...wait Team Aqua and Magma have made their fist appearance in Johto.” continued Elm.

“Bye,” Elm said to Jenny and vice versa.

“Let's go!!!,” Neo, Kristi, and Jenny said fiercely.

Neo and Kristi followed Jenny. They passed a sign that said Route Alph. They arrived in the Ruins of Alph. Two Rockets, a Meowth, four Aqua's, four Magmas, and eight presumed Snagems were there doing a one on one on one on one battle.

“Totally intense”, said a voice radically.

“Oh, crud”, disappointedly Kristi said, “D...”

Chapter 2: Mysterious Rival

“Derek Frellmore.,” said Kristi.

“Well, well, well if it isn't Neo “Crybaby” Sarco and his bratty little good for nothing girlfriend,” Derek snickered, “What are doing in Johto, trying to ruin my membership into Team Magma. Didn't you guys know after Team Aqua's plan of an aquatic planet, a boy named Brendan Birch stopped them and they turned good. That's why I chose to join a more powerful team, Team Magma. I figured you two nosewipes would join Team Aqua”

“Prepare to fight, jerk”, blurted Kristi.

“Fine”, Derek sneered, “Go, Mightyena, Arcanine, Houndoom, Entei.”

Kristi and Neo hollered, “Swampert, Mewtwo; Umbreon, Mew Go!”

“Swampert, Earthquake.”

...Arcanine, Mighteyena, and Entei faint.

“Houndoom, Crunch Overheat.”

...Mewtwo faints.

...Mewtwo heals himself and withdraws from battle.

“Mew return.”

“Swampert, Facade Explosion.”

Critical Hit

...Mightyena fainted. Swampert faints.

“I will not accept defeat from you Neo”, Derek snapped, “Revenge will be mine!!!”

“Before you leave we will give you a chance to join Team Magma, Derek. For your extreme efforts of trying to stop this poser of Brendan Birch. Will you accept.”, the leader of Team Magma offered to Derek.

Derek screeched, “Ofcourse, I'll accept any opportunity for power and to get revenge on Neo Sarco.”

Neo politely asked, “Hey, Archie can I j...”

Kabang!!! The wall to the Ruins of Alph blew out. Team Rocket was standing there with a Meowth that could speak. Neo recognized that it was Musashi and James that he encountered a few years back.

“YOU again!!!”, yelled Musashi and James.

“This time we will not give up as easily as before. We have know tapped into the power of cloning.” Musashi grumbled. We cloned Meowth twice and evolved them into...”

“Persain,” finished James.

Three Unown started to float towards Neo, but fainted half way between Team Rocket and Neo. Unown X, Y, and Z. Neo ran over to them and gave them each a Revive. They gave off a huge yellow ray in all directions and Neo, Archie, Maxie, Kristi, Musashi, James, and Derek all were hit. Neo the power of the second Mew, Kristi with Mew, Archie and Maxie cloned spirits as one with Ho-oh-Lugia. Musashi as Flareon with Zapdos James, Serenity Suicune...

Chapter 3: Mysterious Serenity

“Serenity!!!!,” Neo hollared. “Why Team Rocket?”


Giovanni told Serenity, “Withdraw and give to Neo.”

Serenity said, “Yes. Neo here take this and leave here at once. Serenity handed over a National Navigator.”

Neo and the rest of them left leaving Team Rocket only. Neo with his new form, a member of Team Aqua and Rival in Team Magma. Neo swore never to stop until he rescued his sister Serenity. He then looked in the MEMO section of his National Navigator read “Do not follow me I am undercover working for Team Rocket discovering flaws of PROJECT MORPH, meaning Giovanni is responsible for the totally awesome morphs. I will return once I discover how to teach you Celebi clone how to use the TM Erase Memory. Giovanni suspects nothing. I just recently took a vacation as a Member of the Cipher's as a Cipher Peon Administrator, mission was a success even though your Friends Roy an Yuki, devastatingly destroyed Head Evice. Look in the PASSCODE file under the name of ORRE is everything you need to destroy the long hours of research to find a cure for your young Pichu's paralysis flare. And it has a direct link to you Computer so you can have all your pokémon with you at all times and link to Bridgette's storage link for unlimited storage and an email source file to mine at all times and we will never be out of contact and you will be able to get a full size map of the Pokémon Paradise area in the Mystic Spring under Agate Village, a DNA Analyzer for getting into the Under in Pyrite Town, and a UFO disc override for any direction and a pass for MT. Battle and...

got to go Giovanni is coming...”

Kristi said, “Wow, I had no idea...”

“Power Morph Cinclair!...,” started Neo. YOU WILL NOT SPEAK OF IT AGAIN until Serenity's MISSION is fully COMPLETE. If you endanger her mission Giovanni will lock her up in the Team Rocket dungeon and THAT IS NOT A FUN PLACE, I got locked up for Betraying Team Rocket, but luckily escaped."

Kristi said, “Yes, but shouldn't you send her your information off your computer file.”

“Where you in my user file... huhmph... again?,” asked Neo. “Oh well, good idea. Send FILE TR-UNDERCOVER to National Navigator Srnihty135 ID# 74677."

Chapter 4: Operation MOPRH 007

Kristi., “Hey!!!, Neo how'd did you access that pokemon file that shows you, Serenity and me. It looks pretty cool and how do access my morph again? I don't remember why we lost the ability to morph again.”

“Neither do I, but you have to join your inner bond with Mew and the ancient spirits will join with yours.,” said Neo. “And I also think this is only part of the morph files and we have to gain more access files, maybe you can help me figure out how to transfer your code data into my National Navigator, but we have more important problems lets get on the first available way into Hoenn and my best bet is flying to Viridian City and sailing to Littleroot and from there I will access Lannette's PC and track down Brendan Birch and May. I need to show them the Pokémon League Hall of Fame showing them the first person who beat Steven and left the Beldum on Steven's table. They must know who sent them into a Subdivisional Virtual Reality.” “IT WAS I!!!,” said another voice cutting in.

Kristi asked, “WOW!!! How did you do that Neo?”

“Do what!?,” answered Neo.

Kristi asked, “Do that weird speaking thing inside of my head?”

“Aihyeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhh!!!!...,”yelled Neo.

Kristi., “What, oh, I guess Mewtwo wanted to de-fuse. Huh, Mewtwo was that you.”

Nods from Mewtwo

Kristi started, “Thought... Pink Flurry Polymerization....

“Thought so,” said Kristi.

“Kristi come on, Mewtwo, Power Morph Cinclair!,” said Neo.

On their way to Littleroot they encountered one major problem they had no way of buying S.S. Tickets they were SOLD OUT. So then they decided to fly across the Sea. They were shot out of nowhere with one arrow spiking through both National Navigator s, reading Articuno Lives On. When they landed in the waters below drifted a mysterious raft. Being rested they discovered Prof. Birch.

Neo, Kristi, “Birch...Uh?”

“I thought I wouldn't see anybody again. Some weird lady with a Red “R” on her shirt and Derek put me on this raft telling me I was going to be sucked into the “Wrath of Articuno,” said Professor Birch “Which I discovered means after 3 millennia ago a bunch of Pokémon Hybrids were released, the worst an Articuno trapped people in distant waters slowly being dragged into a giant killer whirlpool in the center of an eyeless Hurricane Class One.”

Kristi asked, “Why didn't you just jump off and swim ashore?”

“Uh... well they placed these weird weights around my ankles with unbreakable locks,” replied Professor Birch. “Hey, Neo you have a Mewtwo. Correct? Does it know Psiflare?”

Neo answered, “Yes and no."

“Well, I have that TM with me right now,” said Professor Birch, “and I'm geussing you have that National Navigator partially for Move Extension and it is broken, but you still have the Memory Chip fully intact. Well Mewtwo do you want this holding up Psiflare.”

Mewtwo nods.

“Okay,” said Birch. “Activate. 1.. 2.. and.... Poof... Flamethrower was forgotten... and Psiflare was learned.”

“Huuhnnyuhhhahaha...,” hollared Mewtwo.

“Just as I thought you learned Repair along with Psifalre and repaired the National Navigator."

Neo yelked, “Power Morph Cinclair!”


Thank You...,” Birch started. “Possessed Lugia... ahhhhhh.

To be continued...