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Evolution of Evil
Part 6
by Insane Magikarp 999

We last left our hero, Ash, at the final match. Kris has made a comment.
What could it mean?

Tracey: The final match is a little different from the rest. Both trainers will not use their
Other-type pokemon. They will take turns choosing elements. Both trainers must
use the chosen element. Kris, you have the honors of choosing first.

Kris: All right. I choose water.

Mew: Do you think he will agree? I think the plan's a little harsh.

Mewtwo: We have no other choice. If we simply ask him, he might not agree,
If we take him by force, he will have no choice but to help us save the world
from evil.

Mewtwo:(Telepathy to Kris) When you choose Electabuzz, be ready for me to
take over.

Kris:(Telepathy to Mewtwo) Yes master...

Tracey: It's Lapras vs. Kingler!

Ash: Kingler, use crabhammer!

Kris: Counter with Surf!

Tracey: Ooh, Kingler is thrown back by Lapras'  wave

Ash: Don't give in! use bubblebeam.

Kris: Use Safeguard!

Tracey: Laprasa is unaffected by the bubblebeam attack

Ash:(thinking) Stradegy isn't working at the moment. Time for some brute force

Ash: Hyper beam!

Kingler's hand glowed and a shot of energy came out.

Tracey: Lapras has fainted!

Ash makes victory pose

Ash: Kingler, return. Now I'll use Fire! Go Charizard!

Kris: Go, Magmar!

Charizard had been in this prediciment before, giving him the advantage

Tracey: And Magmar is KO'd thanks to Charizard's Seismic Toss.

Kris: Return, Magmar!

Kris:(telepathy to Mewtwo) Get ready


Kris grabs his head in pain.

Kris(taken over) IT'S TIME TO END THIS!

Before Ash has time to react, Ash and Pikachu are bear-hugged by Electabuzz

Ash & Pikachu: AAGhhhhHhg!

Mewtwo appears

Mewtwo: Come

Ash, Pikachu, Electabuzz, Mewtwo, and Kris start to float.

Mewtwo: I'm sorry but I had no other choice

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