Title: Silent Trainer
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ... see part 1 for details

She was perfect. Just the way that K.K. had drawn her. Kiraki was an 8 ft tall wolf with a large Husky-dog tail and silver feathered wings. Most of her fur was like a wild magenta, but her chest and underside of her tail were more of a dark purple colour. Two yellow crystal eyes scanned the room in silent contemplation. K.K. was so happy that she went right up to it and held out her hand in friendship. Kiraki, despite not quite knowing what friendship was, automatically felt as though this human - who was trying to get along with her - could definitely be trusted. She lowered her head and K.K. began to stroke the silky fur under Kiraki's eyes.
"So does that make you my trainer now?" Kiraki wondered, K.K. merely nodded. "Is it also my job to translate for you, Silent One?"
"Yes, it is." Professor Oak said, Kiraki looked at the Professor.
"And who are you exactly?" the wolf questioned.
"I am Professor Oak, one of the leading experts on pokemon. You are now K.K's pokemon; meaning that you two must work together to become the strongest you can." the Professor explained "You will soon be great friends, I just know it."
"So, I am her equal? Nothing more and nothing less?" She asked, Professor Oak nodded and Kiraki smiled at her trainer. She then lowered the front half of her body, gesturing for K.K. to climb onto her back. Once K.K. was sitting comfortably, Kiraki got up onto all fours and walked around; one eye on her trainers smiling happy face.
"Remember Kiraki, since K.K. doesn't speak, it is your responsibility to pick up on what she is saying in her mind and do the talking for her."
"If this human was kind enough to give me life, then I owe it to her." Kiraki replied. K.K. gave Professor Oak an inquisitive look. Kiraki looked at her trainer then at the Professor. "K.K. wants to know if there are any tournaments that we can enter."
"As it happens, there are a few competitions going on over this weekend, but before you can enter them, I need you to prove that you can hack a heated battle," Professor Oak said as he sat down at a videophone in the corner "I'm going to call an Elite Pokemon Trainer - with much experience - to come and battle you. If you can beat him, then that will prove to me that you can go the distance as a pokemon and her trainer. Plus, I will also give you a prize to show how proud I am of your skills."
"So who is this trainer?"
"You'll see soon enough Kiraki..." the Professor said as he dialled a number and held the receiver to his ear.

xxx At A Pokemon Centre In Johto xxx

"Good Morning," answered a sweet female voice "You have reached the Ecruteak City Pokemon Centre, this is Nurse Joy speaking, how may I help you?"
"Hello Nurse Joy, it's Professor Oak here. By any chance is a boy named Ash Ketchum within the vicinity of your healing centre?"
"Hold on, let me check," Nurse Joy said, picking up a clipboard and looking through the names and room numbers. "Ah, here it is! Room 15, please wait here and I'll go get him for you."
"OK, thankyou," the Professor thanked; waiting for about 3 minutes before hearing another voice.
"Hey Professor! How are you doing?"Ash wondered.
"Fine thanks, I'm just initiating a few new trainers today."
"Cool! Are any of them still there? I wanna wish them luck." Ash happily said.
"Funny you should say that Ash, because I have one girl with me who is just dying to battle a trainer of such high status as yourself," the Professor explained "I promised her a special prize if she wins too. Get here as soon as you can. Ask the Nurse Joy if she has a pokemon that knows teleport. If she does, ask if you can borrow it so you can get here for the battle and then go back there afterwards."
"OK, I'll be there as soon as I can Professor, bye!" Ash said, hanging up the phone and returning to his room to get fully dressed.

Half an hour later - Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock are outside the Lab...

"Come on Ash," Misty whined "the sooner we battle the girl, the sooner we can get get back to Johto!"
"No need to get puffy, Misty. This battle will be over before it even starts!" Ash bragged. Not watching where he was going, he bumped into something furry and warm. He looked up and when he saw Kiraki, he totally freaked and jumped back in shock.
"That's the pokemon you have to beat?!" Misty yelled. Brock looked at Ash worriedly and Pikachu gasped.
"Ash, you were right; this battle will be over before it starts..." Brock said. Ash gulped nervously. Just looking at Kiraki filled him with fear; battling it would be a whole different story...


To find out how the match goes ... you'll have to wait until I write the next chapter! ^_^ HAHAHA!!!