Evolution of Evil
by Insane Magikarp 999

       Mewtwo is standing on the peak of a mountain, looking up at the sky serious and concerned. Mew floats up behind him.

Mew:*(translated) You sensed it too?
Mewtwo: Yes, but what could it be?
Mew:*I sense dark energy, possibly more powerful than you.
Mewtwo: Then we will require assistance. But who will help us?
Mew:* The one pure of heart.

Mewtwo squints his eyes.

Mewtwo: Ash...

Meanwhile, at Team Rocket Headquarters...

Rocket Grunt: Here are your papers Boss.
Giovanni: Good. Now if you'll excuse me, I am needed elsewhere.
Rocket Grunt: Will you need an escort?
Giovanni: If you are willing to risk your life, then be my guest.
Rocket Grunt: Risk my life!? Against what!?
Giovanni: Mewthree.
Rocket Grunt: MEWTHREE!? But Mewtwo was a failure! What makes this one will work!?
Giovanni: I have already predicted this. He will go off just like Mewtwo. There will be
one slight twist though.

Giovanni walks through a metal sliding door. Two scientists are standing in front of a

Male Scientist: Everything is just about ready sir.
Giovanni: Excellent.

The capsule begins to shake.

Female Scientist: (Gasp) It's happening!
Giovanni: Birth...