Title: Cardcaptors meets Pokemon
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ...see part 1 for details

1:15 - Somewhere near Route 36...
For a moment, everything was still. No one moved at all, fearing that Meowth would hurt Sakura if they tried anything. Meowth was so busy watching the nervous Li, that he didn't notice Sakura moving behind him. In one swift motion, Sakura managed to lift her head slightly and bite Meowths wrist.
"Me-ow-th!!" he squealed in pain, but as he moved his paw, he clawed Sakura's cheek. Blood was now dripping from the red marks on her face and Li's expression was the definition of psychotic anger. Meowth tended to the painful teeth marks on his arm.
"You're in big trouble now you mangy feline!" Li yelled, withdrawing his sword and jumping at Meowth; just slicing of the top of the cat pokemon's ear.
"Mrrrrrrowwww!" He mewed in pain, feeling where the chunk had been taken from. Li cut the ropes that were binding Sakura and looked at her, his eyes wide with concern as the red liquid continued to drip from her face.
"Sakura! I'm so sorry! We never should have come here!" He apologised, holding her close and crying. Sakura leant her head on Li's chest and listened to his rapid heartbeat.
"Li, it's not your fault. I'm glad we came here, it made me realise how much I really love you..." Sakura comforted. Li gave her a half smile and helped her over to where Madison and Kero were standing. Just as the tension was starting to thin out, Jesse's Arbok jumped out of the bushes and headed for Li.
"Pika... CHUUUUUUUUU!!!" Pikachu screamed, knocking Arbok out of the way with its thundershock. Pikachu smiled at Li then turned to Arbok; a truly evil glare lingering in its eyes.
"Char......" Arbok said worriedly as Pikachu - with his cheeks sparking - headed straight for the cobra. Li joined the electric mouse, still wielding his sword.
"Don't think it's gonna be two on one little boy...." Jesse said as she and James stepped up behind Arbok. "Since our first plan didn't work, we're gonna try out plan 'B'."
"Go Weezing!" James threw a pokeball and released a three headed purple floating smoke ball. "OK, Weezing, use your smokescreen!"
"Weezing, Weez!" the purple thing said, opening its mouth and coughing up layer after layer of thick green smog. With his one good arm, Meowth trapped Pikachu in a shock proof jar and gave it to Jesse. Sakura once again took her key-shaped charm and changed it into the sealing wand. Then she took out a Clow Card and threw it into the air.
"Freeze Card! Stop Team Rocket! Release and dispell!" the card began to glow as a long blue stream of ice came out and turned Jesse, James, Meowth, Arbok and Weezing into one giant block of ice. Sakura, weary from using two cards in one day, stumbled over to Jesse, who still had Pikachu (also frozen) in the bell jar. Li followed her and used his sword to cut the ice around the jar; removing it from Jesse's hands and giving the ice-covered glass cage to Ash.
"We have to get Pikachu out of there before he catches pneumonia!" Ash said worriedly, looking at Pikachu's scared expression.
"Maybe you could use the Firey Card, Sakura." Madison suggested, only just then pressing the 'stop' button on her camcorder. Kero shook his head.
"It's not wise, she's already used too much of her magical energy. And after the Freeze Card, she can only use the Song Card with the remainder of her magic today so that we can get home." Kero explained.
"If Ash had a fire type pokemon it would work..." Li said. Ash took a pokeball from his belt.
"Go, Cyndaquil!" Ash released his fire mouse. "Cyndaquil, I want you to use your ember attack to thaw out Pikachu."
"Cynda!" it squeaked, firing up its back flame and surrounding the jar with a huge fire-ball. Slowly, after the ice had melted, Ash opened the jar, allowing Pikachu to escape. He shook the water off of his dripping fur and when he saw Cyndaquil, shook its paw.
"Pikachu, are you OK?" Ash wondered.
"Pikachu! Pika!" He happily squealed, jumping onto his trainer's head.
"Good," Ash then turned to Li and Sakura "Thanks for saving my Pikachu you guys, and I think Brock might have something for that scratch Meowth gave you, Sakura."
"Ash, there's still one more thing to take care of before our visitors go home." Misty said while Brock put a bandage over the claw marks on Sakura's face.
"What are you talking about Misty? We got Pikachu back and stopped Team Rocket."
"Yes, we stopped Team Rocket, but how do we get rid of them?" Misty asked pointing at the giant ice cube that Team Rocket was still trapped in. Ash sweatdropped and rubbed the back of his neck.
"Oh, right... Cyndaquil, send them flying!" Ash told his pokemon. Cyndaquil's back flame burned stronger. It aimed a huge fireball directly at Team Rocket. Not only did the fire thaw them out, but it also exploded; sending them 'Blasting off again!'
With Team Rocket gone and Ash's pokemon returned to their pokeballs - minus Pikachu who slept on Ash's head - Li, Sakura, Madison and Kero were ready to go home.
"Are you sure you don't want to stay longer?" Brock said. Li shook his head.
"We really have to get going, I'll have a hard enough time trying to convince Tori that Sakura didn't get hurt that much, let alone staying here with all these pokemon that I'm barely used to." Li analysed.
"Li, isn't there something you have to tell Sakura before you go?" Misty asked cheekily. Li blushed and gave Misty an evil.
"Well, here goes," Li sighed, taking Sakura's hand into his own "Sakura, I ..."
"OH NO!" Kero interrupted, getting everyone's attention.
"Kero, do you mind explaining why you had to ruin my big moment?" Li questioned angrily.
"Li, Sakura, Madison. I have bad news..."
"What is it Kero?" Sakura asked, still holding Li's hand.
"The portal back to our world has closed! We have to go into the next world before we can get back!!!"
"Oh no! How do you know all this is true Kero?" Madison wondered.
"You see, in order to get back, I have to be able to sense the door to our dimension. I've searched everywhere using my astral plane and the only one I've found is in 21st century Japan; there's no way we can go back unless we find the portal there."
"Here we go again..." Li moaned. Ash whispered something into Misty's ear and she smiled.
"Hey Kero, as long as there is a way back here once we get there, can we come too?" Misty asked.
"It's fine with me, every portal exists there, but the portals are extremely limited in this world, there are only about 3." Kero turned to Sakura, Li and Madison "What do you think, should we let them come?"
"Sure, we may need their help when we get there," Sakura answered.
"This is the best movie I ever made!" Madison said, as she began recording everything again.
"Sakura, you'll have to use the Song Card." Kero said, holding out his paws. She shuffled through the Clow Book with her one free hand and gave him the Card. "Lets just hope that someone on the other side can hear our call..."


What danger lies ahead for our friends?  
Will Li ever get his chance to confess his feelings to Sakura?
Will Sakura ever let go of Li's hand? ^_~

The answers to all this and more on the next episode of:-
"Cardcaptors meets Pokemon!"