Title: Clow Cards, Pokeballs and The Masaki Shrine

Author: Kari Anime Queen

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon, Cardcaptors or Tenchi Muyo. This fic is a fragment of my over-active imagination and therefore I am just borrowing characters from the aforementioned anime shows.


1:50 - The Masaki Household…

“Ayeka, have you seen Ryo ohki?” Sasami, the younger of the two Jurian princesses, asked her big sister. Ayeka turned her nose up at that name.

“If you really must know the location of that little fur ball, you’ll find her by the side of the lake with Ryoko.” Ayeka said with disgust. She had never really liked Ryo ohki because it was Ryoko – Ayeka’s arch enemy and rival for Tenchi’s affections – who had given Sasami the half cat half rabbit creature in the first place.

“Thank you Ayeka!” Sasami cheerfully replied as she ran out of the French doors, soon reaching the lake, and seeing both Ryoko and Ryo ohki behaving very strangely. Jumping up and down, Ryo ohki hissed at the lake as though upset and Ryoko stood staring into the crystal clear waters with a look of deep thought on her face.        

“Mrrrrrrooow!” Ryo ohki angrily mewed. Sasami caught her mid bounce to try and calm the cat/rabbit down.

“Ryo ohki, what are you so upset about?” she asked.

“Huh?” Ryoko wondered, looking round and seeing the princess with a fur pet in her arms. “Oh, hello there Sasami.”

“Hello, what is it that you are doing?” Sasami politely questioned.

“I can sense something. I believe that someone - or something - is trying to get through to our world, and they didn’t come alone…” Ryoko answered. 

“Well, is it possible to open the gateway?” Sasami wondered, standing next to the female demon and gazing into the lake.

“What is your opinion about this?”

“I think it’s a cool idea, but if Ayeka finds out, she’s not gonna like it.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right…” Ryoko said, thinking for a moment. Then, she had a sneaky look plastered on her youthful face. “So, Princess Ayeka won’t approve of this idea huh?”

“Of course, she never approves of anything you do or say.” Sasami remarked.

“Let’s do it then! Anything just to bug that snooty princess!” Ryoko commented. She then closed her eyes and summoned an energy ball, which she changed into a sabre. Making circular patterns in the air, Ryoko eventually cut a round hole in the sky. The two of them watched as 3 girls, 3 boys, a yellow mouse-thing and a stuffed animal fell through the hole and landed near where Ryoko and Sasami were standing. Ryo ohki jumped out of Sasami’s grasp and slowly approached the stuffed animal, while Sasami and Ryoko checked on the others.

“Ryoko, you stay here and watch these people while I go and fetch Tenchi, he has to see this!” Sasami yelled as she ran back to the house.

“Well, OK.” Ryoko answered in a bemused tone of voice. One of the boys slowly came to and sat up. His face expressed the pain he was in and made Ryoko wonder if he had gotten hurt. “Are you alright? You had quite a strange landing just now.”

“Huh? Oh, hey there. My name’s Ash, who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Ryoko. Where did you guys come from anyway?”

“Various places really. Did my friends land here too?” Ash wondered. Ryoko pointed behind where Ash was, showing him that although his friends were there, they weren’t awake yet. Ash looked for Misty first of all, and when he noticed her, he went right over to wake her up.

“That you’re girlfriend Ash?” Ryoko asked.

“I wish…” Ash replied, blushing slightly.

“Ryoko!” Tenchi called out as he ran to where the demon was.

“Tenchi! I’m so glad you’re here! Can you help me wake these kids up? They fell from the sky and so far only one of them has proved that he wasn’t unconscious.” Ryoko said, gesturing to Ash who was holding Misty close, hoping she was OK.

“Looks like they brought their pets with them.” Tenchi noted, watching as Ryo ohki finally got the yellow mouse to wake up.

“Pika?” it asked. “Pikachu pika…”

“Mrrrrroow.” Ryo ohki answered. Pikachu nervously looked around him; every one of his friends was lying either asleep or unconscious.

“Pika, Pikachu, pika…. CHUUUUUUUUU!!!” Pikachu squealed, releasing 10,000 volts of electricity upon every living thing within a 5 km radius. Now flash fried, all the kids had woken up and Tenchi and Ryoko got a nasty ‘shock’.

“Ash!” Li yelled, “When are you going to learn to control that thing!”

 “Don’t blame me, Pikachu was only trying to help!” Ash yelled back.

“Um Ash,” Misty said, blushing a bit from the position she was in. “Can you let go of me now?”

“Oh, sure, sorry Mist.” Ash apologized, loosening his grip on Misty and blushing again.

“Can I assume that we made it?” Sakura asked. Kero flew over to Tenchi and looked hard at him.

“You must be Tenchi Masaki. I’m Keroberos, Guardian Beast of the Clow. So where’s Washu? We really have to speak with her…”

“Um, how’d you know my name? How’d you know who Washu is? Why are you people even here?” Tenchi asked.

“Kero? Do we have to go straight home?” Madison wondered, holding up her camcorder. “After all, we only just got here, we should at least have a little fun while we’re here.”

“Listen Madison, I’d hate to agree with the stuffed animal, but Sakura’s been hurt enough and it could take ages for her to heal!” Li argued.

“Well, imagine having to face Tori when he asks about the scratch marks on her cheek. That’ll be a blast won’t it?” Kero yelled sarcastically.

“Brock! Hello, are you in there? You’re the one who’s supposed to break up the fights!” Misty screamed. But Brock was too busy looking at Ryoko.

“You should’ve seen it coming Mist,” Ash noted as Brock went into full girl mode. “ I should’ve too really…”

“You are the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen!” Brock said to Ryoko, taking her hand into his. Ryoko’s temper was building up, as was a sparking red energy ball in her free hand. Jerking her other hand away from Brock, she aimed the energy ball straight at him…




Will Brock be blasted to smithereens before he’s even had a chance to properly introduce himself?

Will Ash reveal his feelings to Misty?

How will Ayeka get along with the new guests at the Masaki household?

The answers to all this and more in the next episode of:-

“Clow Cards, Pokeballs and The Masaki Shrine!”