Title: Silent Trainer
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon, plain and simple. I own K.K., Kumi and Kiraki and that is all.

"I'm worried Professor, she hasn't said a single thing to anyone in quite a long time; I fear that I'm forgetting what her voice sounds like..." Kumi said as she and Professor Oak sat and discussed K.K.'s little 'problem'.
"I wouldn't worry about her just yet, Kumi. Bear in mind that she begins her Pokemon Journey tomorrow and I believe that once she's gotten out in the world, she'll soon break out of this chronic silent spell that she's suffered from." Professor Oak reassured. Kumi still felt slightly sceptical, she sipped her coffee as her head began to spin with confusion.
"I still have my doubts Professor; K.K. has never been too ecstatic about the pokemon she has to choose from. I mean, don't get me wrong - Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and Eevee are all wonderful options - but I feel that her preferences for a pokemon partner drift elsewhere. She may choose Eevee because it evolves into Espeon, but other than that, she appears to reject the lovely offers you have made," Kumi replied. "I swear, when she was younger she never fussed over anything! It was about a few years ago that I noticed a change in my K.K."
"That gives me an idea that might help you and your daughter." The Professor thought, closing his eyes and folding his arms.
"You really think you can help K.K.?" Kumi asked, sitting up to listen.
"We could always let her create her own pokemon if she wanted, after all, she obviously knows what she wants in a pokemon if she would decline so many others. And considering that she doesn't know how my 'Creator X 500' works, she'll have to overcome her talking phobia to found out how to make her pokemon real; thus, forcing her to speak!" Professor Oak explained. Kumi put her hands together and smiled.
"That's a fantastic idea! Should we tell her now?" Kumi asked, looking at the jigglypuff clock on the wall; it was roughly 10:30 PM.
"It would be a wise idea, she needs her design ready by tomorrow morning." The Professor said, getting up and following Kumi to K.K.'s room. Before entering, Kumi knocked three times on the door, then walked inside. She flicked on the light switch and looked around the room.
"K.K.? Are you still awake sweetie?" Kumi asked. A teenage figure slipping out from under her duvet answered that question. "Well K.K., the Professor and I have been discussing what your first pokemon should be and we came to the conclusion that you may create your own personal unique pokemon if you wanted to."
K.K. looked at her mother in disbelief, then looked to the Professor to confirm what her mum had just said.
"It's true K.K., if you can create your own pokemon by tomorrow morning, then you have my permission to make into a real creature!" the Professor added. K.K. had a somewhat victorious look on her face. She got out of bed, went over to her bookshelf and picked out a blue folder. As though she were ignoring everything around her, she placed the folder on the desk next to her ready-packed official lilac pokemon trainer bag. Then sleepily, she returned to her bed and curled up under the duvet once more. Kumi shrugged at her daughters unusual behaviour, then she and the Professor walked out of K.K.'s room, closing the door behind her.
"Somehow, I think she was planning that the whole time." Kumi said as they went back downstairs to finish their drinks.
"I can't argue with you there Kumi, it's like she's telekinetic or something. Maybe she has designed a psychic pokemon who can tell what she's thinking and translate it for her so that she won't have to speak..."
"But Professor, what about-"
"I wouldn't worry Kumi," Professor Oak butted in "she'll get over it. It's like a cold; there is no known cure, so you just have to let it run its course."
"If you say so Professor..." Kumi reluctantly agreed.
"Now, I best be on my way home, I have many new trainers to see off in the morning and I will need the extra rest. Thankyou for inviting me here Kumi." Professor Oak said as he put on his coat.
"Thankyou for coming Professor, and thankyou on behalf of my daughter. I think that getting a pokemon that no one else has may help to break her out of her shell." Kumi added as she waved goodbye to the Professor who was descending into the darkness.

xxx Next Morning xxx

K.K. woke up to her 8:15 radio alarm; The Lucky Channel theme music blasting into her ears. She climbed out of bed, turned off her stereo and went downstairs to have breakfast.
"I made you pancakes and rice balls for breakfast and I packed you a nice big lunch to take with you!" Kumi said to K.K. as she sat in her favourite chair. K.K. bowed in respect for her mother before sitting down to her meal, noticing that her mothers face turned slightly depressed. Quickly finishing her breakfast, K.K. then retreated to the bathroom to have a shower. Kumi shook her head in disbelief as she cleared the table - save her own plate which was still half covered with food. She drifted into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of Cola. <It's gonna be quiet around here without K.K. and - wait a minute - its quiet here anyway! K.K. doesn't talk to anyone anymore, I hope she'll be alright...>
Just then, K.K. calmly walked down the stairs; her hair was long and silky blond with purple streaks, her face was finely decorated with neatly applied eyeshadow and lipgloss. She wore a cerisť silken oriental style shirt and trousers with long sleeves and a golden lining along the edges; her folder in one hand and her trainers bag slung over one shoulder. Kumi was struck dumb.
"Oh K.K., you look fantastic! I'm so proud! You are the first female Kiyone to try and become a Pokemon Master and I know that you're gonna make it all the way!" Kumi proudly announced. K.K. took her lunch and put it into her bag with the rest of her possessions. She then smiled at her mum, bowed again and left through the front door. Outside the door, K.K. put on her purple and silver roller blades, then gliding swiftly and effortlessly to Professor Oaks Lab. Not surprisingly, several trainers were already there, also awaiting the Professor's arrival.
<Ah, all the new trainers have come,> the Professor thought to himself as he opened the doors and welcomed the soon-to-be Pokemon Trainers. Everyone took a seat while Prof. Oak looked at the names on a checklist. "K.K., you are first, would you please follow me?"
K.K. got up and was lead into a large room, full of many different and complex machines that felt strangely familiar to her...
"K.K., do you have the notes and designs?" the Professor asked. K.K. nodded and handed him a special folder. "Would you like me to do it?" and K.K. nodded again. For a moment, the Professor hesitated. He promised to try and get her to speak, but he didn't want to ruin her big day by trying to force her to do something she wasn't gonna do just like that. He ran the notes through a large scanner and as the pages were being checked, a purple, gold and silver ball materialised at the end of the transport machine. Once finished, K.K. slowly picked up the unique looking pokeball. She looked at it happily and when she opened it, out came a pokemon she'd never thought that she would see become real...


To find out what pokemon came out .... you'll have to wait until I write the next chapter! ^_^ HAHAHA!!!