document.write('');Title: Silent Trainer
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ...see part 1 for details

"Now Kiraki," Professor Oak said "I know you didn't win the battle, but because you tried so hard, I'll let you have this prize anyway." and he threw a lilac pokeball to K.K. It had 'Dash' written on the front in crystal lettering.
"What was in that pokeball?" Kiraki wondered.
"A pokemon I know that she has wanted for quite a while." he answered, putting a strange device attached to a necklace around Kiraki's neck. "This is your pokegear, it will allow you to tune into a radio station, it keeps the correct time and it also has a cellphone mechanism so you can keep in touch with me, your mother and other trainers that you battle with."
"Very well, if that is all then we should be on our way." Kiraki said.
"Have fun!" the Professor then lowered his voice and whispered to Ash. "Look after her, and try to keep her out of trouble..."
"I will Professor, don't worry." Ash replied, walking out of the lab with the others. Once outside, Kiraki let K.K. down from her shoulders and they continued walking.
"So this the beginning of your journey huh?" Misty said. K.K. nodded. Just as they turned the corner, the ground beneath them crumbled and they fell into a hole. Maniacal laughter soon followed.
"Oh no, not this again..." Brock groaned.
"Prepare for trouble!" Jesse began, peering into the hole.
"And make it double!" James said his line and appeared next to Jesse.
"Wait! We're not here for that!" Meowth yelled, scratching up his teammates faces.
"Oww! Oh yeah, that's right," James realised, then holding his out his hand. K.K. took his offer and climbed out, followed by Kiraki who assisted Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock.
"What are you three up to?" Ash questioned.
"We're not here to see you twerp, we came to deliver something to silent girl." Jesse answered, turning her back to Ash and taking a marble pattern box from behind her.
"That's one big pokemon you got there K.K." Meowth said, gawping at Kiraki.
"That's one small brain you got there Meowth." Kiraki retorted, walking past him and standing next to K.K.
"We brought you a special present from the Boss, though why he didn't give it to you himself is beyond us..." James took the box from Jesse and gave it to K.K. She smiled and sent a message to Kiraki telekinetically.
"Giovanni held his end of the bargain, so now I shall too." Kiraki repeated, as her trainer reached into her backpack, took out a silken black wallet and gave it to James. "Take this to him and thank him for giving this present to me. Tell him also that he has made my journey a lot easier by doing this for me."
"OK," James replied, taking the wallet. Kiraki leant down while K.K., Ash, Misty and Brock climbed on her back. Then, flapping her wings, she ran for a bit and took off in a flurry of dust and feathers. When the dust storm died down, James looked at the wallet and thought.
"What do you think was in that box?" James wondered.
"Ya got me Jimmy boy." Meowth answered.
"I wonder why she can't speak, and the fact that the Boss shows so much interest in her." Jesse asked as she lead them to Viridian. Kiraki landed outside the Ecruteak Pokemon Center and let everyone off of her back.
"What's in the box K.K.?" Misty asked. K.K. opened the box, inside were 5 pokeballs, each one a different colour with a name depicted in gold and silver letters.
"Whoa!" Ash marvelled. "Is that what you bought from Team Rocket's leader?" K.K. nodded and smiled. "Listen K.K., I promised the Professor to look after you, so you have to be careful around Team Rocket OK?"
"She knows what she's dealing with Ash," Kiraki intercepted. "she made a deal with Giovanni a long time ago. But there may have been some side-effects from that first visit."
"Is that the reason she can't speak?" Misty added. K.K. started to get upset and began crying. She didn't like being unable to talk, she felt like a total loser.
"Don't cry K.K., I don't like seeing you cry." Ash said. At first, she was rather taken by Ash's mahogany eyes, but then, she became full of anger. She growled and slapped Ash round his face, leaving a hurrendously large red mark. Kissing his cheek as a means of saying sorry, she then took to her feet and roller-bladed away as fast as she could.
"K.K.!" Kiraki yelled as she began to follow her trainer. K.K. turned round, recalled Kiraki to her pokeball and threw the pokeball to Ash. He caught it and watched as K.K. descended into the distance. She carried on blading, going faster and faster... until she bumped into someone and fell backwards. Looking up, she recognised the person she knocked into.
"Are you OK?" James asked, helping her up.
"It's that silent girl that was with the twerps!" Meowth pointed out. K.K. then grew very mad and spin kicked him in the stomach.
"Be more sensitive Meowth! You have to learn to be nicer to young girls." James scorned. "Just ignore him, uh, what is your name anyway?" K.K. produced a card from her pocket and gave it to James, bowing slightly.
"Kezumi Kiyone, huh?" Jesse said, Kezumi smiled.
"So, hows about we call ya Kez?" Meowth suggested, she nodded and smiled again.
"I guess she was running away from the twerps, but where's that huge pokemon she had with her before?" James asked. Kez took the box from her bag and selected a black pokeball with fiery patterns on it; on the front it's name: Li. Li was a Quilava, the evolved form of Cyndaquil. Kez whispered something to Li, who then went to Meowth and relayed the information.
"What did she say Meowth?"
"She said that she left it with the twerps because she felt like she didn't belong with them."
"Don't worry Kez, we'll go speak with the Boss about you joining with us." James said, Kez was ecstatic. She recalled Li and took out her lilac pokeball, releasing Dash; an Espeon. Dash and Kez glowed for a moment, then Dash turned to Meowth.
<My trainer wishes to know if the Team Rocket HQ is still in the Viridian Gym...>
"Yeah, why?"
<We're going to teleport to there, and I needed to confirm the location...> Dash closed her eyes and began to glow even more...


To find out whether Kez will be approved to join Team Rocket ... you'll have to wait until I write the next chapter! ^_^ HAHAHA!!!