Combo Mania“Grovyle, use marshtomps hydro pump to jump in the air!” Grovyle once again shot up the torrent of water, but as soon as he got to the air he just fell down. Though he landed with amazing grace, I needed to think of a way that he could stay up in the air just long enough to attack a flying pokemon with leaf blade or Arial ace and a pokemon on the ground with a bullet seed or solarbeam. “I know.” I said as I clicked my fingers “Grovyle, when you get to the air do a rapid spin it will give you a big enough air cushion to last up there for ten to fifteen seconds, giving you enough time to do any of your attacks!”

Text Box: Billy’s Gloom I turned “Oh hi Billy”  “Hi Nathaniel I see your working on a new combo move want to see mine!” Billy is in my class and is a friend. “Go electabuzz and gloom!”   Like everyone at are school Billy had started with two pokemon in his first year and unlike in most trainer schools these pokemon actually belong to us but there is a cost with going to this school you have to continue until your sixteen and you only got one pokemon class a day, this is how it works:


Monday-battling techniques (combos etc)

Tuesday-grooming and breeding

Wednesday-learning general information (types, evolving with stones, berries etc)

Thursday-healing your pokemon/first aid

Friday-battling class (you get to do to do a lot more battling here than on Monday)


And because we only get one class a day we have to do a lot more training in our own time.


“Electabuzz go use charge and jump above gloom, and gloom suck up that added power and use your solarbeam attack!” Gloom launched its amazing solarbeam at a nearby tree and blew it apart.



“Come on quilava lets go and show them are combo!” My best friend approached us with his quilava at his side, he had been practising his combo technique for weeks and had dying to show it to us “Hello Ben.” “Do you want see my combo?” he asked “you bet!” “Go charmeleon use sunny day, now use fireball, quilava use hyberbeam!”  

A fire comet went hurtling towards a huge boulder in the onix breeders quarry.

Boom! “HEY” the onix breeder came into view with a red face “stop destroying my quarry!” “Uh Ben, Nathaniel perhaps we should run!” Billy suggested “I’ll second that!” I agreed

Text Box:     My Grovyle.