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The Anime Fighter Tournament
Part 1: Introductions

        Ash was walking in an open field looking for his lost friends. Of course, he wasn't lost. Ash saw something in the sky. It looked like a giant spaceship. Moments later he was beamed up.
        When he finally came to, he saw that he was in a nice bed made of the softest material. Then he noticed that all of his pokemon had been out and were sleeping. He wandered where he was and got up out of bed. He thought they were in some kind of alien ship or something. But when he looked outside the room, all he saw was a hallway. Nothing fancy, just an ordinary hall. He didn't want to disturb the pokemon, (especially Pikachu) so he let them be. He followed the hall into a huge auditorium. There he saw a few people. One guy was really tall and had blond hair. He wore a bright red cloak and had two guns on either side of his hips. He had his eyes closed like he was thinking, so he didn't bother him. He saw a girl with pink hair holding a guitar while she sat on her scooter.
        "Hey, you look just as lost as the rest of us. What's your name kid?" she asked.
        "I'm Ash, a pokemon trainer. Who are you?"
        "Pokemon, huh? Sounds weird. Anyway, you can call me Haruko."
        The blond man stood up and spoke. "I'm Vash the Stampede, known for my ace gunmanship and my good looks." He smiled and his teeth shined.
        'Showoff…' thought Haruko.
        A man with black, spiky hair came out of the hall and yawned.
       "Hey is there any food around here, 'cause I'm starved." Everyone looked at him in confusion. "What's everyone looking at?"
        'HIS POWER'S INCREDIBLE!!! IT ALMOST MATCHES ATIMISK'S!! I have to harness it!' thought Haruko.
        "Excuse me, young lady? What are you staring at?" asked the spiky haired man.
        "Oh, uhhhh…nothing just your ummm… great physique, yaeh that's it!" Everyone else was looking at his messed up hair and the teddy he was holding.
        "Thanks. Hey, my name's Goku and I-"
        "Can it, will you!" A man with white hair and dog ears walked out of the shadows. A sword hung from his waist. "We're probably gonna be introduced to everyone in this tournament."
        "What tournament?" asked Ash.
        The man pointed to a banner hanging from the ceiling. It read 'ATF!!! The great Anime Fighter Tournament!! People from all over the Anime Universe will compete in this Grand Prix of fighters will compete in for the title of Anime Fighter Champion, win 1,000,000 currency of their choice and an item that will help them on their quest.'
        "Wow!! I could finally beat the Hoenn League if I won!" screamed Ash.
        "I could have a stronger Atemisk Tracer Bracelet!" yelled Haruko.
        "I don't know about you guys, but I would want food!" Everyone fell down anime style at the comment.
        An hour later, the remaining contestants entered the room. Everyone had been talking for half an hour when a man entered the room. He was around his late twenties in age and wore a green jacket, a black undershirt and jeans. His brown hair was spiked and he had sun glasses on top of his head.
        "Welcome. My name is Alex Vale. Sorry about the casual look, I'm kinda laid back. Anyway, I am the creator, host and producer of the ATF. I have decided to create this tournament out of pure sport. In my universes, you are all on TV. I've always wanted to see which one of you is the best; Ash Ketchum, a young pokemon trainer. Yugi Mouto, the
Duelist Kingdom Champion. Inuyasha, a half-demon collecting the shards of the Sacred Jewel to avenge Kikyo. Goku, a Saiyan who went down the path of righteousness. Sailor Moon, a member of the Sailor Scouts who has saved the world many a times. Heero Yuy, a Gundam pilot who fought Trieze and Zects. Kenshin, a legendary Batosai who decided to his own fate, to kill no more. Haruko, a girl with an attitude and a mission to find the Pirate King. Vash the Stampede, a legendary, misunderstood outlaw who finally defeated his evil brother, Knives. Megaman, also know as the blue bomber and has lived many lifetimes. Astro Boy, one of the first anime heroes and one of the most well known. Sakura, a Cardcaptor who set the powers of the Clow free and returned them to their book. Yuske, the Spirit Detective who defeated the Saint Beasts. Ryoko, one of the many girls who fell in love with Tenchi Muyo and still has her eyes on the prize, but she is also a demon. Sonic the Hedgehog, the world's fastest fighter and Eggman's arch nemesis. Finally, Speed Racer, a young boy determined to win all races with his car, the Mach 5. Now that introductions are done, let's decide who will fight."


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