Long, long ago, pokemon and only pokemon inhabited the world. The pokemon were more primitive and weren't as trusting. They were separated into tribes: The Normal Tribe, the Mineral Tribe, the Poison Tribe, the Aqua Tribe, the Nature Tribe, the Sky Tribe, the Brute Tribe, the Thunder Tribe, the Dark Tribe, and the Dragon Tribe. The Normal Tribe consisted of Normal pokemon. The Mineral Tribe consisted of Ground, Rock, and Steel pokemon. The Poison Tribe consisted of Poison and some Bug pokemon. The Nature Tribe consisted of Grass and Bug pokemon. The Sky Tribe consisted of Flying pokemon. The Aqua Tribe consisted of Water and Ice pokemon. The Brute Tribe consisted of Fire and Fighting pokemon. The Thunder Tribe consisted of Electric pokemon. The Dragon Tribe consisted of Dragon and other ferocious lizard-like pokemon.
       The strongest of all these tribes was the Dragon Tribe (The Psychic pokemon had not fully developed their powers). They were the most fearsome pokemon throughout the land. Most territory was owned by the Dragon. Their Leader was a noble Charizard. No one questioned him or his actions, because most of the time he was right. If it wasn't for that reason, it would be because of his honor and pride for his loyal and courageous Tribe.
       One day, while traveling through a mountain region, they were confronted by a Groudon. He obviously was not in a Tribe for there were no others. He told the Chrizard that all pokemon feared him and never wandered through his lands. He said he had wanted to be a Tribe Leader for all his life, but when he came to other pokemon, they knew they didn't have a chance and ran away. The Charizard saw him for a great warrior. The Charizard said he would have a Leader Battle with him to see how great his strength was.
       Before the battle began, the Groudon warned Chrizard that he once had defeated a team of Machamp. This only made Charizard want to battle more. The match began with Charizard flying in the air and using a Flamethrower attack. The Groudon quickly used Dig and evaded the Flamethrower. Moments later he flew out of the earth by using a Fire Blast attack aimed at the ground. When he reached Charizard’s elevation, he used Slash. Charizard used his Slash in return. Groudon plummeted toward the earth and shattered the surface while hitting the ground. Charizard landed with a soft thud while holding his wounded arm. They each knew this was going to be a great fight. Groudon charged at Charizard forcing him to fly above Groudon. Groudon had planned this and roared with all his might. The mountains shook and a volcano rocketed out of the earth. Charizard had only heard of this powerful attack, but never witnessed or experienced the almighty Eruption. Magma spewed from the top of the volcano. It would only be seconds before the attack began. There was no way out. Unless…

            While Charizard was thinking in the air, vulnerable to attack, Groudon used Heat Wave. The sun became brighter and the heat from the volcano became stronger. What Groudon forgot about Heat Wave is that while powering up Fire-Type attacks, it also powered up Fire-Type pokemon. Now Charizard’s plan might just work.
            The ground shook even more. The attack began. A giant stream of lava and fire went straight towards Charizard. Surprisingly, he countered with a Fire Blast. The Groudon was confused. Charizard didn’t stand a chance against Eruption. The Fire Blast seemed to be holding the fountain of fire so he flew to the Groudon’s opposite side of the volcano. Groudon was even more confused. He couldn’t just hide like that. What’s he up to?
           Charizard used Fire Spin on the Eruption. Now it had become the Volcano Blast Tornado. Charizard couldn’t think he could control that blazing inferno could he? But that was exactly his plan. Now for the final part. Charizard used one last Fire Blast at the Volcano Blast Tornado. It was now heading towards the shocked Groudon. He was engulfed by flames. When he lost all hope something flew towards him. It took him out of the Tornado. Groudon realized it was Charizard. Charizard commanded a fellow Feraligator along with a Dragonair, a Gyarados, and a Kingdra to put out the flames. In a matter of minutes it had been put out.

            “Thank you for rescuing me, but why did you?” asked Groudon.
            “You are an amazing fighter with great potential. I’ve never seen an Eruption before!” said the amazed and tired Charizard.
            “You are very kind. But I could not defeat you. I am not worthy of being a Leader.”
            “You’re kidding, right?”
            Groudon looked confused.
            “You are and will be legendary. In fact, I would be honored if you would join my Tribe.”
            “Do you…really mean it?”
            “But of course”
            Charizard held out his hand.
            The shook each others hands and became friends.

            Years later, Charizard’s Tribe was traveling over the sea. Now Groudon and Charizard were the best of comrades. Charizard had seen Groudon’s potential over the seven years after they met. Groudon was now second in command. They finally reached an island after traveling for three days. Charizard and Groudon sensed something coming from the towering mountain before them. They sensed something evil inside. But they also sensed all of the elements. The ground shook. The pokemon ready for anything, but not this. A thundering voice came from the mountain.

            “You are trespassing on my land. Leave now or die.”
            “Who are you?” asked Charizard.
            “I am the Sky Terror known as Rayquaza, master of all elements.”
            Groudon was frightened. “Even stronger than Lugia!?” he asked.
            “No pokemon can match my power!”
            “I could!” Charizard roared with confidence.
            “Would you bet your whole Tribe on that my naïve friend?”
            “I would, now come out and let’s fight!”
            “As you wish.”
            The mountain shook. Rocks fell from the peak of the mountain.
            “You’re gonna need more land than this,” roared Groudon.
            “You’re right!”
            “Don’t worry I’ve got it all under control.”
            “Well, you better hurry because he’s coming.”
            The ground shook with tremendous force. More islands appeared at sea close to shore.
            “Thank you Groudon.”
            “Nothing can save you now!!” shouted Rayquaza.
            “Everyone get back!” thundered Charizard. “Take care of the others Groudon. I’m counting on you.”
            “Yes sir.”
            All the dragons retreated to a remote island far from the Sky Pillar.
            “He will be all right won’t he?” asked the Leader’s life partner, a female Charizard with a flower by her horn.
            “Let us hope,” replied Groudon. “Let us hope.”

            A side of the mountain collapsed. Rayquaza stood before Charizard.
            He finally emerged.
            <He’s twice my size!! I guess this won’t be so easy.>
            “I’m going to make mince meat out of you!”
            A Solarbeam came right at him. Charizard narrowly dodged it.
            Charizard was surrounded by darkness. Then a ghostly energy wrapped itself around Charizard. The darkness disappeared and Charizard was left out of breath,
staring into the cold-hearted Rayquaza.
            “I am the master of all elements! How can you possibly believe you will win!?”
            “Because I’m not a bloodthirsty monster like you! I will protect my Tribe!”
            “You will die trying you pathetic excuse for a Dragon!”
            “Your mockery will be your last Rayquaza!!!!”
            Charizard let out a Fire Blast. Rayquaza was sent flying back into mountain.
            “Hydro Pump!”
            A fountain came straight toward him. He was knocked back into the sea where his life was slowly slipping away.
            “Now do see the power I hold!? I am perfection!!”
            The mountain shook.
            “WHAT”S GOING ON?!? I KILLED HIM!!”
            A bright light came from the ocean. A huge explosion followed the light. Charizard emerged and was glowing.
            The glowing Charizard’s wings grew wider, his neck became longer and his body more defined. His tail grew longer and he was now as tall as Rayquaza. The evolution was complete and a Charagon was born.
            “You’re right Rayquaza, you are perfect. THE PERFECT EVIL THAT I WILL VANQUISH!!”
            Charagon charged at Rayquaza and performed a Slash attack on his chest. Rayquaza was stunned. He managed only a few words.
            “I die…you come with. UNDERSTAND!?”
            A glowing energy came from his mouth.
            “Destruction Wave!”
            He aimed it at the ground. All of the islands Groudon created were destroyed.
            “Rayquaza, you will not harm another, ever!!!”
            A white flame sent Rayquaza bulleting towards the Sky Pillar again. This time he was buried in ruble and was burned with the Holy Flame. Charagon kept going and the Holy Flame enveloped the Sky Pillar.

             Groudon rushed to Charagon’s body. Charagon spoke few of words.
             “Good-bye my friend. Take care of the others.”
             “Yes sir,” managed the teary eyed Groudon. That day, a hero was born and died.

             One month later, Charagon’s life partner had an egg. Before it could hatch the Big Bang happened and the egg was fossilized.

             Many, many, many years later, Prof. Oak found the egg on a fossil hunt for his research. He restored the egg and it hatched into a Charmander. A month later, it was given to a punk named Damien. He didn’t care for the pokemon leaving Ash and his friends to care for it when it was abandoned. Now it is a Charizard, one that will save the world, just as its father did long, long ago.


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