Again, I'm sorry it's off track from Mewthree and all, but it will all make sense in the end (I hope...)

Evolution of Evil
Part 4
by Insane Magikarp 999

Ash looks at the sheet of paper...

Elec.  Jolteon
Fire  Arcanine
Water  Blastoise
Grass  Tropius

Normal  Eevee
Other  Nidoking

Elec.  Electrike
Fire  Vulpix
Water  Mudkip
Grass  Lotad
Normal  Loudred
Other  Onix

Elec.  Minachu
Fire  Torky
Water  Psyduck
Grass  Oddish
Normal  Togetic
Other  Dragonair

Elec.  Electabuzz
Fire  Magmar
Water  Lapras
Grass  Tangela
Normal  Kangaskhan
Other  Syther

Elec.  Minun
Fire  Magcargo
Water Seadra
Grass  Shiftry
Normal  Linoone
Other  Sableye

Elec.  Plusle
Fire  Camerupt
Water  Cloyster
Grass  Jumpluff
Normal  Delcatty
Other  Mawhile

Name-Prof. Oak
Elec.  Pichu
Fire  Charmander
Water  Squirtle
Grass  Bulbasaur
Normal  Kecleon
Other  Chimecho

Ash: Whoa! The competition looks tough. I better hurry or I won't be in the tournament!

Elec.  Pikachu
Fire  Charizard
Water  Totodile
Grass  Bayleef
Normal  Snorlax
Other  Haunter

Ash: All done!

Misty comes up behind him.

Ash: Oh, hey Misty

Misty: Hey. I bet you're wondering why I'm entering Psyduck in
the tournement, huh Ash?

Ash: Well, yea, but I've been more worried about the trainer.

Misty: It has been a long time hasn't it?

Misty and Ash sit down and caught up on everything.


Everyone has eaten dinner and is leaving for some shut-eye. Before everyone leaves,
Misty introduces Ash to Kris, Kiyanu and Kiyani.

Ash: Hi, my name's Ash.

Kris:(Shaking Ash's hand) Hey, my name's Kris. I came from Celedon City where
I got my first Pokemon from my father; Syther and Tangela.

Kiyanu and Kiyani: Hi! We're Kiyanu and Kiyani. We're twins and we have totally different personalities. We only have one thing in common:

While all this is happening, Mewtwo floats outside Ash's house, unseen.

Mewtwo: I think I'll use him...

Kris is holding is ears in pain.

Kris: AAGhhhH!

Ash: Hey, what's wrong?

Kris: I've got this ringing in my ears. I better go home and get some rest.

Kris walks out the door and finds Mewtwo waiting for him.

Mewtwo: Come

They are teleported just before the twins come outside.

Ash: I wonder what's wrong with Kris. Oh well.

Ash notices Misty hasn't left.

Misty: Hey! I'm gonna crash here tonight, that okay?

Ash: Sure, Mom won't mind.

On cue, Delia walks in

Mom: won't mind what?

Ash: Can Misty stay here tonght? She'd have to walk all the way back to
Cereluan City if she doesn't.

Mom: Sure!(Smiling) Misty can share your room, that okay Misty?

Misty: Fine with me.

Ash(thinking) Holy cow! Mom's doing some thing good for once!

Ash: Alright. I'll get the bed ready for ya Misty.

Misty: All right.

Mist(thinking) Aww, how sweet.

Mom:(thinking) Aww, how sweet.

Mom is asleep when Ash and Misty lie down. ( Ash is on the floor)

Ash: Night Mist

Misty: Night Ash

Ash(thinking) Maybe now I should tell her.

Ash gets up

Ash: Hey, Misty?

Misty: Yeah?

Ash:(thinking) Oh man I'm gonna tell her!!!

Ash: there's something I have to tell you.

Misty:(thinking) WHOA! Is he gonna confess his feelings for me!?

Misty: uhhh....o..k

Ash: We've known each other for a long time. We have our share of fights,
but we always get along in the end. I thought maybe we could be more than
friends. Misty, I....

Ash(thinking) Ahhhhh MAN!!!!

ASH: I love you.

Misty gets up hurridly.She turns to Ash.

Misty: Funny thing is Ash...

Ash:(thinking) GASP!

Misty: I love you too.

She jumps off the bed and hugs him.
They stare at each other for a long time while their faces
got closer to each other's. Finally, lips met.
Their first real kiss.

Ash's mom found them asleep, hugging each other the next morning.

A tear came to Delia's eye.

Delia: My baby is all grown up.

She walked out and let them sleep.

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