The Day We Met - Part 2

By: Desiree & Awesome Jerry

Disclaimer: We don't own the characters of Pokemon ....


 Ash ran as fast as he could. All he could think about was Misty and how much he really did love her. He wanted to tell her but he didn't know how to tell her. May and him had broken up and that is when he realized that the girl he really did love was Misty. Ash started to run faster and faster to the docks until he could see the dock off in the distance with a tall red-headed girl off in the distance.
 Dawn started to break as Ash reached the dock, Ash stopped and looked at Misty. "Hi..." Ash said, then he paused.
 "Hi Ash," Misty said. She smiled and walked closer to Ash. "I'm glad you came," she grinned.
 Ash smiled at her. "I'm glad that I came too," He said.
 Misty held out her hand and grabbed Ash's. "C'mon, there's somethign I want to show you, Ash," she said.
 Ash smiled.
 They both ran to the egde of the dock to a boat, Misty got in first. "Come on Ash," she said.
 "Where are we going?" Ash asked.
 "You'll see," Misty smiled, helping Ash into the boat. Misty started the boat up and off they went in the distance until Misty stopped the boat and looked out towards the horizon. It was so beautiful.
 "Look Ash, the sun is coming up..." Misty said.
 " Yeah, this is awesome," Ash smiled, as a light breeze blew through his raven black hair. "Is this what you wanted to show me?" he asked.
 "Yeah..." Misty nodded. "Sure is beautiful, huh?" she asked.
 "Yeah.." Ash nodded. "But now as beautiful as you,"
 Misty blushed. "Thanks..." she said.
 "Misty there's something I want to tell you," Ash said, putting his hand on top of Misty's.
 Misty looked at Ash and smiled. She grapsed his hand in her's. "What?" she asked sweetly.
 "Well..." Ash began. " I realized that I didn't love May. After she broke up with me, I started to think why did I ever put up with her and I didn't find a reason. I'm sorry for lying to you about my feelings because I really do love you, and I have never stopped loving you. I guess that May was just a faze but your the only girl I want to be with, Misty Waterflower I love you," Ash confessed.
 Misty smiled and blushed. "I love you too, Ash Ketchum," She looked out at the water.
 "What about Rudy?" Ash asked.
 Misty looked down at the floor of the boat. " I broke up with him. After I saw you yesterday I realized how much I really did love you and I wanted to be fair to Rudy, so when I went home I ended it with him, I love you Ash, and only you..." Misty said.
 Ash smiled, closed his eye's and he began to lean in towards Misty.
 Misty smiled and closed her eye's.
 Their faces was getting closer and closer to each other, and then there was an explosion. Both of their faces popped up and looked out towards land. There was a big fire.
 "We better get back and help," Ash said.
 Misty nodded and started to drive back in. Tears formed in her eye's.  She was so disappointed, her first kiss with Ash was ruined. But she knew that she would get a chance later on ...

 End of Part 2, Part 3 is coming soon!!!