Title: Cardcaptors meets Pokemon
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer:...See part 1 for details.

10:30 AM - Mountain Road...
Ash, Misty and Brock were eating breakfast and discussing Ash's sleep-walking problem.
"So, you were walking away from camp and almost fell over the edge of a cliff?" Brock analysed. Ash and Misty nodded.
"Yeah, he was too close this time and I'm getting worried." Misty said.
"Since when did you decide care about me?" Ash questioned. Misty looked away.
"Did you get a sudden urge to go to the cliff? Or did you do it just to scare us?" Brock asked.
"Brock! It isn't funny! I nearly died!" Ash yelled. He was about to continue shouting, when he froze. His eyes went blank and soon there came a female voice, singing a strangely enticing song...

A twinkle in the night sky,
Far, far away,
Golden star gazed upon in my dreams,
On a sleepless evening,
I sing along,
Tomorrow I'll sing with you,
On the wings of a dream...

Ash closed his eyes and followed the voice...all the way to the cliff he had visited before. Misty tried to stop him, but a blue barrier formed around him that wouldn't let her stop him from moving closer to the edge. He stopped about an inch from the very edge of the cliff and held out his arms as if waiting to welcome someone.
"Those on the other side, come to me, the gateway has been opened!" He yelled, making any nearby Pokemon scatter in fear. A blue spiral appeared, it swirled round and round getting faster and faster. Ash's eyes went back to normal again but when he saw where he was standing, he jumped back in shock. Two girls, a boy and a small yellow bear came through the spiral and it closed behind them. Ash knelt next to one of the girls and shook her gently. She opened her eyes and sat up. Looking straight into Ash's eyes, she smiled. Ash blushed a little.
"Hello, who are you?" She asked.
"I'm Ash. Are you OK? That was quite a fall you and your friends had." Ash said, pointing at the other kids that had landed there. She looked around and saw Lee, Madison and Kero all unconscious. She ran to Lee's side and tried to wake him up.
"Lee! Lee! Wake up Lee!" She said shaking him. Her eyes welled up with tears. Pikachu walked up to her and looked at her face.
"Pikachu, pika?" He asked.
"I have no idea what you just said, but I'm worried about Lee. He won't wake up..." She said, crying gently. Pikachu sat next to Lee and its cheeks started sparking. Ash knew what Pikachu was planning and although he didn't approve, he let Pikachu get on with it.
"Pika...CHU!" said Pikachu, letting 10 000 volts surge through Lee's body. Lee got up, half fried. "Pika...!"
"Ow! Hey! What was that for?!" He asked Pikachu angrily. He noticed Sakura. "Sakura! Are you OK? I was worried."
"I was worried too, Lee, that's why this electric mouse shocked you. I wanted you to wake up, and this creature offered to help." Sakura explained.
"What's going on here?" Misty asked. Lee saw Ash, Misty and Brock but he didn't seem happy. He took out his sword and stood defensively in front of Sakura.
"You leave Sakura alone!" He warned.
"We didn't touch her! Geez kid, chill out." Ash said. Lee growled.
"Listen Lee, these people have done nothing wrong, besides, we have to wake up Madison and Kero." Sakura corrected. Pikachu stepped forward again, his cheeks sparking, but one nasty look from Lee made Pikachu back off.
"You stay away from my friends little rodent!" He said, but Pikachu wasn't gonna stand back and take insults from a boy who was no more than Ash's age. He sparked again, as a threat to Lee. Lee took out a small piece of paper with Japanese writing on it and pressed it against his sword.
"LIGHTNING! COME TO MY AID!" he yelled, emitting thousands of volts straight at Pikachu. The small pokemon fell over in weakness. Ash wasn't very happy.
"Who do you think you are picking on my Pikachu! He only wants to help!" Ash said angrily. Lee and Ash stood face to face, growling at each other, while Sakura and Misty tried to wake up Madison and Kero.
"What happened, Sakura? Did we make it to the Pokemon World?" Madison asked.
"Yes, we did." Sakura answered.
"Who have you got with you?" Kero said, looking at Misty. Misty picked Kero up and looked at him sweetly.
"My name's Misty, and this is my Togepi." She told him, putting him next to Togepi.
"Briii!" The egg Pokemon squeaked and started to play with Kero.
"I'm Madison, but who's that over there?" Madison asked, gesturing to Ash who was still angry with Lee, and Brock who was trying to keep them from fighting.
"The one with black hair is Ash, and the one who can't open his eyes is Brock." Misty explained. "How did you get here anyway? You're obviously not from around these parts..."
"We used the Song Card to contact Ash so he could open the portal for us to get through." Sakura said, picking up the Song Card and showing it to Misty. Misty took the Song Card and looked at it more closely.
"This is a strange card..." Misty noted. Suddenly, the whole area was covered with smoke and Pikachu was gone.
"Pikachu!" Ash called out. Someone answered, but the answer he got was not Pikachu, it was the sound of evil laughter. "Not again," He moaned. "guess who..."


Who has just poke-napped Pikachu?
How will Sakura, Madison and Lee adapt to this new place?
Will Ash and Lee ever learn to get along?

The answers to all this and more in the next episode of:-
"Cardcaptors meets Pokemon!"