Title: Cardcaptors meets Pokemon
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer:...see part 1 for details

10:45 - Still on Mountain Road
The whole area was filled with smoke as two familiar voices arose from the fog.
"Prepare for trouble!" said a female voice.
"And make it double!" came a male voice.
"To protect the world from devstation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To renounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth that's right!"
By now the fog had cleared, revealing a teenage girl, a teenage boy and a strange looking cat. Ash looked really mad and so did Lee.
"Gimme back my Pikachu!" Ash yelled. Jesse held a jar that had Pikachu locked inside.
"I think not Twerp! This is our Pikachu now!" She said, laughing evilly again. Pikachu was using it's thundershock to try and escape, but once again, the jar that Team Rocket had trapped him in was shock-proof. Sakura took a key shaped charm from her necklace and held it in her hand.
"Oh key of my star,
With powers burning bright,
Reveal the staff,
And shine your light.
RELEASE!" Sakura chanted, watching as the key turned into a long pink staff. She took out a clow card, threw it into the air and pointed her staff right at it.
"Release! Firey card!" she yelled as the card changed into a fire covered person. "Retrieve the jar and burn those criminals sky high!" she commanded. The fire-person took the jar with Pikachu in and tossed it to Ash. It then turned to Jesse and James, gave them a nasty look and threw a huge fireball straight at them. The fireball caused a massive explosion.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they yelled as they flew high into the horizon. The firey returned to its card form but Sakura had used up most of her energy. She fell backwards and Lee caught her before she hit the ground. Ash, Misty and Brock were stunned.
"What on earth just happened?!" Ash said to Lee, who was holding a very limp Sakura in his arms.
"We're Cardcaptors and Sakura is Master of the Clow Cards." Lee explained. "But the cards draw their power from her so whenever she uses them she's usually very weak afterwards."
"How many cards are there? We know about the Firey, and the Song Card." Misty said, handing the Song card to Madison.
"We don't know exactly, but there is a whole book of them." Madison replied, putting the song card back in the clow book.
"Cardcaptors huh? That's catchy. What are you doing here anyway? You obviously don't live here..." Ash wondered. Lee got a bit impatient with all the questions.
"We're here because we needed a vacation OK?!" Lee snapped.
"Calm down Lee. You've been acting really protective - of Sakura in particular - ever since we first got here." Kero said. Lee's face relaxed and turned red. He looked at Sakura and got a bit upset.
"I'm sorry, I just don't like it when she gets weak like this, it scares me..." Lee admitted.
"You must really care about Sakura if you feel that way, Lee." Misty said. Lee blushed.
"Trust me Misty, he does care, a lot..." Kero told her in a sly tone, making Misty giggle.
"So what's this world like?" Lee asked, in a desperate attempt to change the subject.
"It's really cool!" Ash said. He turned to Misty and Brock. "Come on, let's take them to the carnival in Olivine City!"
"Sounds good to me!" said Madison. "What do you say Kero?" She asked.
"As longs as theres cake and other sweet things!" Kero said, nodding in agreement.
"Then let's go!" Ash yelled, running ahead of everyone with Pikachu sitting on his head...


Have they really seen the last of Team Rocket?
Will Lee ever admit his feelings for Sakura?
When will Ash learn to wait for the others to catch up if he runs ahead?

The answers to all this and more on the next episode of:-
"Cardcaptors meets Pokemon!"