Title: The End of Misty
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: ...see part 1 for details

All was quiet at the Ketchum Residance. Delia Ketchum was out and Ash was alone. The silence was almost too much for Ash to take, but he blamed himself for his misery.

"It's all my fault." He said to no one in particular. Pikachu came in and sat on his trainers lap.

"<What's up with you?>" Pikachu asked. Ash didn't reply. Pikachu grew angry "<Tell me Ash. Even if you don't, I think I know why you're upset>". Ash began to cry.

"I miss her so much, she hasn't gotten in touch yet and I'm losing my will to live..." Ash told Pikachu. "I feel totally guilty for the way I treated her..."

"<Oh, Ash...>" Pikachu said sympathetically. "<But wait, what's this?>" Pikachu noted, pulling a letter from behind him. He gave it to Ash.

"It's a letter...from Misty!!!" Ash yelled with delight, jumping up to read it. He mumbled under his breath as he read and said the last part out loud. "I love you..." and with that he started to cry.

Pikachu handed Ash a blank sheet of paper and a pen, Ash snatched the items and began writing immediately.

Dear Misty,
           I'm fine and I'm glad you are too. It doesn't matter that you haven't written til now, cause it's just nice to hear from you. Congratulations on making Psyduck evolve. What attacks did Togepi learn? I think we should get together and battle soon. Very soon. I've been lonely without you and have been pretty much silent, not saying much to anyone. How is Rudy by the way? And your sisters? Are they OK too? You aren't the one who needs to apologize, I am. I shouldn't have been so petty. Misty, I love you too, but back then I hid my feelings because I didn't know how you felt about me.
Write back, hope to battle you soon.
Luv ~*Ash*~

He folded up the letter, put it in an envelope, stamped it and gave it to Pikachu to post for him. He was finally smiling again, but not for long.....

3 days later.....

Ash was eating breakfast when the phone rang.


"Hello? Ketchum Residance." He said.

"Like, is Ash there?" Lilly asked on the other side.

"Yes, it's me. What's up Lilly?"

"Misty, like, ran away from home this morning. She left a note and we, like, rang you as soon as we found it!" Lilly said, in a panicking tone. Ash froze on the spot.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!" Ash yelled.

"Like, don't yell at me! It's cause of you that she, like, ran away in the first place!" She screamed back.


"Yes you!" she said "Listen to this note that she left behind;

Dear Ash,
           It's been nice knowing you, but my life is pointless without you here. Writing to you was nice too so I thought I'd leave you one last note.
I'll be leaving this life soon, and don't waste your life by following me. You'll find someone else, I know you will. Who wouldn't like someone as cute as you?
Well, this is goodbye. I'll see you in heaven OK? I'll be waiting...I love you...

"Ash you, like, have to stop her before she leaves us forever!" said a really nervous Violet. But Ash was already gone. "Hello? Ash! Good luck..." and she hung up the phone. Ash released the Pidgeot he retrieved from Viridian about two weeks ago and got on it's back.

"Listen Pidgeot, find Misty! NOW!" he yelled, getting quite panicky by now. Pidgeot found Misty and landed behind her. "Misty no!" She looked back at him with tired, dull blue eyes and walked closer ot the edge of the cliff...