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The Chosen Ones

Part 1: The Legend 2000AL


   The time had come. Ash had passed all the challenges all that was left was the
Elite 4. But he had to wait to face them because thanks to his bad luck Gary Oak, his
friend, but life time rival had gotten there first and was in the process of fighting them.
   The Elite 4, these were the ones that had lasted most. For 16 years since Lance
had become their leader after the previous leader had retired they had not been beaten but
it appear that their good fortune was up.
   "Ash Ketchum, I can't believe that you let Gary get here first. Now his gonna
become the Champion and not you!" said a beautiful teenage girl that had long red hair in
a ponytail and aqua eyes. This was the girl that Ash had secretly loved for 5 years never
daring to tell her because he thought she hated him.
   "But Misty it doesn't matter if Gary got here first. Now I can defeat him to." Ash
answered. He was 15 years old, about 5'10, he was handsome and had a strong body,
though he would readily admit that Misty was stronger even if she didn't look it. This
was the man that she had loved ever since first seeing him 5 years ago in Viridian Forest
trying to safe his Pikachu.
   "When's your match Ash?" Brock asked. He was 6 feet tall and also had a lean
muscular body. His eyes appeared to be close all the time and his skin was brown. He
was 21 years old and had been a brother and a father to both his younger companions.
Ash whose father had disappeared when he was young and Misty whose father and
Mother had died when she was young in an accident. Ash still had his mother, but
Misty's only family was her sisters who were more worried of how they looked than her.
Brock couldn't help but feel responsible for them.
   "It's at 2pm if Gary has defeated or been defeated by them by that time." Ash
   "Well, I think we should get something to eat, while we wait." Brock said.
   "pika pika pi cha, pikapi!!" (Yes, let's get something to eat Ash!!) Pikachu said.
   "I don't know what he said but I'm sure he agrees" Brock answered.  
   "Yes he did Brock." Misty told her older friend. She had been able to understand
Ash's Pikachu just like him for over a year now.
   "Well, let's go I'm hungry too!" Ash exclaimed.
   "Come on Misty, hurry up!!" Ash said grabbing her hand and pulling her behind
   How cute acting like a couple again? I better keep my mouth shut my head still
hurts were Misty hit me last time, Brock thought. "Wait for me!" He shouted as he ran
after them. They went into a Café and decided to watch Gary's match against Lance.
They ate and talked and watched the match. They saw that Gary had difficulty defeating
Lance but accomplished it losing but 2 pokémon in the process.
   Thus Gary became the new Kanto League Champion. The first in 16 years. Now
in one hour would be Ash's turn to face the Elite 4, but unlike Gary who faced but 4
trainers Ash would have to face 5 now that Gary was the Champion.
   "Let's go guys I better get there for my battles." Ash said to his 4 companions. It
was finally his turn now he would face the Elite 4 and accomplish his dream.
   "Pikachu are you ready?" Ash asked his small friend.
   "pika pikapi" (yes Ash) It answered.
   "Come on Togepi" Misty said.
   "toge toge priii?" (Were to mommy?) It asked Misty.
   "We're going to see Ash face the League." She answered.
   "togege?" (Daddy?) It asked.
   "Yes" Misty answered blushing slightly.
   20 minutes were left before Ash faced Lorelei. He was in the Challenger's Hall
waiting with Misty and Brock.
   "You better get ready." Brock said.
   "You're right." Ash answered.
   "Good luck Ash, I'll be rooting for you" Brock told his friend before leaving.
   "Ash, I just wanted to which you good luck and remember this is your dream
don't let any one stop you from accomplishing it." Misty told Ash.
   "Why thank you Misty" Said Ash a little confused.
   Misty ran up to Ash and hugging him she said to his ear: "You had better win Ash
Satoshi Ketchum if you know what's good for you!!" Leaving Ash bewildered.
   "Pikapi kachuu pi pika cha pika Pikachaa?" (Ash, when will you tell Misty you
love her?)
   "When this is over Pikachu, when this is over. Whether I win or loose I will tell
her." Ash said determinedly to his best friend.
   "Hey, Ash you better not lose 'cause I want that pleasure for myself. Haha ." Gary
said coming in through the door.
   "Don't worry Gary I'll make sure to save some for you!" Ash answered.
   "Haha, yea whatever. Smell ya later!" Gary said leaving.
   A man entered the room and said to Ash: "You can pass now. The Elite 4 is
waiting. Good luck, kid." He said while thinking: "This kid won't get far, one new
Champion is enough for a day. Besides he has no chance of defeating the new Champ."
   At this point Prof. Oak came in with Delia and Tracy.
   As the big doors in front of Ash opened he went through into the first arena it was
an ice path with water surrounding it on both sides. Lorelei was waiting there for him.
   "Welcome Ash, I am certain that you are strong if not you would not be here. But
today I lost a battle so I will not lose to you! Ash, are you ready? Prepare to face the
power of the Elite 4. This shall be a 6 on 6 pokémon battle, no time limit. Now feel the
wrath of my ice pokémon."
   "Go, Dewgong!!" Lorelei said while Ash grabbed his cap and spinned it around
until it faced backwards and said:
   " Pikachu, I chose you!"
   "Ha ha ha, you expect that weak little pokémon to defeat my Dewgong??" This
will be easier than I thought. He stands no chance against me.
   "This Pikachu isn't normal. Now Thunderbolt!" Sparks started flying from the
Pikachu's cheeks until he's power was strong enough for the attack, of course all this
took less than a second, and he released the powerful Thunderbolt at the Dewgong with
the cry of:
   "PIIIIII KAAAAAA CHHHUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!" The Dewgong was down
with one hit to the amazement of Lorelei but not Ash or Pikachu.
   "Dewgong, return! Not bad Ash your better than I expected, but let's see how you
do against my Jynx!" She said as she threw a pokéball into the arena and a Jynx appeared
from the red light.
   "Jynx, Ice Beam!"
   "Pikachu Electric Shield and Agility" Suddenly Pikachu started glowing bright
yellow before a sphere of electricity grew around it while it ran towards the Jynx.
   "What is this!?!" I've never seen an attack like this one. This Pikachu really isn't
normal and I have feeling that I can't win against it but I shall not give up this fight. The
Ice Beam hit the shield at this moment but it was destroyed harmlessly.
   "Shield Reversal!" Ash shouted. Pikachu jumped into the air and lunched the
shield toward the Jynx, which was surrounded and defeated when it closed in on it.
   "Not bad. Jynx, return! Go Dewgong! Blizzard!" [It's another Dewgong]
   "Lightning Blade!" Before the Dewgong could even start the Blizzard Pikachu
jumped and swung her tail [that's right it's a girl] in the direction of the Dewgong and
released a lightning bolt that resembled the blade of a sword knocking out the Dewgong.
   "Dewgong, return. Go, Poliswine"
   "Pikachu take a break."
   "Pika, Pikapi" (ok, Ash)
   "Charrizard go! Fire Blast" before Pikachu could even climb up on Ash's
shoulder Charrizard had fired a Fire Blast. It went straight a t the Poliswine and it was
defeated again in one shot.
   "Poliswine, return. Go Vaporeon Hydro Pump!"
   "Charrizard Flame Barrier and Seismic Toss" As the torrent of water headed for
Charrizard, it created a wall of flames in front of him which evaporated the water creating
a hot mist in the arena which disturbed the Vaporeon but not itself. But Charrizard did
not stop there; it used the cover of the mist to head toward the water pokémon. It grabbed
it and threw it at the ceiling of the arena. It crashed with tremendous force, cracking the
ceiling and even making parts of it fall down along with it as it fell to the floor but it
never made it being recalled by Lorelei before falling all the way.
   "Lapras go! Ice Beam"
   "Charrizard, Meteor Storm!" I wonder if that was too much?? Ash thought. As
the Ice Beam headed toward it, the dragon pokémon jumped in the air and started
shooting blast after blast of liquid flame at his enemy. It was a total of over 40 blasts.
While they were slow and easily evadable they were far too many and defeated the
   "Lapras return"
   "Good work Charrizard, you deserve a good rest" Ash said before returning his
   "It seems I have underestimated you Ash. The love you and your pokémon share
had a lot to do with your winning. Now Ash, go face your next challenger." With this the
doors behind Lorelei opened to the field of the fighting master beyond. Ash went through
the doors to face the second of the Elite who was none other than Bruno.
   This arena was full of rocks thrown around everywhere and the floor was made of
"So Ash, you finally made it here. I always knew I would face you in this arena.
But lets see if you have discovered the secret of becoming a Pokémon Master, Ash. This
will be a 6 on 6 battle, no time limit. Now lets see how you fare against my fighting
pokémon. Get ready to feel the power of a true master!" Bruno said and took out a
pokeball and threw it to the arena releasing a Hitmontop and returning to him.
   "Pikachu, you know I chose you!"
   "Hitmontop, double slap" Bruno commanded.
   "Pikachu, Heiruken with Agility, like we practiced."
   As the Hitmontop headed toward Pikachu the small yellow pokémon disappeared
and reappeared in front of the fighting pokémon and hit it with a very complicated series
of kicks and punch's, it made a total of 32 hits in less than 2 seconds. The Hitmontop was
out before it new it.
   "Hitmontop return. Strong Pikachu you got there Ash, but then again I already
knew that. Golem, go."
   "Thanks, good work Pikachu"
   "Lets see how it does against this one, Golem Rock Throw"
   "Pikachu lets give it a Shadow Thunder" Pikachu started glowing black before
releasing what appeared to be a very strong Thunder attack, only it was black, with the
familiar shout of:
   When it hit the Golem it roared in pain before falling with a single hit.
   "Golem, return. Now I've seen everything black thunder that hurts rock types.
Will you never seize to amaze me Ash? Go Hitmonlee!"
   "Probably not. Pikachu Double Team Heiruken!" Pikachu glowed and separated
in over 50 images of it before doing the Heiruken technique on the Hitmonlee. But it
wasn't a normal double team because all of the images were real in the sense that they
could hurt their opponent. The Hitmonlee was devastated, unconcious and with a few
broken bones.
"Hitmonlee, return!" He isn't even giving me a chance to attack, could he really
have gotten that good?? Well, he is the Master of both Johto and Orange Leagues.                      
    "Hitmonchan, go! Seismic toss"
   "Pikachu, Electric Shield. Block and throw" This is too easy so I'll just let it get in
a few hits?. Oh no, if he touches Pikachu he'll go down! ?. "HITMOOONN!" The
Hitmonchan cried as it collided with the powerful electric shield created by Pikachu and
fainted it.
   Too late. Ash thought as Bruno recalled his pokémon.
   "Go, Onix!" A huge rock snake came out of its pokeball and brought back
memories to Ash. Both he and Pikachu had been there when Bruno caught it, and they
had almost died too. He didn't want to think of that so he shacked those thoughts out of
his head.
   Pikachu threw the Shield at the Onix with out command.
   "Onix, rock throw!"
   "Pikachu, Thunder Shatter all the rocks." The shield collided with Onix as he
released a barrage of rocks at Pikachu. The shield hurt Onix badly but it could still battle.
While the rocks headed for Pikachu collided with the wall of electricity he created and
were disintegrated.
   "Pikachu, Lightning Blade, 10% power"
   "Onix, Hyper Beam" Is he that confident in that Pikachu's power that he would
use an attack with such low power against a rock type? Bruno thought.
   Pikachu jumped in the air and his tail started glowing before releasing a blade of
pure energy at the Onix. Just as Pikachu shot his blade Onix fired his Hyper Beam which
was destroyed by the power of the blade as it continued, but before it hit the Onix Ash
shouted at Pikachu:
   "Blow it" Pikachu complied making the blade explode before it hit the Onix and
killed it. and after the dust settled the huge 30 foot Onix was on the ground, and it
wouldn't be leaving it for a while.
   "Onix, return. Go Machamp, Seismic Toss"
   "Hey Pikachu let's end this fast and without hurting him. Lightning Sleep"
   "PIII KAA CHUUU!" Pikachu said as he fired 2 small electric currents at the
neck of his opponent causing it to fall asleep.
   "Machamp, return."
   "Yeah we won!!"
   "Pikaaa!!!!" (Yeah)  Pikachu said as he jumped into Ash's arms.  
   "You have certainly proven your worth Ash. There is nothing for me to say.
Obviously you did find the secret. Just remember it's different for each trainer. Now Ash
go and face your next challenge." The doors behind Bruno opened to the third arena and
Ash passed trough followed by Misty, Brock, Delia, Tracy, Prof. Oak, Lorelei and Bruno.
"Do you think that Ash can win?" Brock asked.
"OF COURSE HE'LL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Misty yelled at him.
"Ok" Brock whimpered covering himself in case she decided to hit him.

This arena reminded Ash of a cementary with all the graves and it's coldness.
"Ash we finally meet you must be good but do not get cocky your only half way
there. You may have skill but you lack experience so it's not your destiny to win, yet.
You shall be Master but not yet. Now Ash, are you ready? Time to face the power of my
ghost pokémon. Get ready to lose. This will be a 6 on 6 pokémon battle, no time limit.
Now begin. Go, Hunter!"
   "Eifi, go!"
   "Esp eon esp" (ready for battle)
   "Foresight and Psychic, Eifi."
   "Hunter Lick" Agatha countered. Espeon's eyes started glowing bright blue for a
few seconds before realizing a powerful psychic blast at the Haunter taking him out in
one hit.
   "Haunter, return. Go, Gengar! Use Nightshade"
   "Eifi, Teleport and then confusion" Espeon disappeared just as a blast of dark
energy almost hit it. He appeared behind the Gengar and released a powerful confusion
lowering its HP to the point of fainting.
   "Gengar, return" My best pokémon taken out in one hit. He may actually become
the Champion!
   "Misdreveaus, go"
   "Misdreveaus?? I haven't seen one of those. Let's see what Dexter has to say" He
took out the small computer referred to as Pokedex and it said:
   "Misdreveaus, ghost pokémon. This pokémon is rarely seen and is the only full
ghost type that is known."
   "Eifi, Camouflage" Espeon disappeared before the Foresight attack called in the
beginning of the battle hit Misdreveaus fainting it.
   "Misdreveaus, return. Go, Gengar. Nightshade"
   "Eifi, counter with Lightshade!" the two attacks headed for each other but
collided close to the halfway point between the two pokémon but closer to Gengar.
   "Eifi, Psychic Shield and increase power to maximum" Espeon created a blue
Shield of psychic energy around it and then it increased the power of his attack too his
fullest extent.
   The ball of black and white energy started moving toward Gengar but when it was
about 10 feet away it blew up. When the dust finally cleared there was an Espeon in the
middle of the arena surrounded by a blue ball of psychic energy. The only indication of
the Gengar was a black shadow in the other side of the arena.
   "Gengar, return. Arbok Poison Sting"
   "Psychic, Eifi" The poison Sting bounced harmlessly from Espeon's shield but
the psychic attack took down Arbok.
   "Arbok, return. Go, Umbreon"
   "Eifi throw your shield at it!" the shield disappeared from around Espeon and
appeared around Umbreon.
   "Haha. Ash you expect to beat me and you don't even know that psychic attacks
don't affect dark types?"
   That's what she thinks, Ash thought.
   "Umbreon, Feint Attack" When Umbreon disappeared the psychic energy around
it went with it but to the amazement of all present when Umbreon appeared he was
   "Umbreon, return!
   "Good job, Eifi!"
   "Esp eon esp peo on!" (We won, Ash!) Espeon said while jumping and spinning
in the air.
   "Yes we did know return and take a well disserved rest." Ash said while laughing
at his pokémon's antics.
   "Ash, you have proved me wrong. That does not happen often. I accept my defeat.
Now go face your next opponent Lance, Leader of the Elite 4. Ash, I think that you may
actually make it through." As the doors behind Lorelei opened Ash went through to the
next stadium, followed by the group of 8 people now that Agatha joined them.
   This arena is much like a normal one except for the 2 giant Dragonite statues and
the 8 pillars on each side of the stadium.
"Welcome Ash, I see that you have made it all the way here. I always knew that
the 2 of us would face each other, ever since your birth. Ash it's time to see who is better
of the two of us. We shall have a 6 on 6 pokémon battle, no time limit. Do not hold back
as you have done in your previous battles or you shall lose. Now I, Lance The Dragon
Master accept your challenge, now face the power of my dragon pokémon."
   "I would be more worried about yourself than me, father. For I intend to become
the best trainer in the world and no one will stop me."
   "Then lets begin."
   "FATHER!?!" Asked Misty, Brock and Tracy at the same time.
   "Didn't he ever tell you that his dad was the leader of the Elite 4??" Asked Delia.
   "Well no and I never asked since he never mentioned his father" Answered
   "Dragonite, go"/ "Kairyuu, go" Both trainers shouted at the same time. From
Lance side a normal Dragonite appeared but from Ash's a Black Dragonite appeared. It
was also a bit taller than Lance's.
   "Kairyuu, Fly" Lance said. [From this point on I'll refer to Lance's Dragonite as
LD and Ash's as AD, which is rather obvious]
   "Dragonite follow him and Super Hyper Beam attack." Ash said.
   Super Hyper Beam?? I've never heard of that attack, Lance thought. AD took to
the air following LD. It was getting close when it started charging its attack. Instead of
the usual golden beam of energy it fired 2 beams one white the other black and both were
headed toward LD.
   "Kairyuu, Evade!" Lance said. The orange Dragonite veered to the right but to its
amazement and Lance's the 2 energy blast followed it. When the light and dark energy
connected with it, it was sent to la la land instantaneously. AD grabbed him and placed
him on the floor because even if they were fighting he did not want to hurt him
   "Kairyuu, return" Lance said surprised that one of his Dragonite's was taken down
in one hit.
   "Gyaradosu, go" Lance said.
   "I see did you forget that I also know Nihongo?" Ash said.
   "Kairyuu, Thunder Slice full power show him true power!" Ash said. The
Dragonite flew toward the Gyarados as the sky started to darken. Dragonite began to
glow and it spinned head first releasing a blade of electricity that was so powerful that it
both burned and paralyzed Gyarados before it fainted.
   "Gyaradosu, return. Go Kairyuu. Use your speed not power." I can't believe that
he could feint my pokémon in one hit. And were did he learn this techniques?? I've never
seen or heard of them before.
"Kairyuu Fire Blast!" AD breathed in deeply before releasing a humongous Fire
Blast to the side were there appeared to be nothing. Of course by this point LD couldn't
be seen by most people in the room. In fact only 4 could see him moving at the speed that
he was. And those Ash, Misty, Pikachu and AD.
Lance didn't know why AD had fired to the side so he thought that LD would be
fine until he saw the explosion in the middle of the air between the fire blast and what
turned out to be his second Dragonite.
   "Kairyuu, return. Go, Putera" A huge stone bird came out of its pokeball
and screeched an ear splitting:
   "Were did you get that??" Ash asked.
   "That's my secret, Satoshi" Lance answered.
   "Whatever. Sonsekun Strike, now" Ash commanded. Dragonite hit Aerodactyl
more than 50 times in less than 3 seconds by combining punches, kicks and tail strikes.
Needless to say Aerodactyl who is weak against fighting fell in a moment.
   "Putera, return. Go, Rizaadon, Fire Blast!" A fire dragon emerged from its
pokeball and when it saw the black Dragonite it saw a worthy opponent so flew
immediately into battle.
   "Kairyuu, Elemental Absorb and Return!" [This is an attack that's based on
loyalty in gold, silver, crystal, emerald, ruby and whatever comes next] Dragonite
speeded toward the Charrizard and absorbs the fire blast that was shot at it before hitting
it for a one hit KO.
   "Rizaadon, return." Don't fail me now. "Kairyuu, Dragon Breath"
   "Kairyuu, Outrage" As LD shot a powerful dragon attack at AD it hardly felt it
due to the purple aura of draconic power surrounding it. AD lunched toward Ld and hit
him so hard that it sent him caroling into the ground and created a hole 10 feet deep. It
did not get up.
   "Kairyuu, return" Lance said.
   "Good work Kairyuu. Take a rest" Ash said.
   "What can I say the trust that you share with your pokémon has awarded you this
victory. But I must ask were did your pokémon learn their abilities??"
   "In my journey I came across different martial arts. I combined what I learned
from each of them plus added some of my own. Them I taught them to my pokémon and
helped them specialize it to their type." Ash answered.
   "Ashura Satoshi Ketchum, I accept my defeat. Now go face the Indigo League
Champion Gary Oak. I'll be rooting for you, son."
   "Thanks, dad" The doors behind Lance opened to reveal the Champion's
Stadium. This looked like the average stadium except that it was the size of 4 stadiums
put together.
   "Now the challenger has entered the arena. Give a warm welcome to Ash
Ketchum from Pallet Town. Ash Ketchum has been Gary Oak's rival since they both
became trainers 5 years ago. Now they meet in the Champion's Arena. This is the
ultimate match! Ash Ketchum is also the current Champion of the Orange League and
Johto League. So have no doubt this will be a match to remember!" The announcer said.
Ash took that moment to look at the crowd were he found his friends in the front.
   "Well Ash, it's about time you got here.  Either way this is the ultimate battle!
Let's show this people what we kids from Pallet can do!" Gary said before becoming
serious again and continuing: "I, Gary Oak current Kanto League Champion Accept your
challenge! Now get ready to battle."
   "This will be a 6 on 6 pokémon battle, with no time limit. Neither side is
permitted to change pokémon. Understand?" the referee asked.
   "Right!" Gary said.
   "Whatever." Ash said emotionlessly. He knew this would be his hardest battle.
   "Then Begin, take out your pokémon at the same time" the referee said.
   "Arcanine, go!" Gary said and threw the pokeball after kissing it, his loyal
Umbreon sitting by his side.
   "Feraligatr, go!" Ash said before placing his cap backwards and throwing his
lureball at the arena floor, Pikachu like always sitting on his shoulder.
    "Fire Blast, Arcanine!"
   "Hydro shield pump, Feraligatr" As Arcanine fired the devastating Fire Blast at
Feraligatr. But Feraligatr started shooting water from it's mouth but instead of going
forward it went around him incasing him in a shield of water before hardening into ice
and from the side facing Arcanine a huge blast of water went out obliterating the Fire
Blast and fainting the Arcanine in one blow.
   "Arcanine is unable to battle, Feraligatr wins the match!" The referee stated.
   "Arcanine, return. Nice trick Ash. Venesaur, Solarbeam!"
   "Hold your ground, Feraligatr" The Solarbeam hit the shield and part of it was
reflected back before it broke through and hit Feraligatr, who was seriously hurt due to
weakness and the strength of it. But Venesaur did not escape unscathed since the
reflected part collided with him weakening him but not much.
   "Sunny Day"
   "No you don't Rain Dance!" The sky started getting brighter before the clouds
started to settle in. the fight continued in this way for over a minute and all they managed
to do was get half the stadium dripping wet and the other half sweating from the heat.
   "Feraligatr, Skull Bash"
   "Razor leaf" When Feraligatr was close to Venesaur it started getting hit by the
leaves, as the sky lost a few clouds. But it still managed to hit Venesaur bringing it close
to fainting but it wasn't so lucky for the hit fainted it.
   "Feraligatr is unable to battle. The match goes to Venesaur. Both trainers have 5
pokémon left"
   "Feraligatr, return. You did well, I'm proud of you. Dragonite, finish this match
with a bang! Meteor Shower!"
   "Venesaur, Razor Leaf!" Ash's Dragonite ripped a piece of the stadium floor
before throwing it in the air and following it up. The Razor leaf attack managed to break
the piece of stadium floor into little pieces but did not hurt Dragonite. When he was close
to a hundred feet in the air he fired a humongous blast of liquid flame at the pieces of
rock, thus lighting them in flame and shooting the toward the Venesaur at the same time.
   The pieces of rock fell all over the stadium floor creating craters from inches to
over 10 feet in diameter. To say Venesaur was defeated was an understatement.
   "Venesaur is unable to battle. The match goes to Dragonite."
   "Venesaur, return. Nice attack Ash. But now it's time to face my Raichu!" Gary
said first in an incredulous voice due to the incredible attack then with confidence.
   "Bring it on, Gary!"
   "Raichu, Thunder!"
   "Dragonbreath!" Raichu sent a small lightning bolt at the Sky that still had a few
remaining clouds from Feraligatr's match and a huge thunderbolt came down and hit
Dragonite squarely on. Dragonite was fainted but not before firing his attack at the
Raichu. The Raichu was weakened a lot but it did not faint since the attack was a little off
so it did not got the full hit.
   "Dragonite is unable to battle. The battle goes to Raichu!"
   "Dragonite return. Meganium I chose you!" Ash said.
   "Meganii mega!" (Ok, lets battle!)
   "Meganium, Solar Explosion!"
   "Raichu, Agility" As the small Raichu headed toward the Meganium at very high
speeds Meganium took in sunlight and created a giant explosion radiating outwards from
it. Raichu was down and lying against the wall of the stadium. There was also a 30 foot
crater in the middle of the arena.
   "Raichu is unable to battle. Meganium wins the match."
   "Raichu, return. Charrizard go! Fire Blast"
   "Meganium, Moonbeam!" The Fire Blast headed toward Meganium but it counter
attacked with a beam of moonlight that destroyed the fire blast and then froze Charrizard.
   "Charrizard is unable to battle, Meganium wins the match"
   "Charrizard, return. Go, Blastoise! Ice Beam"
     "Solar Shield" Ash countered. Immediately Meganium took in solar energy and
created a shield of pure light around it.
The Ice beam crashed with the shield creating an explosion of gigantic
proportions and filling the whole stadium with dust. When the dust finally settled there
was a new crater in the arena and both pokémon were fainted.
"Both pokémon are unable to battle. The Champion has one pokémon left while
the challenger has two."
"Meganium, great battle. Pikachu you know I chose you!"
"PIKA pikapi!" (I'm ready Ash!)
"Blastoise, return. Go Umbreon!"
"Umbreon Psychic!"
"Electric shield camouflage" Pikachu created a shield of electricity around it
before fading into the background. Umbreon was confused since it didn't know where its
opponent had gone.
"What's this!?!" Asked a surprised Gary.
"Now this one is for the history books. Pikachu, Thunder annihilation minimum
strength." Pikachu reappeared in the middle of the arena still surrounded by the electric
shield, which started glowing. The sky above started filling with clouds and was soon as
dark as night and a huge storm had formed. Through all this Pikachu had started floating
and was know about a mile from the surface. You could only see him as a point of light
that hurt if you looked directly at it.

"Brock have you ever seen this attack before??" Misty asked worried once she
saw what was happening and feeling the electricity in the air.
"Can't say that I have but it sure is powerful!" Brock answered.

"PIIIIIIIIII ???.. KAAAAAAAAA ???." As the voice was herd the clouds
started shooting lightning at the pokémon but once it connected it kept up none stop.
While this happened Pikachu dropped to about 100 feet over the stadium still connected
to the clouds by the bolts of lightning all over its body.
As Pikachu finished it's speak the connection Pikachu had with the clouds broke
and thunder started leaving the pokémon's body and hitting the entire arena at once
except were Gary and Ash were standing. It was so bright that the people in the Orange
Islands saw it even thought it was day over there. No one had seen the likeness of it ever
Once the thunder had ended and Pikachu got back on what was left of the stadium
since most of the arena ground was molten lava.
I think that was a little too much, Ash thought.
"Umbreon is unable to battle" [yes the referee was spared too, though I think it
would've been better if he'd gotten hit *grin*] "The winner of this match is the green
trainer" he said racing the green flag.
"There is a new Champion!!!!! Only 1 hour and 20 minutes after Gary Oak
became the Champ and already we have a new one and what a win that was. This will be
a day remembered through out the ages!" The announcer said.
   "Umbreon, return!" Gary said but what surprised Ash was the smile on his
"Return, Pikachu!"
"Yes we are and I couldn't have done it with out you little buddy!" Ash said as
Pikachu jumped into his arms with tears of happiness in her eyes.
"Ash, I Gary Shigeru Oak accept my defeat and declare you, Ashura Satoshi
Ketchum the new Kanto League Champion. Congratulations Ash it seems as if you're the
stronger of the two of us. But why what did I do wrong what did you do that I didn't?"
Gary asked.
"Because Gary unlike you I believe in my pokémon I trust them and you should
too. Not just your Umbreon but all of them." Ash answered.
"Yeah, that must be it I mean you won while holding back. Ash I'll smell ya later
at the ceremonies." Gary said before heading to the Recovery room.
"ASH!!!!! ASH!!!!!! YOU WON, YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Misty said before
jumping on him and hugging him very tightly. She also made Pikachu fall by the force
with which she hit Ash.
"Come on Mist you can't be that surprised that I actually won can you?" Ash
asked while laughing and hugging her back.
"Well not that much!"
"That's good 'cause I won it for you!"
"Shh?. Listen to me. Misty since the day ?. I first saw you 5 years ago ? even
if I didn't know??? it then I ?.. I ?. I've ???.. loved you. Every day more?.. an
??.. and more. You were the reason I kept going. You and you alone. What I'm saying
is that I wouldn't be here if you hadn't stayed by my side all this time and ?. and?" He
suddenly found himself unable to speak due to the lips pressed against his. At first he was
surprised but he liked the feeling and fell into it ignoring everything else around them.
They finally broke apart and started gasping for breath.
"I love you too, Ash. Since I first saw you!" Misty said as Ash leaned in for
another kiss in which they remained until they were interrupted a few minutes later.
"Aw, aint this cute!" Brock said reaching them.
"Sure is man, that's why I sketched it!" Tracy answered
"So what's your excuse this time?" Brock asked before realizing their mistake and
both of them cringed waiting for the blow but it didn't come. When they looked up they
saw Ash looking at Misty and she at him then they looked over at Brock and Tracy and
"That we love each other" Ash and Misty said at the same time, then grinned.
Surprising everyone except Delia and Pikachu.
"pika pika pikacha pikapi kachu" (it's about time Misty and Ash confessed)
"Your right about that Pikachu" Delia said.
"bu?bubububuttt aren't you supposed to get angry and hit us???" Brock and
Tracy asked at the same time.

"As happy as I am that you finally decided to tell each other your feelings, now
isn't the time to do that. Ash you have to heal your pokémon so you can go to the award
ceremony." Prof. Oak said, as both Ash and Misty blushed deep red.
"Congratulations honey!" Delia said.
"Yeah now I won my 10 million En back from Gary!" [For those of you who
don't know in the beginning of the series oak losses a bet of about how many pokémon
Ash will have by the time he's in Viridian City. In the series the bet is to eat a 10-gallon
hat but in the manga it's ten million En]
"Right!" Ash said as he grabbed Misty's hand and started walking toward the
Recovery room with Misty hand in hand and Pikachu once again on his shoulder after
being thrown off by Misty.  

I can't believe it how can I?? Ash actually loves me and I thought that he hated
me. This is the first time that I remember being happy.

I can't believe it how can I?? Misty actually loves me and I thought that she hated
me, I mean with all the hitting me and all. This is the first time that I can remember being
truly happy.

A few weeks later

Ash was the Champion of 3 Leagues and was now in Pallet with his mom and
Misty. Brock was not with them, since he'd gone to Pewter when they passed through
Viridian Forest. Once again he took the post of Gym Leader and was building a breeder
house next to the Gym. It was safe to say that he wouldn't join them in their adventures
again. Gary had formed a new Gym with the approval of Ash in Pallet. You won the
Master Badge from it. But to participate in this gym you had to have at least 6 badges
from both Johto and Kanto and all 4 of the Orange Islands. Once you had this you could
participate in the Indigo League, which was a mixture of the Orange, Johto and Kanto
Pallet was also growing quite fast thanks to Ash and Gary's fame.
Ash also decided to go on a journey in which he was accompanied only by Misty
to conquer all the Leagues of the world. He only came back for the tournaments. In this
way he became the Champion of the Atlantic, American, Caribbean, Nihon, Rainbow and
Dark Leagues.

4 years later

They were inside the Champion's Chamber. 10 people were present. These were
Ash, Misty, Gary, Brock, Tracy, Delia, Prof. Oak, Lance, Lorelei and Bruno.
"The reason I have called you here is that I am leaving on a journey once more
but this time I don't know when I'll be back. Could be anything from a few months to
years." A man about 6 feet tall with long black hair that stood up all around and golden
brown eyes said, he looked to be no more than 20 years.
"What?" Seemed to be the general reaction except from a woman with long red
hair that reached to her mid section. She didn't seem to react at his words.
"Listen to me." He said in a commanding voice that shut the rest up.
"First, what is said does not leave these walls." He said and then looked at them
all before continuing
"I will not change my mind and Misty has agreed to come with me. I shall not ask
anyone else to come. The purpose is to chart previously unvisited areas by humans as
well as to see how many new pokémon I can find."
"I can vouch for that. In the last 4 years he's brought the number from 227 to 589
single handedly of course there were 251 but out of those 24 were thought to be myths
until he proved it otherwise." Prof. Oak said. He was about 60 years old but you could
see a great intelligence as well as a youngness of spirit inside his eyes.
"Also as you all know Agatha's position is open since her death and since I won't
be here that leaves 2 open and with Lorelei retiring 3."
"Ok Ash" They said.
"Good I suggest for the Elite 4 Will, Koga and Karen. The usual way would be
for them to challenge you guys and take the position before the one who beats him but
I'll save you the trouble and say that the order should be Will, Bruno, Koga, Karen and
Lance as Champion."
There was a general agreement from those around.
"Ash what will we do when you return??" Lance asked.
"Well.. um .. you see first of all no one is to know that I leaved; they're to think
that we disappeared. And when we do return we are going to start a family so well I don't
think I'll have enough time for the League.

By this time there was only the Pokémon League since Ash had united all the
Leagues in the world into one, with subdivisions in each area.

"Ash, I have the new Pokedex expansion you added with enough room for 20000
new entries which I'm sure will be enough, right?" Prof Oak asked.
"More than enough Professor."
"Ash I managed to create an Advance Pokegear." Gary said.
"Great! I thought it wouldn't be ready!" Ash answered
"A what?" Lance asked.
"Advance Pokegear, basically it's a Pokegear with added functions first of is the
backpack which will allow you to carry almost anything you need and up to 40 pokémon.
You know so you can train them while your there. It also has a recuperation machine like
the one in pokémon centers but more advanced. It will keep you communicated at all
times with the lab. It also has a Pokedex upgrade so all you need to do is put your
Pokedex in the Pokedex pocket in the backpack and you can use your Pokegear as a
Pokedex. It will also upgrade any new information as soon as it's in our computers. But I
have only two for now so you can have one each. Misty there is also a Pokedex fully
updated with all the data of Ash's and mine in your Pokedex pocket. The nuclear
batteries are guarantied to outlive you by at least 3 thousand years as well as the
backpacks." Gary said.  
"When will you leave Ash?" Lance asked.
"In a month" Misty answered for him.
"Everyone was silent. But Lance had expected something like this to happen after
all neither Ash or Misty were ones to just settle down if there were places to explore yet.
"So this is it. After this most of us won't even meet in a long while."
"So the first Council of Masters is ended!" Gary joked.
"Not a bad idea Gary! We could keep doing this to establish their progress. How
about it?" Tracy said.
"Yes, yes how about once a month?" Prof Oak asked to the agreement of

One month later

As they looked down at Pallet they couldn't help a feeling of regret for they were
leaving again for what they knew was probably the last time the not so small town
anymore. Pallet City had grown to rival if not outmatch both Celadon and Goldenrod
except for the original part of the town that remained unchanged.
The 2 figures one dressed in a black cloak and the other in white finally turned
their backs on what they both agreed was their home town. The figure in black was about
6 feet tall and well built. He also seemed to be young. But you couldn't tell for sure since
the hood covered his face. But there was a small Pikachu that gave the aura of great
power sitting on his shoulder. The figure next to him was about 5'7 and was also wearing
the hood on. This figure was female and also young. She had an egg type pokémon on
her shoulder. For anyone who studied pokémon mysteries would now that it was one of a
kind. An ancient pokémon found by the current Pokémon Master 5 years earlier in an
excavation. Though the details were not clear the pokémon was kept by the World Water
pokémon Master who was said to be able to beat the World Master in a strictly water
element battle and hold herself quite good in an all out battle. The figure was a Togetic.
In fact any real observer could've told who they were for were that Pikachu went the
Togetic also went since their Masters were inseparable.
The black figure put his arm around his companion as they left Pallet for the last
time. Never again would they be heard from. They faded away. At first the world
searched for them, rumors of them being spotted in different parts of the world continued
for close to a year until finally nothing was heard again.

4 days later in Oak's Laboratory

"Today is the third day since the mysterious disappearances of Pokémon
Champion Ash Ketchum and Water Pokémon Master and Cerulean City Gym's leader
Misty Waterflower. Dragon Master Lance, Leader of the Elite 4 told authorities that he is
doing everything in his power to find Ash Ketchum and his wife Misty Waterflower not
only because he is his son but because he is the Pokémon League Champion. While
friends at home seem devastated. His mother Ms. Delia Ketchum can't believe that some
one would try to harm her son since she is sure that he wouldn't leave. As well Professors
Samuel Oak, Gary Oak and Tracy Sketchit can't think of any one who would or could
hurt them. While Brock Slate Pewter City Gym leader who considers both missing
persons as part of his family commented that the only person he could think off were
Team Rocket and they wouldn't kidnap them at least not the members they'd fought
during their travels. Of course he did mention that the trio had quit Team Rocket a few
years before.
If you have any information on any of these 2 people please contact your local
Now to other news, in last night's basketball game the??" the announcer was
saying until Gary turned it off.

One year later 2006AL

"Council of Masters I have dire news to tell" Said an old man in a room that was
filled with picture of previous Pokémon League Champions. There were 10 people in the
room. 2 of the originals were no longer there but there were 2 new members.
"What is this news??" asked a man of about 6'2 who looked to be very strong as
well as have a commanding personality. He had black hair and golden brown eyes and
was wearing a cape.
"As I informed last month contact with Ash and Misty has been decreasing. But 3
weeks ago I lost contact completely and haven't heard from them since. Right before they
disappeared I'd say about 30 seconds I received a message from them. Also all of their
pokémon which combined are 2016 in total counting only species have disappeared."
Oak continued.
"What!?! What could've happened??" Brock asked.
"I don't know. I've checked the schematics of the Advance Pokegear and the third
I made which still seems to be working fine and what are the chances of both of them to
stop working at the same time??" Gary said.
"What was the message that they left??" Lance asked.
"It was some sort of story or prophecy or something like that he said he found it
in a shrine in a middle of a lake that was covering a destroyed city. He called them
Landing we don't know why.
"Well don't you know were it is?" asked Karen.
"No it seems the GPS gave us the wrong location because we found a lake were
they said it be but no city." Tracy said.
"What was the message?" Lance asked again.
"It went like this:

Protectors of life, the children of Gi

Foretold too oppose the Evils that be

The Shadow, the Air, the Earth, the Sea

The Fire, the Mind, shalt set the world free

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life

The Daughter of Thanatos, a child of the night

Thief in the shadows, Bewitcher of sight

Madness invoked to restore the lost light

Only then shalt thoust wrongs be set right

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life

Tis Son of the Storm, child of the skies

When fury brought forth, his power dost rise

Song ring through the heavens, to halt Earth's demise

Or thus the world be doomed to die

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life

Be the Son of the Blaze, child of the fire

His love and his lust of burning desire

Who shalt still the flames of Abbadon's Ire

Revived from his ashes, the boy Messiah

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life

A Daughter of the Earth, child of the land

Of Natures own, who wilt take the last stand

When thoust earth dost shatter, her healing hand

Thy pieces be soothed by spoken command

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life

Spring the Daughter of the Ocean, Child of the wave

The lover of Storm, for him Hell she wouldst brave

When the ocean revolts, her life dost she gave

Her sacrifice so the world be saved

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life

Born the Son of the Psyche, Child of the mind

Offspring of Chakra, in his strength they find

The courage in whence their souls must bind

Together they fight the supreme Evil kind

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life

Together they come from times far apart

Masters of the Elements are they that come

To fight the great Evil that then dost arise

United they stand, apart shall they fall

Born of the Elements, the Guardians of life"

Everyone was silent. No one knew what to think of it.
"What could it mean?" asked Brock.
"We don't know" Gary said.
"You said 3 weeks right??" Lance asked.
"Yes" Answered Oak.
"Were you aware that Erika Hill disappeared 3 weeks ago as well."
"The Gym leader??" Delia asked.
"Yes, without a trace too."

3 weeks earlier in a lake somewhere

"Hey Mist, check this out there seems to be something in the middle of the lake."
Ash said.
"Your right, Ash seams like some sort of building. Lets check it out." Misty
"Race ya!" Ash said with a big grin.
"Well Ash Ketchum, I accept but get ready to lose to the great Misty Ketchum"
She answered with mock superiority. But to her surprise Ash jumped in before she
finished talking and she went in immediately afterward. And to no ones surprised she got
there first.
"Well since you won guess it's only fair that I reward you! Right Pikachu!" Ash
"Pikapi?" (Ash?)
"Really!?!" Misty said skeptically.
"Really." Ash said before pulling her toward him and giving her a passionate kiss
for a few minutes.
"How's that for a price?" He asked smugly.
"Well ? guess I can't complain but I'd prefer this!" She said before kissing him
again. When they finally broke up both were gasping for breath.
"Pikachu, be a dear and use Lightning heat on us." Misty said.
"Pika" (ok) Pikachu jumped on Misty's shoulder but instead of lightning coming
out of him it was heat. It was a technique Ash had taught him, to convert electricity to
heat. When he finished with Misty he did the same to Ash and Togetic.
"Ash, look at this!" Misty said referring to some writing in the wall.
"It's writing but I can't make it out." She continued.
"It says: [it's the prophecy from before and I'm not going to copy/paste to make
the story longer if you want go up and read it again]
"That's weird!" Misty said.
"I know I'm sending it to Oak!" Ash answered. As Ash was sending it a strange
mist started covering the area until it got so dense that you couldn't see anything. When it
finally disappeared so did the building with Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togetic.

10 min before they disappeared in Celadon

Erika was working on a new perfume when a strange mist entered the Gym and
she heard a strange voice telling an even stranger prophecy. [Guess which one??] The
voice stopped and the fog dissipated but Erika was no longer there.


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