Title: Silent Trainer
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ...see part 1 for details

Kiraki spread her silver wings and K.K. slid down them, landing on all fours. She stood up, brushed herself off and walked over to Ash. She looked at him and smiled sweetly.
"Um, hi. I'm Ash and these are my friends Misty and Brock." Ash said, hoping for a reply. K.K. simply bowed and produced a business card from her long sleeve, then handing it to Ash.
"So, you're K.K. huh?" Misty asked after reading the card. K.K. nodded.
"What's wrong? Are you just shy?" Brock wondered, but K.K. shook her head.
"K.K. just doesn't speak." Kiraki answered, looking at Ash.
"So who are you? I've never seen a pokemon like before." Ash said.
"I am Kiraki; the only one of my kind."
"I see you two have gotten acquainted," Professor Oak happily said, leading them to the battle field. "That's good, K.K. could use all the friendship she can get at the moment."
"Are you ready to battle?" Kiraki asked. Ash nodded and took out a pokeball. "You may use 3 pokemon if you wish, although not one of them will beat me..."
"I declare this match to be a 3 on 1 pokemon battle," Brock announced from the sidelines "as previously agreed, Ash may use any 3 pokemon, K.K. may use only 1. Let the battle begin!"
"Go, Bayleef!" Ash said, releasing his first pokemon; an olive coloured, four legged dinosaur like creature with a green leaf on its head and several other green leaves around its neck. " Bayleef, use your vine whip!"
"Grrr, iron tail!" Kiraki yelled, swinging its body round and tripping Bayleef over with its hard tail.
"Bayleef, razor leaf!" Bayleef refused to give in and while Kiraki was facing the other way, fired an array of sharp leaves at her. When Kiraki looked round, the leaves scratched her face and left an obscene trio of red lines on her previously unscathed furry cheek. A low growling noise echoed from Kiraki's voice box and her eyes were a ghastly shade of evil red.
"My face!!! Let's see how you fare against this attack!" Kiraki roared and as she opened her mouth, a blinding yellow aeroblast raged across the battle field and totally wiped Bayleef out.  
"Return, Bayleef..." Ash sadly recalled his pokemon into its pokeball. K.K. danced around like a cheerleader while Ash gestured for Pikachu to fight next.
"Chu....." Pikachu warned, his cheeks sparking.
"OK, Pikachu, try your hardest. Thunder!" Pikachu sparked for a bit, then let loose a vast amount of electricity. Kiraki began to glow, her fur standing on end, scaring Pikachu a bit. Opening her mouth, Kiraki managed to swallow all 10,000 volts, but was forced back slightly. "What the...?!"
"Pikachu Pika!!" Pikachu squealed with equal amount of shock as his trainer. K.K.'s eyes then started to glow just as Kiraki's were.
"Woah, what's with red eyes?" Misty whispered to Brock.
"I have no idea, but it's starting to creep me out." Brock replied. K.K. pointed straight at Pikachu, her eyes still red as Pikachu's cheek pouches. Kiraki knew what her trainer was saying and used aeroblast again. The attack was headed straight for Pikachu, when Ash pushed his pokemon out of the way ... and got hit himself!!!
"Ash!!!!!" Misty cried out. K.K.'s eyes stopped glowing and she ran to Ash's side. Whimpering like a little puppy, K.K. felt really bad and tried to wake Ash up before he fell into a coma. Pikachu sadly watched as she tried everything to wake him up; she shook him, hit him, she even tried poking him. Wishing he could help, Pikachu felt useless; if he hadn't used all his power for that thunder attack, he would've been able to shock Ash to awaken him. Soon, K.K. became very upset and started to cry. She pulled him close to her and two of her tears fell onto Ash's forehead. Slowly, Ash opened his eyes.
"Huh?" he asked, dazed and confused. K.K. was ecstatic, so much that she hugged Ash tightly. "Uh, K.K.?"
She smiled and looked at him; he was blushing quite a lot. Misty giggled.
"I think she likes you Ash!" Misty commented, watching Ash's face turn even more red.
"You think maybe we should let her come with us?" Brock suggested. K.K. got even more excited at this and finally let go of Ash so she could climb on Kiraki's back.
"I'm sorry for hurting you, Ash," Kiraki apologised. "If I'd known you were gonna move Pikachu, I would have used a weaker attack."
"It's OK," Ash replied, standing up to stroke Kiraki's fur. "you were just obeying your trainer." then he saw the scratches that his Bayleef that left on her face."I'm really sorry about this..."
"It'll heal, and if it doesn't it means I'm even more unique now!" Kiraki said, licking the side of Ash's face in friendliness. He started to laugh.
"Hey quit.... that! ........ That.... tickles!" Ash said in between laughs.
"Well, Ash, you look after her now. Her mother is relying on you." Professor Oak.
"I will Professor," Ash promised, then lowering his voice to a whisper "how old is she anyway?"
"She must be about 15 by now." The Professor answered. Ash gasped.
"No way!"
"Yes way, Ash. The reason she didn't start when she was younger, is because she refuses to say anything to anyone, even her own mother hasn't heard her voice for a few years." Professor Oak explained. "I'm asking you to try and get her to say something, even if it's not good. Since she's grown attached to you, I thought that you may be able to break her chronic silence." Ash looked at K.K. and wondered. She seemed so healthy, so vibrant, and here he finds out that she doesn't speak!
"Don't worry Professor, tell her mum that K.K.'s in good hands now." Ash said.