Title: Cardcaptors meets Pokemon
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ... see part 1 for details

12:45 - Going back the way they came...
Li was totally shocked at what had just happened. He fell to his knees and cried a river, he then picked up Sakura's backpack and held it to his chest; tears of pain and sorrow still pouring down his face.
"I can't believe this happened! She was the love of my life and I couldn't even protect her! I don't believe I just let her slip through my fingers so easily! Now Team Rocket has her and the worst part is, we don't even know where she is or what they're doing to her!!" He screamed, getting angrier and angrier. Madison put her hand on his shoulder and attempted to sympathise with him.
"Li," Misty began "can't you use the Clow Cards to help?"
"I'm afraid not," Madison answered, substituting for Li as his silent anger grew "Since Sakura was made Master Of The Clow Cards, she is the only one able to control them."
"Team Rocket are gonna regret EVER messing with me and taking Sakura captive!!" Li raged, standing up and running in the direction that the balloon was seen floating away to. Ash and Brock caught up with Li and grabbed his arms to restrain him. Li put up quite a struggle, yelling and squirming in a desperate attempt to free himself.
"Li! Calm down! We can't just go running off into what could be another Team Rocket trap!" Ash reasoned. Li gave him the most evil of all evil looks, causing Ash to recede slightly.
"I won't let those jerks keep Sakura! No one takes that girl from me without getting a large serving of sandwich ala knuckle from my own rock hard fist!!!" Li raged again, jerking himself free and shaking his fist in Ash's face.
"No need to get shirty Kid, calm down!" Kero said "We can get her back, geez, what's eating you? For now she'll be fine without us! Ever since we got here you've been overreacting and overprotective of Sakura!"
"You can't blame me Kero! At least I care!" Li yelled, getting extremely teary again "That girl means more to me than life itself and here you are - her own Guardian Beast - telling me to calm down and that she'll be fine! She's just been kidnapped you stupid little stuffed animal and I intend to free her!!!" Breaking down, he fell to the floor in a flurry of anguish and longing for his Sakura to come back. Ash looked at the state that Li was getting into and thought. Watching Li put himself in such pain for Sakura made him realise it was like looking into a living mirror. If Misty had been kidnapped, would he not have acted the same way? If he and Misty had become close like Li and Sakura had, would he be protective of Misty? Yes, he would. But right now, being that close a person to Misty was merely a dream, a distant wish that would probably never be fulfilled. It was then that Ash understood that it was his duty to help this fellow love-struck trainer! (OK, so Li isn't a trainer, but he is a boy and he is lovesick ^_^;;)
"Go, Noctowl!" Ash released his owl pokemon and knew what he had to do "Noctowl, I want you to search for Team Rocket! It's vital that you find them ASAP!!"
"Noctowl?" Madison asked, watching the owl pokemon as it flew high into the sky, now growing slightly cloudy.
"Noctowl is a bird pokemon that can find virtually anything!" Misty assured "If Team Rocket has Sakura, then Noctowl will pinpoint their location for us."
"All I can say is.... Thank you Ash, I hope I can repay you someday." Li thanked, calming down a lot as in his head, he pictured Sakura back in his arms and smiling sweetly. Those eyes. Those beautiful teal eyes. How he missed looking into them and seeing the sweet Cardcaptor he once knew. He knew those days would soon be over if he didn't get Sakura back. Without her, he felt his life was completely pointless, a future where Sakura was not present would kill him for sure.
"Hooooooot!" came a cry from high up. Sure enough, Noctowl had spotted Sakura in Team Rockets Meowth balloon, about a mile away from where the group was currently waiting.
"Which way Noctowl?" Ash yelled to his pokemon. Noctowl gestured for them all to follow him as he flew to the East. Li ran ahead of them all with Madison still filming the whole misadventure.
<Do not worry Sakura, I'm coming to save you, and when I do, things will go back to the way they were and we will go back home...> Li thought to himself as they continued running further and further, drawing ever closer to where Sakura was being held hostage.
"Sakura!!" Li yelled as soon as he saw her. She was bound by a rope that tightly kept her arms behind her back while she dangled from a tree branch.
"Li! Am I ever glad to see you!" Sakura wept "Please get me down!" Li was about to climb the tree and cut the ropes, when Meowth got there before him and held his sharpened claws to Sakura's throat. Li stopped in his tracks and his widened eyes were fixed on the fearful look that danced in Sakura's facial expression.
"Hold it Kid, one step closer and her girlfriend here gets a facelift!" Meowth threatened, knowing that Li would never want to see his best friend get hurt...


Has Ash finally realised the reason for Li's irrational behaviour?
Will Meowth really have the guts to give Sakura a 'hair cut'?
Can Li get Sakura out of this mess and tell her how he feels before she loses more than just her cool?

The answers to all this and more on the next episode of:-
"Cardcaptors meets Pokemon!"