Title: Silent Trainer
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ...see part 1 for details

Dash had transported all five of them to the back entrance of the Viridian Gym. Once there, Kez stood looking at the big building which she first wandered into about 3 years ago...
"Come on, let's go and see the Boss!" Meowth said, leading them in the back door and along a large wide metal corridor. Kez kept looking around, trying to reacquaint herself with the modernised building. Soon they had reached another door, this one was blocked by two guards dressed in Roman gladiator armour and armed with razor sharp spears.
"State your name and business!" one of them gruffly said. Kez's eyes started glowing  red, just as they had in her battle against Ash and she glared evilly at the two men.
<I am Kezumi Kiyone, a newbie trainer in hopes of joining this team, so if you have any problems with that, then tough cause I'm not listening!> Dash yelled angrily.
"Very well, you may pass through..." the other man said, the two of them unblocking the pass to the door. Kez recalled Dash, twisted the doorknob and slowly entered, followed by Jesse, James and Meowth. In the room there was a new mahogany desk with the back of a leather chair facing them; by its side was a very well-groomed Persian. The chair swivelled round to reveal a rather pleased Giovanni.
"So, my experiment returns." he said, smugly folding his arms. Kez nodded, growling under her breath.
"Experiment?" Meowth wondered.
"Shut up Meowth!" Giovanni then turned to Jesse and James "I take it you delivered my present to her?"
"Yes Sir, she wanted to give you this in return..." James answered, handing Giovanni the black wallet that Kez had given him earlier. Taking it, Giovanni looked surprisingly at Kez.
"You know that was a gift, you didn't have to give me anything back. Though you could join forces with me again if you want to be truly grateful..." He said, staring hard at her. She nodded and smiled a rather cheeky grin. "Excellent, but there's just one problem."
Kez looked at him oddly, not quite understanding what the problem might be.
"You ran away before, and I dunno if you'd try it again, so to prove your loyalty, you must defeat Jesse and James in a battle."
"But Sir-" Jesse began.
"Quiet! You heard me! Don't you dare question my authority like that Jesse!" He yelled.
"That's better, now, let us depart to the stadium on the lower level..." Giovanni lead them out of his office and down to the battle arena...

"Ash, we have to find K.K., she could be in danger!" Misty said.
"I know that Misty! I'm gonna be in so much trouble if we don't find her..." Ash worried.
"Look you two, we have to use Kiraki to help us locate her."
"But Brock, the way K.K. threw her pokeball to Ash, its like she was abandoning her own pokemon. After that, do you believe that Kiraki would ever want to find K.K.?" Misty asked. Brock thought for a moment, then he sighed.
"Well, we have another option..." Brock replied, gesturing to the videophones in the corner of the pokemon center.
"No way!" Ash yelled. "No way are you gonna call the Professor! I made a promise to him and if he finds out that I lost her then I can kiss my battle status goodbye!"
"We have no other choices Ash."
"Yes we do have other choices Brock! Cause if you ring the Professor and I go down, I'm taking you with me!!!" Ash threatened, shocking Bock and Misty when he grabbed hold of Brock by his shirt.
"Ash! Cool it right now!" Misty squealed, slapping Ash round the face, right where K.K. had hit him before. Letting go of Brock, Ash raised his hand to the soft spot on his face where'd he'd been hit twice in one day.
"Geez Misty! You know that hurts!" He whined "At least K.K. apologized..."
"Look, I'm sorry, but you know that she really likes you, there must be a way to use this information..." Misty thought aloud.

Back At The Stadium...
"Good job so far Kez," Giovanni clapped as she and her Raichu - Ash - had managed to beat the pulp out of Jesse's Arbok and Wobbuffet. "One more match like that and you're loyalty is fully proven!"
Kez smiled as she recalled Ash and released Li. James stepped up and let out both Weezing and Victreebel.
"Weezing smokescreen! Victreebel razor leaf!" he ordered. The stadium filled with thick smog as an array of leaves headed for Kez and Li. There then came a cat-like hissing sound. An immense fire blast attack raged through the smoke, hitting Victreebel and Weezing and making them faint. Slowly, the smokescreen attack dissolved, the sight that awaited them was truly sickening. Li assisted his trainer who held her hand over her right eye; a red liquid dripping between the gaps of her cupped fingers.
"Kez!" Giovanni yelled "What's wrong?"
"Kez, what happened?" James wondered, kneeling down next to her. She removed her hand to reveal that her eye was bleeding; the misdirected razor leaf must've cut it while the smokescreen was still in the air.
"We have to get her to the hospital!" Jesse said, rushing off to call an ambulance. Giovanni came down the stairs and approached Kez, but Li's back and head flames lit up and he growled to ward them both away. Kez got up and recalled Li before falling over on the floor, the red fluid still oozing from her eyeball.
"Don't worry Kez, I promise to look after you until you get better..." James swore on his heart. Kez smiled and held out her hand, but she ran low on energy and blood and went unconscious...


To find out if Kez will survive ... you'll have to wait until I write the next chapter!!! ^_^ HAHAHA!!!