Title: Misty And Her Thunderless Pikachu
Author: Kari Anime Queen
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon.

      "Can someone remind me why we're doing this?" Ash moaned.

"I want to catch a Vaporeon," Misty answered. "and apparently there are a few wild ones around here."

"It says in the guide book that there are many different wild pokemon tribes here, including Vaporeon, Pikachu and Rhydon," Brock added, looking in the blue guide book that Ash had received upon registering for the Johto League. "it also says that despite elemental strengths and weaknesses these pokemon have, they all look after each other as though they were one large tribe."

"That's pretty cool!"

"See Ash, I know what I'm doing," Misty bragged. Togepi giggled and jumped out of its trainers arms, running off. "Togepi! Come back!"

"Pikachu pika!" Ash's Pikachu jumped down from Ash's shoulder and began to chase the egg pokemon who was slowly gathering speed.

"Togeprrrrii!!!" it squealed, stopping in front of a small cobalt blue dog pokemon with a mermaid tail.

"Chu..." Pikachu marvelled that Togepi was able to sense a pokemon all by itself.

"Wow!" Misty said as she caught up to Togepi and Pikachu who had found... "A baby Vaporeon! How sweet!"

"So that's why Togepi and Pikachu ran off like that, they knew that there was a Vaporeon here." Ash analysed.

"I'm gonna catch it! Go Staryu!" Misty released her star-shaped pokemon, the Vaporeon shaking slightly.

"Misty, I don't think it's wise to try and catch this one." Brock warned.

"Why not?"

"It's only a baby and if the baby is here, that means the mother is likely to be around also."

"If it is a baby then I can prove my skill by raising it from such a young level." Misty justified as she ordered her pokemon to strike. "Staryu, Tackle."

"Hyah!" Staryu said as it headed straight for the little dog. Just when Staryu was about to hit the puppy, an Ice Beam attack knocked Staryu off course and straight into Pikachu.

"I told you so Misty..." Brock reminded.

"I'm not leaving until I got what I came for!" Misty yelled, throwing an empty pokeball at the scared Vaporeon. A female Pikachu with azure eyes and a flower in her hair jumped down from a tree and got in the way of the capturing device, getting caught in it herself.

"You missed the target!" Ash teased. Misty started to strangle him when the pokeball shook wildly, then stopping after a few seconds. Fearing the humans and their tough pokemon, the Vaporeon ran away as fast as it could.

"Pikachu..." the electric mouse picked up the pokeball and rolled it over to Misty, tapping her leg to get her attention.

"What is it Pikachu?"

"Pika, pikachu, chu, pika!"

"He wants you to see what you caught." Ash translated.

"Oh, OK," Misty let go of Ash and opened the pokeball. The Pikachu with a flower in her hair came out and blinked confusedly. Looking around, she saw Misty and climbed onto her shoulder.

"Chu, Pikachu!" she squeaked, rubbing her head against Misty's cheek.

"That Pikachu must like you Misty." Ash said as his Pikachu jumped onto his head and called over to Misty's Pikachu.

"Well, you may not be a Vaporeon, but you're just as cute!" Misty hugged her new pokemon. She'd never realised before how fluffy and cuddly a Pikachu could be. "I think I'll call you Chuki, do you like that?"

"Chu!" Chuki nodded, jumping down and walking over to Togepi. Ash's Pikachu slid down his trainers back and followed Chuki.

"Looks like someone has a crush on Misty's new pokemon..." Ash noted. Misty recalled Staryu, watching Pikachu introduce himself to Chuki.

"Well, Ash, now I have an electric pokemon too, except mines a lot cuter and sweeter."

"I bet she can't help you win a battle against me."

"Chuki, we have a challenger!" Misty called to her pokemon. Chuki obeyed Misty and ran to her trainer.

"Go Cyndaquil!" Ash yelled, releasing a fire mouse about Pikachu's size. "Use Ember!"

"Chuki, use Thundershock!" Misty ordered. Chuki just stood there looking at Misty oddly. "Don't you know Thundershock?"

"Hahahahaha! A Pikachu so weak it doesn't even know Thundershock! I've never seen anything so funny!!!" Ash laughed, holding his stomach and struggling to breathe through all the laughter.

"Quil!" Cyndaquil let loose a fireball that hit Chuki dead on. Fuming, the Pikachu stood facing her opponent angrily. Opening her mouth and taking a deep breath, Chuki fired a Water Gun straight at Cyndaquil, completely putting out his back-flame and shocking both Ash and Misty.

"She knows water attacks?!" Ash and Misty asked at the same time. Chuki smiled, proudly watching a soaked Cyndaquil run away and hide behind its trainer.

"What other attacks do you know?" Misty questioned. Chuki's eyes began to glimmer an evil red, making them look a bit purple.

"Let's see how she does against a different type." Ash said as he recalled Cyndaquil and released Bayleef.

"Chuki, since I don't know what attacks you have, you'll have to show me by battling Bayleef without my guidance." Misty regretfully told her mysterious pokemon.

"Bayleef! Use tackle!" Ash ordered. The olive green dinosaur-like creature headed for Chuki, who jumped up and when she landed on the ground, everything started shaking.

"Was that Earthquake?" Misty wondered.

"Uh huh." Brock confirmed.

"Bayleef, Sweet Scent!" Waving the leaf on it's head, Bayleef emitted a sweet aroma. Chuki's put her paws together and with them formed a drill which she used to dig a hole underground. Bayleef and Ash looked around worriedly. While Chuki positioned herself directly under Bayleef, planning one of her strongest attacks...