Title: Cardcaptors meets Pokemon
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer:...see part 1 for details

11:15 - On the way to Olivine City...
"So where is Olivine City? Is it far from here?" Madison asked.
"Not really, if we cut through Violet City and Ecruteak City, we should be there by 2:30 at the latest." Brock analysed, looking at his map. Sakura still hadn't woken up and Lee remained silent, constantly looking at her.
"I wouldn't worry too much, Lee. If it's just energy that she's low on, a nice rest is just what she needs to recover." Misty reassurred. Lee's eyes stayed fixed on Sakura as she lay in his arms so limp and almost lifeless.
"If she was awake we could use the Float Card to get to Olivine, but she isn't even moving." Lee said, then looking up at Kero. "This is your fault Kero! It was your idea to come here in the first place! If you hadn't dragged us all here, Sakura would be fine!"
"Lee! Calm down! Geez what's eating you?" Kero yelled back.
"Will you two stop that? Yelling never gets anyone anywhere!" Ash said, cutting in.
"You can talk Ash, usually we're the ones who are fighting and Brock is the one who has to break it up..." Misty commented. Ash gave her a nasty glance from over his shoulder. Sakura started to move slightly and Lee's face lit up. She opened her eyes looked up at Lee, who was blushing.
"Thank you for taking care of me while I was resting Lee." Sakura told him. "It was really sweet of you..." She said, getting onto her feet. Lee was blushing so much that his face was as red as a Charmeleon.
"It's OK, Sakura." Lee said, trying to tone down his bright red face.
"Where are we going anyway?" Sakura questioned.
"We're going to the Carnival in Olivine City." Ash replied.
"I love carnivals! Is Olivine City far from here?" She asked.
"Not very far, we just have to cut through two other places to get there." Madison said.
"Oh, OK. But we could get there a lot faster if I used a Clow card." she suggested, reaching for the clow book. Lee stopped her and looked straight into Sakura's eyes.
"Listen Sakura, using a Clow card would get us there faster, but I don't want you running low on energy again. It scares me when you get so weak that you can barely stand up." He reasoned. She stood silently for a moment, then gave in.
"OK Lee, we'll walk if you feel that strongly about it." She conceded and carried on walking. After that, there came deadly silence. No one spoke, but there was some exchange of glances between Ash and Misty...


"Look at those twerps, they have loads of fun and loads of Pokemon, but since those other 4 turned up, there's ben alot of conflict and silence." Jesse noted, watching them walk past through her binoculars.
"Give it up Jesse, with those other kids there, there's no way we'll get Pikachu. You remember what that brown-haired girl put us through." James moaned.
"Dat's where you're wrong as usual Jimmy-boy!" Meowth corrected him.
"What do you mean Meowth?" James asked in his 'duh' voice.
"You see that high strung kid with the sword?"
"Yeah, so what?"
"He is in love wit dat girl who beat us before," Meowth pointed out "so alls we gotta do is kidnap her and tell da twerp dat he has to give us Pikachu or we treaten to waste da girl!"
"Meowth you're a genius!" Jesse praised. "But how do we get her away from the others without her attacking us again?"
"Quite simple, let me explain....." Meowth said, whispering the plan to Jesse and James as an evil smile crossed their lips...


What does Team Rocket plan to do to get Sakura away from the others?
Will their diabolical plan take flight?
Has Sakura figured out that Lee secretly loves her?

The answers to all this and more on the next episode of:-
"Cardcaptors meets Pokemon!"