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(Here's where we left off)

Giovanni: Birth...

The capsule explodes and the two scientists are thrown to the ground. Giovanni stands
firmly and looks at the newborn, Pokemon clone.

???: Who are you?

Giovanni: I am your creator.

???: My creator?

Giovanni: Yes. You are a clone.

???: Of who?

Giovanni: You were cloned from an ancient Pokemon named Mew. At first I had another
clone named Mewtwo. I tried training him, but he decided he had a greater purpose.

???: Sounds like Mewtwo had the right idea.

Giovanni: He escaped and was never heard from again. Photos and rumors have spread.
Only one photo seems to be authentic. It shows Mewtwo, Mew, a Pikachu, and a

???: Wait. You said I'm a clone right?

Giovanni: Yes, you are Project M-3: Mewthree.

Mewthree: What is my purpose?

Giovanni: Whatever you choose. I only ask one thing in return...

Mewthree: Go on.

Giovanni: Mewtwo has been currupted by the pureness of Mew. Destroy them both
and anyone else who stands in your way.

Mewthree: Sounds fun.

In a flash, Mewthree flies through the ceiling and on his way to find the psychic

Giovanni: All according to plan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

What will happen next? What about Ash & Co.? Will I keep asking stupid questions? You'll just have to wait for Part THREE.