Title: A Test Of Love
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: I dont own Pokemon, Cardcaptors or Medabots, I'm just borrowing the characters for Kami's evil scheme...

<If only they knew what I have planned, I wish I could say something to them first, but a warning would be against the Test Rules...> thought Kami as she watched four whirlpools; one of which was completely empty, the other three showing three different girls. Dressed in a black Catsuit and with her long purple hair covering half of her youthful face, she took a remote control into her paw and switched it on. Placing her other paw on the joystick, she flicked her black furry fox-tail and began to operate the strange device in her claws...

************************ Pallet Town : Professor Oak's Lab Garden *************************

"My pokemon really love it here." Ash said as he watched his Heracross sucking the sap from a tree and his Tauros stomped across the fields. He'd come home for a brief visit with his friends Brock and Misty.
"I just love watching all those water pokemon..." Misty said dreamily.
"Typical Misty..." Ash remarked, then shielding himself; knowing that Misty would've heard him and was gonna smack him one. But when no pain came, Ash looked round and was shocked to find that Misty was slowly disappearing.
"Ash, help me........." she said before she completely dissolved into thin air.
"Misty! Come back!" Ash yelled, trying to reach out for her; believing it was a trick. When he couldn't grasp her hand, he realised that she was truly gone and he fell to his knees as though he'd lost his best pokemon........

*************************** Reedington : Sakura Avalon's House ***************************

"It's not that hard Sakura," Kero said "pick up the phone, put down the phone. If you really wanna meet Li at Penguin Park, you have to ring him sometime today!"
"Easy for you to say Kero, you've never had a crush on anyone before..." Sakura corrected. Nervously, she picked up the phone and dialled Li's number; it rang twice then someone answered.
"Hello?" came a male voice from the other side.
"Hey Li, it's me Sakura, I was wondering if you............" She said, but she froze and accidentally dropped the phone.
"Sakura? Are you there?" Li asked. Sakura's eyes went blank and as she fell back onto the sofa, she began to vanish, breaking into little tiny pieces that deleted themselves. Kero picked the phone up.
"Li, get down here now, Sakura is falling apart... literally!" he yelled.
"Aaaahhh!" Li shouted down the phone and hung up. Kero turned the phone off and could only sit and watch as what remained of Sakura vanished. Totally stunned, Kero sat down on the sofa where the Mistress of the Clow Cards once was. Li came rushing in to help, but he was too late. Dropping his sword, Li got really angry, so angry that he started to cry.
"Sakura...." was all he managed to say...

********** Rosewood Private School : A Robattle between Erika and Kouji ***********

Brass was getting weaker and weaker as the robattle went on, but still Erika refused to give up; Sumilidon and Kouji were tough, but she was certain that she could beat them.
"Brass, forget your offensive for now and focus on your defensive." Erika commanded. The Sailor Multi type Medabot used a cannon shaped Medapart that Metabee had let her borrow; mist came pouring out of the nozzle. Soon, the whole area was covered in white fog. A short while passed, and Erika and Brass still hadn't moved yet.
"Brass? Erika? Are you guys OK?" Ikki said from the sidelines of the battle. But they got no answer.
"Sumilidon, blow that mist away using your sword." Kouji said. Sumilidon spun his sword around, blowing away all the mist but...
"Aaahhh! Erika's gone!" Ikki panicked, looking round.
"And so is Brass!! OK Sumilidon, spill, what did you do with my Brass?!?!?!" Metabee yelled angrily, a huge red indent appeared on his forehead. Ikki looked at him smugly.
"Your Brass huh? Is there something you're not telling me?" he asked.
"Look, Ikki, I'll explain later, but both Erika and Brass are gone and we have to find them!" Metabee replied, his face turning Peppercat-red...

******************************* Kami's Lair : Location Unknown *****************************

Three girls and one Medabot landed on a softish platform right in the middle of a solid steel room. Kami entered the same room via an automatic door, almost getting her long tail caught.
"Time to wake up girls," Kami said "the test will soon begin..."


Why were Misty, Sakura, Erika and Brass kidnapped?
What does Kami want with them?
And just what exactly does Kami mean by 'test'?

Wanna know? You'll have to wait and see...