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Evolution of Evil
Part 3
by Insane Magikarp 999

Ash, May, Max, Brock, and Pikachu are walking down a path when they hear
a noise.

Ash: Pikachu go--

Brock: Wait Ash. Let me handle this. GO ZUBAT!

Zubat appears and is by a pokemon hiding in the woods.

Brock: Zubat return. GO GEODUDE!

Geodude appeared and was zapped. Geodude was uneffected and went toward
the shocker.

Brock: Mega Punch!

Geodude landed his hit and an Electrike cameflying towards the rest of the gang.

Ash: Whoa!

May: What's that?

Max: It looks like an Electrike.

May pulls out her Poke'dex and it starts annalyzing the pokemon;

Pokedex: Electrike- the thunder dog pokemon. It is a fierce fighter and a
great companian. (I just made this up, sorry!)

Before Ash can say anything, Brock throws a poke'ball at Electrike
and catches it.

Brock:(While in victory pose) Yeah! I caught an Electrike!

Ash: That's awesome Brock, but why an Electrike?

Brock: Why are out here in the first place Ash? DUH! Because you
were gonna train for that Mini-Competition you, Gary, and Oak
planned! You know, the Elemental League!?

Ash: Oh, so you're gonna enter, huh? That's cool.

May: Well, what should we do now?

Max: Let's go to the Pokemon Center and heal Brock's newly caught

The Rest of the Gang: ALL RIGHT!

Later at the Pokemon Center...

Brock:(drooling) Hi....Nurse...Joy...

Nurse Joy: Um... Hello.

Brock: Can you heal my pokemon and then have a romantic dinner
with me?

Nurse Joy snatches Brock's poke'balls then pulls out a bat out
of nowhere and clobbers Brock with it.

Nusre Joy: I think I'll pass on the dinner.(Evil Glare!)

Ash is sitting at a table thinking (WOW!)

Ash: I think I know who I'll use for the Elemental League.

He walks over to the video-phone and calls the girl from
the Charicific Valley and gets his Charizard back. Then he calls
Prof. Oak and gets his Bayleef, Kingler, Haunter and Snorlax.

Ash:(thinking) I have to get a fire, water, grass, electric, normal,
and a different type of pokemon for the Elemental League. Well now
I got them all.

Ash walks over to the table and sees Brock walking toward him.

Brock: Hey! Guess what?

Ash: Nurse Joy rejected you?

Brock: Yea, but that's not the point. She says my Electrike is about to
evolve into a Manectric!

Ash: Awesome. Hey can I talk to you in private?And you promise not to tell anyone.

Brock: Sure Ash. Shoot.

Ash: Truthfully, I'm kinda homesick and I miss Misty.

Brock: If I were you, I'd probably be in the same situation. I mean you're
already 16 (don't ask me how, we just missed some birthdays)You love her and
you know it. But be hopeful.

Ash: Why?

Brock: Well, I shouldn't be telling you this, but Misty's gonna be at your return
home party.

Ash: Yeah, alright!

The next day...

Ash: Mom I'm home!

The gang walked in and everyone jumped out.

Ash: Hey everybody I--

Just then Misty came up and hugged Ash and said

Misty: Hey Ash. Missed you too.

She pecked him on the cheek and let his mom take over.
While his mom was talking to him he couldn't keep his mind off that
kiss Misty gave him.

Mom: Hey. You ready for the tournement tomorrow.

Ash: You bet, do you know who's entering?

Mom: Sign up sheet is over by the fridge.

Ash got up and walked over to the fridge.

Ash:(thinking) I wonder who's entering. I'm gonna have to be ready for anything tomorrow

Ash looked at the sheet...

Cool huh? A little off track from Mewthree and all them, but don't worry, it gets
better and everything will come together(hopefully).

Insane Magikarp 999