Title: Cardcaptors meets Pokemon
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ... see part 1 for details

12:30 - Still on the way to Olivine City...
Once the silence had been broken, Sakura had started taking a sudden interest in everything around her, she'd stop every now and then to admire the wild pokemon nearby.
"This one is cute! What is it?" Sakura wondered, pointing at a purple mouse. "It reminds me of the Change Card."
"That's a Rattata, a very common pokemon in many areas." Brock answered. She smiled then spotted another pokemon swimming in a nearby stream.
"And this one looks like the Freeze Card, only it's white and not blue." Sakura noted.
"That's a Seel, a sea-lion type. It's a water pokemon, I just love water pokemon so much! They're all so adorable!" Misty said. Sakura walked behind Ash and carefully took Pikachu from the top of Ash's head.
"Awww! You're so soft and furry," She admired, holding Pikachu in her arms and stroking its fur. "you're the little sweetheart that woke Li up when he was unconscious. I thank you so much for that, I dunno what I would have done if he hadn't woken up."
"Pika..." the electric mouse replied happily. Sakura then handed Pikachu over to Li, he wasn't very keen on the idea - and quite frankly, neither was Pikachu.
"Come on Li, this little pokemon saved you from going into a coma, can't you at least try to be friendly?" Sakura pleaded, staring at Li with her teal eyes. Unable to look her in the eye and say no, Li agreed to hold Pikachu. Slowly, and with a sense of uncertainty, he started to stroke Pikachus back - to which the previously tense mouse reacted well and began to relax a little.
"You're not bad for an oversized wingless version of Kero." Li commented to Pikachu. Kero overheard what Li had said and glanced evilly at him. Not long after Li had started getting used to Pikachu, that Ash had noticed that his pokemon was no longer on his head.
"Hey Pikachu? Where are you buddy?" Ash wondered, looking around to see if Pikachu had wondered off.
"Pikachu! Pika!" Pikachu called to his trainer happily.
"Huh?" Ash said as he looked at Li who was petting Pikachus head. "So you're finally adapting to my Pikachu then Li?"
"Yeah, its kinda sweet really. Are all pokemon this size?" Li asked.
"No, there are smaller ones." Ash replied. "Some are a lot smaller, like Togepi."
"And some of them are a lot bigger, like Onix." Brock added.
"Onix, what's that?" Madison said, still holding her camera to her eye and filming everything they did and saw.
"A huge rocky snake type pokemon." Brock described.
"It sounds like the Earthy Card to me." Sakura added, looking in the Clow Book for a specific Card. She took out a Card and showed it to Brock. "Does Onix look anything like this?"
"Remotely, yes." He said as he examined the card. "So, what exactly do these Cards of yours do?"
"Usually it depends on the card you want to use, for example, you could use the Float Card to cross a river with no bridge or the Dash Card if you wanted to get to a specific place quickly, say, if you're late for something." Kero explained.
"Wow! What is that one called?" Sakura asked as she pointed to a lilac coloured cat thing with big ears and a jewel on its forehead.
"An Espeon! What would one of those be doing in the wild!" Misty exclaimed. "I have to catch it!" she added, taking a spare pokeball from her backpack. But she wasn't the only one after it.
"I think not Misty, this one is mine!" Ash said, also holding an empty pokeball. "Come on Pikachu!" Pikachu jumped out of Li's arms and went to assist his trainer.
"Sakura, doesn't that look a lot like the Dash Card?" Madison asked.
"Yeah, shall I try and fight it?" Sakura wondered, once again searching through the Clow Book and once again being stopped by a concerned Li.  
"Please Sakura, don't wear yourself out again. Let them battle it out with each other." Li pleaded with her. Sakura was starting to think that Li might really care about her, every time she went to do something that was a bit risky, he had always been there for her, just in case she got hurt. For a moment, everything around the two Cardcaptors had been blocked out. Li looked at Sakura in a gentle way and she looked back with the same loving touch that he had always bestowed upon her. The soft breeze swayed Sakuras hair and the tassle on the end of Li's sword handle got caught on a small updraft. After what seemed like an eternity of gazing into each others eyes, the special moment between them was destroyed as Madison put her hand on Sakuras shoulder, breaking the trance that Li and herself had been entwined in.
"Are you two OK? You were just standing there, staring." Madison wondered.
"We're fine Madison." Sakura only just managed to say.
"So who caught that Espeon?" Li asked Madison, in the hope that she would forget what she'd seen.
"Neither, it turned out that the pokemon belonged to a trainer, it wasn't wild at all. Ash and Misty were totally bummed out, But they got over it pretty quick." Madison said. Sakura then took her to the side, away from Li.
"Madison? Were you the only one who noticed that I was staring at Li?" Sakura questioned.
"Just me, my camcorder and Kero." Madison answered, pointing to a very smug looking Kero, who was floating near where Li stood. Sakura looked away from the stuffed animal and noticed another wild pokemon not far from where the group was. She walked over to it and just as she was about to reach out and stroke its head, she was captured by a net.
"Help!" She yelled out. Li automatically answered Sakuras call.
"Don't worry Sakura, I'm coming!" He said back as he ran to the net that Sakura was trapped in.
"Li, be careful, it might be a trap!" she warned, sensing danger lurking nearby.
"I can't leave you Sakura, trap or no trap!" He bravely said. Just as he got close enough to slice the net with his sword, a hot air balloon rose up and took the net with it.
"Tough luck, Romeo," Jesse taunted as the balloon drifted further and further into the sky. "Your girlfriend is coming with us and if you want her back in one piece we suggest you come find us as soon as you can!"  and the evil laughter desended as the balloon slowly disappeared. Looks of complete shock covered the previously happy faces as Li got more and more angry.
"SAKURA!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled into the sky as he felt his heart twinge and several tears that emerged from his amber eyes rolled down his pale cheeks...


Will Li get Sakura back safely?
Will Ash and Misty ever learn to tell the difference between a wild pokemon and a trained one?
And what about Sakura? She's just been kidnapped by Team rocket. Will she be rescued in time before it might be too late?

The answers to all this and more on the next episode of:-
"Cardcaptors meets Pokemon!"