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Evolution of Evil
Part 11
by Insane Magikarp 999

The monitor showed Ash looking straight at him. It was as if the camera was staring at Ash. Giovanni heard the door open.

Giovanni: Dr. Ried, everything is on scheduel?

Dr. Ried: Yes sir. We are halfway complete with the backup system as well.

Giovanni: Hopefully there will be no need for that. In the meantime, have Proffesor Hojo finish for you. I want you to start charging it now. By the time him and the wretched boy and rat are all tired out, it will be ready.

Dr. Ried: As you wish sir. I willl notify you when the charge-up is complete.

Giovanni: Very good. On your way.

Ash: Go Charizard!!

Charizard roared with all his might. He used a fire blast. ShadowMew held it off with one hand.

ShadowMew: Pathetic!

Mewtwo teleported behind him and used Psybeam. ShadowMew telepotred leaving Mewtwo to be hit with the fire blast. ShadowMew appeared behind Mewtwo and kicked him straight at Charizard. Ash sent out Pikachu and commanded a Thunder attack. ShadowMew held up a Mirror Coat sendind the thunder right back at Pikachu. Charizard caught Pikachu before he hit him.

ShadowMew: You are worthless garbage compared to me!!!

ShadowMew used Faint Attack and knocked out Pikachu.


He started runnung toward his ko'd friend but was caught in tracks by a confusion. He was sent toward the humans.

Mewtwo: Leave them alone, you know they aren't worth it!

ShadowMew: Are jealous I left you out?

ShadowMew used faint attack brought Mewtwo to his knees.

ShadowMew: And you think you are worth my time?

A flamethrower caught ShadowMew off his guard and sent him to the other side of the room. ShadowMew yelled with rage.


Mewtwo teleported to the side of ShadowMew

Mewtwo: You aren't taking me out so either

Mewtwo low blowed ShadowMew leaving him open to another Flamethrower.


Dr Ried: His stats have gone into the red zone sir. His core will speed up the charger.

Giovanni: No matter. The sooner I am rid of Mewtwo and those punks, the better.

ShadowMew shot a dark beam at Charizard sending him back to the wall. KO

Mewtwo: NO! ShadowMew, it doesn't have to be this way. We can work together. Right our wrongs do no more bad.

ShadowMew: Fool, I was brought into this world to do one thing-DESTROY YOU!!!

Mewtwo and Giovanni: GASP!

Giovanni: How did he know?

ShadowMew(telepathically) I am  a psychic pokemon after all

Giovanni: You know everything!?!

ShadowMew(telepathically) Yes. Do not use it yet. Only if we need to. I feel that I can destroy these fools without your help. Keep my stats monitored. I'll be busy...


INsane Magikarp 999 ^_^