Title: The End of Misty
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. This is a fic I wrote when feeling pretty suicidal so don't expect a happy ending... just yet... FLAMES NOT WELCOME!!!!!!!

"So this how it all ends…" Misty sighed. Her loose fiery red hair blew wildly behind her. She stood at the edge of a very high cliff top, looking down at the jagged rocks below her. She searched her mind and thought back to what lead her to this point.

It had begun so innocently. Team Rocket once again tried and failed to capture Ash's Pikachu…and it all went down hill from there. Ash was getting a bit cocky after sending Team Rocket 'blasting off again' and was bragging about how skilled he was.

"Oh come on Ash don't get over confident." She had commented. Ash looked at her nastily.

"Well I didn't see you do anything to help! You're just jealous of my skill…" Ash bragged.

"How much skill does it take to beat Team Rocket?" Misty tormented.

"Well Misty, if you really think that about me why don't you just leave and go back to your sisters in Cerulean?" He yelled, pushing her over.

"Fine! Then I'm going!" she screamed running off, crying her eyes out.

5 Years Passed…

Misty was in her room, writing a letter to Ash. She'd had a long time to think about the way her life was going and had gotten a lot stronger since she'd seen him last. In that time, she'd trained her Pokemon to be a lot better than they once were, her Psyduck had evolved and even Togepi had learnt some attacks.

Dear Ash,
How are you doing? I'm fine. Sorry it's been so long since I've written to you, I've been busy training my Pokemon. Togepi has learnt some new attacks and Psyduck has finally evolved! It's been fun training alone, but I do miss you…Things just aren't the same without someone like you to travel with. I stayed with Rudy for a while, but decided not long afterward that it was nowhere near as fun as being around you Ash. Ash, I wanted to apologize for being so nasty to you and I wanted to say that…I love you…
Please write back.
Love ~Misty~