Title: Silent Trainer
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ...see part 1 for details

As the sky grew darker and stars began to appear, Ash, Misty and Brock stayed at the Pokemon Center for the night, having decided to continue the search for K.K. in the morning. Kiraki's pokeball shook, then opening to free the giant wolf. Feeling a little cramped in the small room where Ash was, Kiraki slipped through the door that lead to the hallway and went for a walk around.
"I wonder if K.K. misses me..." she said to herself as she remembered how she was abandoned by her trainer and left in the hands of another.
"Chan Chansey?" asked the pink nurse pokemon as she stood in front of Kiraki.
"Not really, my real trainer disappeared and asked another trainer to look after me."
"Chansey, Chan Chansey!"
"Well, now that I think about it I am a little thirsty."
"Chansey!" it said, pulling on Kiraki's paw and leading her to the kitchen. Taking out quite a large water dish, the Chansey poured some spring water into it and offered it to the over-sized magenta Husky. Lapping up the water swiftly with her long tongue, Kiraki closed her eyes and tried to locate her original trainer's life force.
"Thankyou, that was nice." Kiraki said once she had finished. Chansey put the bowl into the sink and noticed that Kiraki still looked depressed.
"Chansey Chansey?"
"I'm worried about my trainer, I can sense her life force, but it's very faint." Kiraki explained.
"Yes, I think she did abandon me, Chansey, but I think she did it because she was ill and couldn't feel like she could look after me until she was well again. You see, my trainer is unable to speak. She has a voice box and it does work, but from the first time I met her I knew that something was blocking it from working properly. I'm just worried because although she has other pokemon, I'm not sure if any of them are able to translate her thoughts like I do." Kiraki explained, tears forming in the corner of her eyes.
"Chan Chansey Chansey." the Chansey offered to dry her watery eyes with some clean tissues from a box in a small medicine cabinet on the wall.
"Chansey, do you think I will ever see my trainer again..." Kiraki sniffed. Chansey nodded and lead the tired wolf to another room especially for dog and fox type pokemon. The nurse pokemon found the biggest dog basket she could for Kiraki to rest in and left the door ajar so that she could easily return to Ash if she wanted to. Chansey bid Kiraki goodnight and left just as the wolf fell asleep...

The Next Morning...
Ash woke up pretty early compared to normal times. Searching through his backpack, Ash took out all the pokeballs to make sure they were still there.
"Chikorita... Cyndaquil... Totodile... Noctowl... Bulbasaur... Pikachu is still asleep and Kiraki... Where'd she go?!" Ash shot out of bed and double checked; no matter how many times he looked at it, Kiraki wasn't in her pokeball. Looking at the clock he saw it was 8:45 am. He left the room leaving Pikachu behind and went all around the Pokemon Center looking for Kiraki. [[She's a huge magenta wolf, she shouldn't be this hard to find!!!]]
"Blissey Bliss?" asked a nearby nurse pokemon.
"I'm looking for a big pinky-purple wolf type pokemon, she's really big so she may be easy to spot." Ash said. The pokemon thought for a moment, then she walked a bit further up the corridor and asked a couple of wandering Chanseys if they'd seen a big magenta wolf.
"Chansey Chan!" one of them replied, nodding. The Chansey gestured for Ash and the Blissey to follow it. Leading them to the room she'd left Kiraki in the night before, she opened the door wider revealing a half drowsy wolf just getting up from a good nights rest.
"Ash, is that you?" Kiraki asked as she opened her eyes fully.
"Yeah, and next time you decide to go for a walk, at least tell Pikachu." Ash replied.
"Sorry, I was worried about K.K. and tried to find sense her life force."
"So you do still want her as your trainer! I knew Misty was wrong, I just knew it!" Ash boasted. Suddenly one of the Videophones began to ring.
"Hello, Ecruteak City Pokemon Centre, Nurse Joy speaking, how may I help you?... Ash Ketchum... yes, he is here... oh, OK then, I'll get him for you." Nurse Joy handed the phone to Ash.
"Ash, good morning."
"Uh Professor Oak, how are you?"
"I'm fine thanks Ash, is K.K. there? Her mum wishes to speak with her."
"Uh well-"
"Hello Ash," Kumi said. "how is K.K. doing on her journey?"
"Oh, she's doing great, she's already got 6 new pokemon."
"I'm so proud! Thank you for taking her under your wing Ash, may I talk to her please?"
"Uh, well she's still um, asleep at the moment, we had a long day yesterday." Ash sweatdropped. [[Phew! That was too close!]]
"I can imagine she'd be tired if she caught six new pokemon in one day! She's the first female member of the Kiyone family to attempt at becoming a pokemon trainer and already she's becoming a good one at that. Thank you again for taking care of my Kezumi, it means a lot to me that she's getting out more," Kumi praised. "tell me, has she spoken yet?"
"Not yet, but I promise to do my best to break her speaking phobia Mrs. Kiyone," Ash reassured. "she nearly said something yesterday, but she didn't in the end. A few more days and she'll probably be back to normal."
"Well, I'm glad that such a responsible young man is taking such wonderful care and interest about my daughters mental health," Kumi replied gratefully. "I must be going now, but do ring me if you make any progress with my daughter."
"Of course Mrs. Kiyone."
"Thanks again, oh and Ash; you may call me 'Kumi' if you wish."
"OK Kumi, goodbye for now."
"Goodbye Ash!" and with that Kumi hung up; Ash sighing hugely.
"You have no idea how close we were to being caught out by K.K.'s mother. Hang on a minute..."
"What is it Ash?"
"I know what K.K. stands for!"
"Kezumi Kiyone. But why didn't she have it written on the business card she gave us..." Ash thought.
"Ash? Is it you?" came a male voice from behind him. Looking round, Ash saw a very familiar face.
"Shingo! Decided to enter the Johto league then?"
"No, I just thought I'd travel around with Blade to get even stronger before I enter tournaments." Shingo replied. "So what are you doing here?"
"I'm looking for a trainer, her name is Kezumi Kiyone, I'm supposed to be looking after her but then she got upset yesterday and took off, since then I've been determined to find her, if I don't, both Professor Oak and Kumi - Kezumi's mum - will kill me!" Ash rushed the whole story in one sentence.
"Calm down Ash! Yeesh! Don't worry, I'll help you find her if you like." Shingo offered.
"Thanks a lot!"
"You may wanna get dressed first though," Shingo jested. "What's that thing anyway?"
"You mean Kiraki?" Ash looked at Kiraki who was now sniffing Shingo's face.
"Yeah," he replied as he stroked behind her ears.
"I belong to Kezumi."
"Whoa! It talks!" Shingo jumped back, shocked that this huge thing that looked like a pink wolf with a husky tail actually belonged to someone.
"Of course I can talk, I'm a psychic type. So will you help me find my trainer?" Kiraki asked.
"Sure! Blade and I could use a break..." Shingo replied, taking Blade's pokeball into his hand...


To find out if Shingo will be any help in finding Kez ... you'll have to wait until I write the next chapter ^_^ HAHAHA!!!