This based on a true story

It was a beautiful day in Pallet Town. The sky was bright blue with no clouds in sight, the sun was bright and yellow as it always was, and at the right temperature. Not too hot or cold, just warm and nice feeling when you went outside and felt it. Misty was at Ash's house that day. It was about 11:00 that morning and she was feeling as great as she has ever been because it was the day that she would tell Ash how she felt about him. She was nervous though looking at herself in the mirror. She had a smile on her face and was completely alone. But she would only stay for a day or two, promising her sisters she would be back in a couple of days. She sighed a deep breathe looking down from the mirror and said to herself, "Ok, Misty, today's the day; the day you tell Ash how you feel. But, Iím nervous though, what if he doesn't love me back, what if he just wants to stay friends? What if even...." Misty didn't want to finish because that would ruin her great mood because she was ready to tell him. But it was on her mind so she finished saying "..... he doesn't want to be friends with me and never wants me to go near him again because of me loving him? I would die hearing that, it would break....She paused for a couple of seconds from the emotion of it. Then she finished the sentence saying, "My heart so much." Then she said out loud to herself to get her mood back, "Ah don't worry Misty. Sometimes I can be so dramatic." But then she realized something and responded in a soft, sad voice, "But I only do that because I love him so much and I want him to feel the same way. Oh God I hope he does." After that she looked back at the mirror and shacked her head a little to get that off her mind because she didn't want negative thoughts in her head when she tells Ash.

She then put a smile back on her face and finished getting ready. She wanted to look good when she told him. Suddenly she heard the gang coming back from Oaks Lab and quickly went outside to see them coming. There they were Ash, Brock, May, Max and his Mom coming down that dirt road. They were just having some small talk about what happened in the lab and while they were doing that she stood there with a smile on her face thinking to herself, "Ok, Misty, here's you big chance to tell him. Donít blow it." Then they all saw Misty and greeted her. She happily said hi back to them but mostly paid attention to Ash and no one else. She looked at him with a loving face that she always had for him. She let them pass her as they closed in and made their way towards the door. They all were about to go in but she stopped Ash by grabbing his left arm with her right hand and said to him "Wait Ash can I talk to you real quick?". Everyone turned around and May said teasingly "Whoo, secretive are we?" Everyone giggles as Ash ignored it and looked at Misty and said "Sure thing" with a smile. They walked for a while along that dirt path listening to all those pigeys and other bird pokemon chirping at that great nature in the sky. They saw a couple of flocks of them too and looked at them and smiled as they saw those colors of their fur glaze in the bright, yellow, sun and couldn't help but be amazed by it. After a while Ash asked Misty, "Misty where are you taking me?" She looked at Ash while smiling and as the sun gazed off her face replied to him "Just a place where we can talk alone." "Oh, ok, Misty, but, we could have just gone to my room." Misty glared into his eyes and said in her tempered way "Well I found a better place. You got a problem with that?" Ash defensively, and a bit scared told her "No ma'am" and kept looking forward. After they reached the place, it was beautiful.

A beautiful blue lake with that bright, yellow, sun mixed in with the color making it sparkle when you looked at it. Ash and Misty just gazed at it knowing and seeing its beauty. It made their mouths open with a smile. Misty looked at Ash and said "Ok, Ash, can we sit down?" "Sure Misty" Ash said in a nice clear voice. They walked over to a wooden bench. They sat down and Misty was about to begin to tell him until she spotted something on his waist. She started to point and said in a worried sort of stammering voice "Ash?" Then he asked back "Yes, Misty, what's wrong?" She continued saying still in that voice "What's that?" She still was pointed to his left side of his waist. It was a gun. He looked and said "OH, Then he pulled it out, this?" "Yea." Misty said looking at it from the side a little. It was a small magnum gun, sliver coated, with a very small pipe on it, had a dark brown coated handle where you held it, polished up real nice. Ash had his finger on the trigger, handling and moving it a little saying "Don't worry. It's my father's gun. He pasted away though." Misty said in a sad voice "Oh, Iím very sorry Ash." Ash then said to Misty "It's ok Misty. I carry it around because my father was a cop. This was his gun that he always used on the job before he died. He gave it to my mom and me. Inside is a cemented bullet.Ē Thos really got Misty wondering, "A cemented bullet?" she thought. "How is that possible?" she finally said out loud. Ash continued saying "Well, if you look inside here, He popped it open to where you put the bullets in, there." He pointed to the cemented bullet. The bullet was there with the small cement in it. Misty just gazed at it and kept getting kind of closer and closer to it. Then Ash closed it by swigging the gun from the side. Misty finally blurted out, "Why is that bullet cemented?" Then Ash responded saying " Because he gave this bullet to me." Ash stopped for a little bit then continuing saying, "When I was 3, before he died, he gave it to me.

I kept the gun after he died and I my mother cemented it in because we never wanted to lose it. He carved something on to it, but unusually it's still usable. I never understood why either but it was never used. So I always figured out had to be that."Then he put the gun away then he said to Misty, "OK Misty you said you wanted to say something to me?" Misty gladly responded, "Yes, I do." She cleared her throat and then said to him, "Ash, we've been friends for quite a while now right?" Ash looked at her and said "Of course Misty why?" Misty then gave him a look and said to him in what was a sharp tempered voice, "Iím getting to it." Then she took one last sigh and then said "Well it's just that we have been friends for a while and we've been through a lot together, good and bad. And while we have U just felt rather umm, different about you over the years I've been with you." Ash gave a confused look at first and then added "Yea, youíve also said stuff that has got me thinking too." Misty then blushed bright pink "Yea that too. Well anyway, it's just I have and I have realized that I....I.., Misty then stopped at one moment and then finally said "I Love You." Then she quickly looked down in embarrassment. Ash looked rather puzzled. He was for a few moments and then said "What, did you say Misty?" Misty looked up at him again and said in a sweet voice "I love you Ash." Ash then had a shocked look on his face and said to her in a rather stammering voice "Well, umm, Misty I mean I really appreciate you loving me and I don't want to be rude or mean, but I DON'T love you.Ē Misty's smile went to a frown as she heard those words, but went again saying "What? What did you say?" Ash then sighed and he was rather sad to tell her again. But he went and said again "I DON'T love you Misty. Iím sorry." Misty was crushed when she heard those words and dropped her head. It was like her heart slowly started to cripple.

She frowned deeply. Ash was finishing his sentence "I hope we can stay friends." Misty looked like she was about to cry but she lifted her head up trying her best to hold back her tears saying, "Umm, yea, Ash sure friends...I guess so."She then looked at him again and said "Well, I better get back I guess. My sisters are excepting me." Then Ash said to her while grabbing her left arm, "Wait Misty you don't need to go now, I mean didn't you tell me when you came it was for a couple of days?" Then Misty looked back over her shoulder and said "Yes, but i feel like going home now so if you excuse me..." and she violently ripped Ash's arm off of her shoulder and ran back to Ash's house as fast as she could to get her bike so she can go back to her home. She kept running and Ash chased after her with concern saying "MISTY WAIT UP!" But she just kept running with tears in her eye's as they hit the ground not even daring to look back. She ran and sprinting as Ash kept screaming her name to stop but refused. As soon as Misty saw her bike at his house she ran to it, picked it up as fast as she could, went on to it and was about to go until Ash finally caught up to her and put his hand in front of her bike surprising her and she said to him in a out of breathe voice "Ash what are you doing? Get off my bike. I don't want you ruining it AGAIN!" Ash fired back saying in a not exactly angry voice but "MISTY what is wrong with you? You told me you weren't expected back for a couple of days, I was looking forward to spending time with you again, now all of a sudden when I tell you I don't love you and you want to leave without even thinking!" Then Misty said in a angry voice "Ash I am thinking and I don't want to be here. So just get of my bike NOW!" Then Ash fired back even angrier saying in a roaring voice "MISTY IM NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO RUIN THIS DAMN BIKE! SO SHUT THE HELL UP WITH IT!" Misty was a little scared as she backed a little on her bike. Ash continued saying in a hot voice "Great. Now you made me curse, that's just great. Now if my mom heard me she's going to be pissed." Ash sighed putting his right hand on his head, leaning his left and on the bike then said looking back at her, "If you want to leave, fine Misty that's great with me.

I told you I don't love you because I don't want to love you, so minus well give up on that and if you want to leave then don't expect to come back here." Ash then took his hands off the bike and Misty now had a pretty sad face. Looking like she was going to cry. Ash was walking back to his house then stopping, looking over his shoulder and finally said "Oh, yea, have a nice life Misty and donít ever expect to see me again." Misty then gasped watching Ash walk into his house. He slammed his door as hard as he can shut. Misty began crying and was leaning on the front of her bike. Then she got up and started to ride back to her house. She went back, watching her tears hit the ground at every second knowing the she may never see Ash again and having her heart broken in the worst way she ever imagined it could be. In Ash's house everyone heard the door shut and everyone went quite and looked at Ash and he looked back saying, "What?" They stayed quite for a couple of seconds before May asked "Where is Misty, Ash?' Ash then froze but then quickly recovered "She decided to go back early." Ash's Mom went "Early? But that doesn't sound like Misty. She was thrilled to see you Ash." Ash felt guilty about what happened and he didn't want anyone else to know so he lied to them saying "It was a family emergency. I couldn't let her stay from that Mom." Then everyone went "FAMILY EMERGENCY?!" Max went "Is her sister's alright?" Then Ash's Mom said right after him "Maybe we should go check on them." Then Ash said as quick as he could "NO!" His mom looked at him concerning but Ash had to think fast so he said the first thing that came to mind. "Mom Iím sure it's going to be fine. If Misty needs one of us then I think she'll ask. Don't worry mom. Besides I think we should give her some privacy even if it's not as bad as she thought it would be." Ash's mom admitted "Well, I guess you are right Ash. But what did she think it was?" Ash said "It's between me and her mother." Then May teased him saying "Whoo, Ash, as got a GIRLFRIEND!" Ash snapped in an angry voice to her "Shut up May. Iím not in the mood for that crap." May gasped and his mom said quickly ĒAsh why don't you just go to your room now please?" Ash answered back "I was going to do that until you guys interrupted me." Then he walked up the stair way and went into his room and slammed the door shut.

Then May said "That was rather rude of him." Then Max said "May you made a joke at probably was the worst time. I don't blame him." Then May fired back "OH why don't you just shut the f...." Ash's mom interrupted by saying "That's enough you two." She looked at the stairs and sincerely said "I hope Ash is ok too" Misty went back to her house and put her hand on the door then took it off because she didn't want her sisters to see her tears. So she took out a something to whip her tears away. After she did she went into the gym. Her sister we're swimming in the pool. She thought she could sneak to her room without them noticing her and went quietly. But then one of her sister's popped up from the water, saw Misty and went "HAY MISTY!" Misty gasped a little and turned around to see Lily. Then the rest of them popped up from the water and they both exclaimed "Misty!?" Misty looked at the next two Daisy and Violet and answered "Oh, hay, girls." Her sister's looked at her and then Violet said to her "Like what are you doing here Misty?" Then Daisy joined in saying "Yea it's like way to early for you to come back here." Then Lily finished saying "Yea it's been like what 5-6 hours maybe?" Misty froze for a couple seconds before answering "Oh really? i didn't notice." Then her sister's knew there had to be something that drove her back there because she was so excited to go back and see Ash. So Lily said to her "OK Misty like what happened to you that made you come back here?" Misty answered "Nothing happened. I just wanted to come back." Then Violet said "Yea like we're going to believe that for a second Misty." Then Daisy said "Yea Misty so please just tell us, we'll understand." Then Misty got mad and screamed "NO YOU WONT! YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND BECAUSE YOU MORONS HAVE TO ACT TO DAMN PERFECT ALL THE TIME!" Misty then ran to her room as her sister's stayed there shocked. Misty slammed her door shut and locked it.

She sat down right in front of her door and was crying and screamed at herself "Why, Why Misty Why?" She put her hands on her face to muffle her sounds. Her sister's got out of the pool and knocked on her door with Violet saying "Misty are you like ok?" then Misty said in that muffled voice "Go Away!" Then Daisy said "Misty I know there is something wrong because of what you said." Then Lily said ďWell actually she always talked to us like that..." Then Violet said "Shut up Lily." Misty screamed to them all "WHY DON'T YOU ALL SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!?" That did shut them up. They all stayed quite then they heard Misty get up unlock the door and saw Misty. She was puffy and you can see it by looking at her face and how it was all red. Her sister's looked at her with their mouths open. She was all teary and looked pretty messed up. She finally said "What do you want? I want to be alone." Daisy hesitantly responded "We know Misty, we know but we're concerned OK? Please just talk to us about it. Believe me we'll understand." Misty said something that couldn't help but we shocked at. "You understand shit Daisy" She slammed the door shut with fury. They were in complete shocked from what they just heard. Lily still shocked started "I never heard Misty say that before." Then Daisy continued "Well maybe if we just give her sometime to herself then we can ask later." Then they left and went back into the pool. But they still were concerned, After Misty slammed that door shut she then walk over to her bed and laid with her face on the pillow crying. Her tears just poured out like a water fall. Then she lifted her face up in a angry voice but still teary stated, "Those Bitchy sister's of mine. Oh sure we'll understand Misty, we've just been more perfect and better then you your whole life!" Then she began to cry again and put her face back on the pillow.

After that she lifted her face from the pillow again that was soaked in tears and she said in that same angry voice, "That'll never understand any shit I've been through in my life. They never even were concerned about it. They never cared for me, and they never will. Not to mention the love of my life hates me and never wants me near him AGAIN!" When she said that she threw a hard object against her mirror just shattering it. The pieces of glass shattered and broke more as they hit the floor. One scrapped Misty's right arm. She groaned at first but then she stopped. She just gazed at her blood as it rushed out of her arm and hit the floor making blood stains. She then took a look at whatever was left of that mirror and saw that her face was also a little bloody and little of it was pouring out of her face. She put her left hand on those cut and just went over them and the blood go against her hand. She knew she was hurt bad and might even need to go to the hospital to get some of them stitched up. But she thought, "The only way Iím going top the hospital, it when Iím dead." Then she stopped and finished saying out loud, "Which is exactly going to happen." She saw those pictures of Ash and her on the desk and just took them all and ripped the living hell out of them as if it was something she hated and wanted to die. While she was ripping them she was yelling, and screaming at the top of her lungs, "DIE, DIE DAMMIT ASH, I WANT YOU DEAD FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" Then she threw them with the pieces hit the floor and she began to walk to her bed again still yelling at the top of her lungs and still crying, "YOU RUINED MY LIFE! ALL THOSE FUCKING YEARS I SPENT WITH YOU, ALL THE YEARS I LOVED YOU! ALL THE YEARS IN WHICH I THOUGHT I WOULD BE WITH YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE GOT WASTED BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" She just began to cry more and more putting her hand on her face. Like before some tears were going through her hands and hitting the floor. When she stopped for a second she saw tears, but also, more blood.

Then she wiped it on her face and looked at the smeared blood on her hand, and said to herself, "He cant die, I cant make him, I cant take his life. But I can take mine." At that last part she just gripped making a fist with her right hand. She looked through her draws for some odd reason. She didn't even know at first either until she found something in her draw, it was knife. But not just any knife. It was one Ash gave to her. It was Ash's dad knife and he gave it to her as a present in a note telling her to take care of it and he was counting on her too. He always asked her about it too and how it was doing. She always said it was great and taking care of it. She just gazed at it from side looking at it as the light hit the steel and make it glow up. It was a long knife about 5 inches of pure steel, and at the end it was brown and wooden with a carved grip in it. It was a lightish dark kind of brown and she couldn't stop that gaze she had about it. After she stopped after a few minutes, she said to herself, "Nobody, I mean nobody as ever cared about me my whole life and meant it. Ash, yes, but he doesn't anymore. If no one cares about me anymore then that must mean Iím a drifter, a nobody. Someone no one ever notices. Which means, my life isn't worth It's living anymore." After she said that she stood up and she held it up high in the air and said her final words "I still love you Ash with all my heart. But if you don't want me to be near you anymore, then that must mean I must go away from you, forever. I love you Ash. Good Bye." Then with all her might she struck that knife into her heart. She feel too the floor with a hard thud. Her sister's were underwater but Violet pop out for a second and heard that thud. She called for her sister's to come out. "LILY, DAISY, COME UP HERE!" They popped right out and they both said "Like what it is Violet?" She answered with a worry "I heard a big thud from Misty's room.

We need to see if she's aright. COME ON!" Violet jumped out of the water and ran right to Misty's room while the others were left behind and Lily said "Violet like wait up!" Daisy then said "Yea like wait up!" Then they both popped out of the water and ran to Misty's room. Violet got to the door and knocked on it saying "Misty itís everything alright in there?" No answer. Then she knocked again "Misty please answer us, are you ok in there?" still no answer. Then she yelled "MISTY ANSWER US PLEASE!" nothing but silence. She knew something was wrong and said to her sister's "Iím busting down this door." Daisy then looked at her and yelled "WHAT?! LIKE YOU CANíT BUST DOWN HER DOOR! SHE WILL BE LIKE MADDER THEN BEFORE!" Then Violet answered quickly "If I know Misty well enough it wouldn't take her this long to answer us. Now Iím busting down this door." Then Lily trying to stop her said, "Maybe she's sleeping." Then violet said "Then what was the loud thud?" Lily answered back "She fell off her bed?" Violet just fired back "SHEíS A LIGHT SLEEPER YOU DIMWIT!" Then finally Daisy said to clam everything down, "OK, OK. We'll bust down this door and if she is sleeping or whatever and there's nothing wrong we'll say we're sorry for busting down the door ok?" Then Violet just said "Fine with me!" and bust down the door kicking it full on force. Daisy got made and said "I SAID TOGETHER!" Then violet just answered back in a mad mood "WELL LIKE SORRY I COULDN'T HELP IT!" Then they kept arguing and arguing until Lily was shocked and said "LOOK!" They stopped and saw what she was pointing at to see Misty dead on the floor with a knife threw her heart. They all said "OH MY GOD!" They rushed over to her and were saying like "MISTY PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD! PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD!" Then Violet exclaimed "I'LL CALL 911!" and rushed to the nearest phone. Lily was too shocked to say anything. She just stood there watching Daisy looking over Misty.

Then she saw the ripped photo's of Misty and Ash and picked them all up and said to Daisy "Daisy take a look at these." Daisy turned around and just took the pictures out of her and or whatever was left of them. She went through them but couldn't recognize a thing until the last picture it showed Misty and Ash together leaning on the bike smiling. She then realized something else. The knife was Ash's fathers. Misty told her sister's that when she first got it. Then she figured it out that Ash must have done something to her to make her do this. Then she screamed "ASH KETCHUM YOU SON OF A BITCH! How can you do this to her!?" She began to cry holding Misty in her left arm. Back At Ash's House he had no idea at the time what happened. Ash was lying on the top bunk of the bed on the left side of the room and was thinking to himself "Why did I say that stuff to Misty? Why? I was being nothing but an idiot to her all because she got sad about I didn't love her. This is my entire fault. Now she may never speak to me again because of what I said and did to her." Then he looked at the clock and said "Hm shouldn't Mom and the other's be home soon? I mean going to get food from a store doesn't take 30 minutes does it? Well I guess it leaves me time to think to myself." He lay back down on his bed with his arm firmly behind his head. Then he began to think to himself again "I miss Misty. I miss seeing her cute face, her beautiful eyes, her gentle skin when I felt it, her silky red hair. God I miss her so much. I wish I next to her right now and we would be kiss...... WAIT A MIN!" Ash then sat up quickly and said "Did I just say what I thought I said!? I wish she was next to me kissing?! Holy crap! I DO love her. IíM SUCH AN MORON!" After realizing that he got down from his bed and started to run down the steps but then he tripped a little and his gun fell out. "DAMN DADíS GUN!" The gun fell down the steps rapidly and the gun them fell open and hit the ground hard, making that cemented bullet fall out. Ash saw that and said "Damn."

He jumped down the rest of the steps, pick up the gun, and was looking for the bullet. He found it under the couch and the TV was on from him watching when he rest left and he left it on for some odd reason. When found it He stood up in front of the TV and was about to put it in until the Tv said "BREAKING NEWS!" He just stared at it as the TV went on and said, ďToday a young girl has committed suicide' stabbing herself in the heart with what we've been told a knife. Her name was Misty Waterflower and she was 15 years of age. Her sister's found her dead in her room a few minutes after hearing what they said a loud thud in the room. When they bust down the door, in there words they said the room was nothing but a mess. The girl was bloodied and her face smeared with blood, The mirror was completely shattered and broken into pieces on the floor, and pictures of what it appeared to be Ash Ketchum and her together ripped and torn to pieces. There was no note left behind. We will bring you more to this story as it develops." Ash couldn't believe what he heard. Misty, dead by killing herself. Ash was nothing but shocked at it and he said to himself "This is my fault this is my fault. DAMMIT! WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO BE AN ASSHOLE ALL THE DAMN TIME!" He still had his fatherís gun in his right hand and that bullet in his left hand. He looked at the bullet and he was right, it had a carving on it. It said on it "AK+MW" Ash just starred at it and was confused. Then he remembered what his father said to him when he was younger, "Son, I want you to grow up and have the best life as you can and to find the perfect woman for you. Here's something I want you to hold one to. It was that bullet. You might not understand that carving now but you will in the future it's part of our family's history pattern. I love you take good care of it. "Then Ash said "I understand it now. He knew I was going to meet someone with these initials of my family's pattern.

Why didn't I figure out this before? I love her now. Damn it, but, I made her kill herself and now I can never see her again or tell her I do!" But then he realized that the bullet was no longer cemented in and was still useable. He looked at the gun and then the bullet and kept looking at them back and forth. Then he finally put the bullet into the spot in which it fell out of closed it, then he cocked it tight. It made a loud sound and then he just looked at it. Then he turned it towards his head. He held it in his left hand. He said to himself " My dad was a lefty anyway." The held it almost it touching his head. It was only about an inch or two away from his head. Then he said "Misty's dead because of what i did and said, and now that I do love her I can never tell her or see her again, on earth. I may be going to hell but as long as I see Misty's face and we're together I will be happy." His finally words he said as his head looked at the ceiling, "Misty.....Iím coming back." All of a sudden Ash's Mom and the rest open the gang open the door and were chatting a little until His Mom saw him and Went "ASH NO!" He shot himself and fell onto the couch hard. Everyone ran over to him with concern. May went over and dialed 911, Brock and Max were taking the gun out of his hand, and his Mom began to cry saying "Why Ash WHY?" Then she felt something hit her foot since she was wearing sandals and it was that bullet. The impact was so powerful it went right through his head. She looked at Ash as his head was bloodied and the couch was filled with blood stains. Then She went "Oh my god that's why." She understood. She knew the family pattern more then anything or anyone and knew that something must have happened between Ash and Misty to make this happen. Then the BREAKING NEWS on TV was still repeating and that answered everything as everyone watched it. Ash's Mom took the bullet and the gun and put the bullet into the gun and then said " Let's find a place were no one can ever find this." Everyone agreed and they went with Ash's mom but then she stopped for a second and looked at Ash and said "Rest in peace Ash and Misty. May you too be together for all eternity." Then she continued walking. As Ash and Misty's souls live on forever whether may be Heaven or Hell.


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