Title: Cardcaptors meets Pokemon
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: Pokemon, Cardcaptors and the characters that belong with these animé shows are owned by the creators and not to me. This fanfic is just for fun...

9:30 PM - Avalon Residence...
"Are you serious Kero?" exclaimed a very surprised Sakura.
"Yes, I am serious," the small bear-like creature assured "there is another world, Sakura, and I intend on giving you a vacation by taking you there."
"Kero, I'm all for having a break and everything, but in another world? Isn't that just a little elaborate?" Sakura reasoned.
"It is a bit eccentric - I'll admit that - but there are no clow cards there, you'll have a nice relaxing holiday, I guarantee!" Kero confidently promised.
"That's all OK and everything but how would we get there?" Sakura asked.
"Only one way..." Kero answered, opening the clow book and picking up the Song Card.


Suddenly, in a far off place, a young boy with messy black hair started to sense something and started sleep-walking away from where his friends lay sleeping. He hadn't gotten too far when an orange-haired girl had awoken and saw him walking away.
"Oh Ash, not again!" she moaned sleepily, getting out of her sleeping bag and chasing after him. She caught up with him and pulled him back, stopping him from going any further. He stirred and opened his eyes. He looked round and saw the girl standing behind him - for she still had firm grip on the back of his shirt. He jerked himself free and looked around; dazed and confused.
"Huh? Misty? What's going on? Where am I?" He asked.
"You were sleep-walking for the third time in one night and you were about this close to taking a one way trip to your death!" Misty said nervously, pointing straight down. Ash looked over the edge and sweatdropped.
"Thanks for saving me Misty. But I think we should get back to Brock and Pikachu before they wake up and get lost trying to find us..." Ash suggested, walking back the way they came.
"Good idea..." Misty agreed, following Ash.


Sakura yawned and stretched her arms. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked up at Kero. She suddenly shot out of bed and ran to her closet, opened the door...and sighed a breath of disappointment. Kero flew over to her as she closed the closet door.
"I'm sorry Sakura, they haven't opened the other side yet." Kero sympathised.
"We have to get them to open the portal, otherwise we can't get through..." Sakura groaned.
"Look at the bright side, Sakura," Kero said, cheerfully. "this way we can invite Madison and Lee to come too." Sakura looked happier as she went down to get breakfast. Kero had to stay upstairs and wait for Sakura to come back. He picked up Sakura's cell phone and dialled Madison's number.
"Hello?" Madison answered.
"Hi, is this Madison? It's Kero." He explained.
"Oh, hi Kero." she said politely.
"Madison, can you meet us at Sakura's house in about 30 minutes?"
"Sure! Is it another strange power?" She asked.
"No, it's different. Can you call Lee and ask him to come too?"
"Of course, I'll be there in about half an hour OK?"
"Thanks Madison, cya!" Kero said. He put the phone down and waited. Sakura came back upstairs. Her hair was dripping and she had a towel round her. Obviously she'd just had a shower. She dried herself, blow-dried her hair and got dressed.     
"Anything happen while I was downstairs?" Sakura asked, combing her hair and styling it the way she normally did.
"Not much, I rang Madison and asked her to come here to watch the portal open."
"Did you only ring Madison?" Sakura wondered. Kero rolled his beady eyes.
"I asked her to ring Lee, see if he wanted to come with us. As if he'd refuse the chance to go on vacation with you." He said, watching Sakura's face blush a pinky-red. Kero waved his paw in front of Sakura's dreamy gaze. No reaction. Just then the doorbell rang; it was Madison and Lee.
"Hello? Is Sakura home?" Madison said to Tori, Sakura's older brother.
"Yeah, she's here. Hey Squirt! Your friends are here to see ya!" Tori called. Sakura snapped out of her daze and went down to the door.
"Hi Madison, hi Lee. How are you?" She asked.
"We're fine." Madison replied. Kero flew down too. "Hey Kero!"
"What was it you wanted to show us Kero?" Lee wondered.
"Come on, it's upstairs." Kero said, leading Sakura, Lee and Madison into Sakura's room and over to the closet. He opened the door and inside was a large blue spiral.
"What exactly is it?" Lee asked.
"This is our gateway to another world; The Pokemon World!" Kero announced. "The only thing is we have to get someone to open it from the other side..."   
"Wow," Madison said, turning her video camera on. "how do we contact them?"
"Simple," Kero answered holding up the Song Card...


How will they contact the other side?
Why did Ash nearly sleep-walk over the edge of a cliff?
Will Kero ever get Sakura to tell Lee how she feels about him?

The answers to all this and more on the next episode of:-
"Cardcaptors meets Pokemon!"