Title: A Test Of Love
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ...see part one for details

"While those four are still unconscious, I think it would be fun if I brought the boys together..." Kami said to herself, picking up a different remote control and pressing a large red button labelled 'Teleport'.

******************* Kami's Underground Obstacle Course Reception Area ***************

In a flash of light, all four boys were 'downloaded' to a large steel room.
"Huh? Where am I?" Ash wondered, looking around.
"Who are you people?" Ikki said.
"What is this thing?" Li asked, poking Metabee's head.
"I AM NOT A THING!!!" Metabee yelled.
"It talks! Where did you get this thing?" Ash said to Ikki.
"DO I LOOK LIKE A THING TO YOU?!?!" Metabee shouted.
"It's a Medabot, don't you have one?" Ikki explained.
"A Medabot, huh?"
"As if! I don't even have the Clow Cards..." Li moaned. "Hang on, why are we all here anyway?"
"I'm the reason you're here boys," came a female voice from a descending TV.
"Who are you?" Metabee asked, Kami smiled and stepped aside, zooming in on the girls asleep on the platform.
"Are any of these girls familiar to you?" she cheekily asked.
"Brass and Erika too!"
"What do you think you're doing?!" Li bellowed. "That's the Mistress of the Star Cards you have there! Give her back now you cat-eared freak!"
"That's not a nice thing to say! Especially when I'm the one who holds your friends captive..." Kami frowned.
"Who are you?" Ash questioned.
"Me? My name is Kami! All of you are here to take a special test."
"Test? But I didn't study!" Ikki whined.
"Not that kind of test!" she sighed. "This is a test of your skills, to see if you are worthy to look after these girls!"
"But Misty and I have been friends for years! We can look after each other just fine." Ash argued.
"Don't be foolish! If I thought you were capable, would I really have gone to the trouble of capturing either of you?!"
"What do you mean by skill?" Li thought aloud.
"I have plenty of skill! I'm a really tough Medabot!" Metabee gloated.
"Enough questions already! Just complete the test and you'll get your friends back, but if even one of you fails, then you have to start over again!" Kami laughed before turning the TV off with the remote, and leaving the boys to wonder what exactly awaited them...

************************************* Back In Kami's Lair *******************************

"Come on people! Wake up! I have something important to tell you..." Kami said to the slowly arising girls. Once fully awake, the girls saw Kami - and each other - and jumped back in shock...


Will the boys learn to get along?
How will the girls react when they find out what Kami has planned?
Does Kami have plans to keep the girls busy while they wait to be 'rescued'?

Wanna know? You'll have to wait and see...