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Evolution of Evil
Part 10
by Insane Magikarp 999

Mewtwo: No!

Mewthree: Yes. Though he was a threat to you, he won't be one for me.

Ash gritted his teeth.

Ash: Charizard, use Flamethrower!

Mewthree was caught off guard. A stream of fire was sent straight at him. His eyes glowed with anger while trying to block the attack.

Mewthree: I won't be defeated by some brat and his gecko with wings!

With both Charizard and Ash highly offended, a command was sent to make the Flamethrower stronger. Pikachu saw the anger in his master's eyes, so he helped out to with a Thunder attack. Mewthree's guard was still up, but Mewtwo saw his chance while his back was turned. A psybeam got a direct hit. Mewthree was being forced to the ground. His eyes glowed even brighter.

Mewthree: No....I will not stand for this....I will win....I HAVE THE POWER!!!

With that he deflected the energies being sent at him. He started to glow.

Ash: (thinking) IS HE EVOLVING!?!

A bright light blinded everyone. Only moments later had their sight came back. Mewthree stood firmly on the ground.

Mewtwo: Mewthree's power!!! It's incredible!!

Mewthree: No longer will I be called Mewthree. I am the original, my own race. I am ShadowMew!

The earth shook, and islands rose out of the ocean. ShadowMew began to power up (if you've seen Dragonball Z, you know what I mean) and a dark building rocketed out of the earth. More towers rose from the ground.

ShadowMew: My dark castle is complete. Join me in the grand opening.

Everyone was teleported into a built-in stadium. Ash noticed that the others from Mewtwo's fortress were there.

Ash: Misty!

Misty: Ash!

They ran toward each other and Misty grabbed onto Ash.

Misty: Ash, where are we? I'm scared. This looks like that stadium we wer in when we fought Mewtwo.

ShadowMew: And if we are in a stadium, thta can only mean one thing...

Ash: We're gonna battle!

Mewtwo: Wait! Don't do anything reckless. Mew and I prophosized that you are the one pure of heart. The key to victory.

Ash: But I have to help. And nothing you say will change my mind.

Mewtwo: Ash...

ShadowMew: He's right you know?

Ash and Mewtwo: huh?

ShadowMew: You can't stop him. He has to save his girlfriend

Ash: You leave Misty out of this!

ShadowMew: Well, if you're so eager to die trying, let's get this over with.

Ash pulls out a pokeball

Ash: With pleasure.

And the battle began.


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