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Evolution of Evil
Part 9
by Insane Magikarp 999

Mew flew towards the evil ShadowMew. Fear was the only word to describe how he felt. Thoughts raced through his mind; The Chosen One, Mewtwo, ShadowMew, the world, its fate. He couldn't tell what would happen next.

Mew: He's nearby. I have to hold him off for Mewtwo.

Mewthree entered his thoughts.

Mewthree: And exactly how will you do that if you can't find me?

Mew gritted his teeth.

Mew:(thinking) Where is he?

Mewthree: Right behind you.

Mew spun around and charged at Mewthree only to be sent hurtling towards an island. The impact destroyed most of the unchatred piece of land. Now, only a flat wasteland was left. Mewthree touched down with a soft thud. Mewthree observed the area.

Mewthree: I expected a little more out of you, being the legendary pokemon I was cloned from, but you're pathetic. I don't need my psychic powers to beat you. And this flat environment would be perfect for a physical battle.

Mew struggled to his feet.

Mew: I won't let you (pant) win. I'll give (pant) everything (pant) I got.

Mewthree: I'd like to see that.

At that, he flew towards Mew. Punch after punch, Mew still wouldn't give up. He almost charged up enough to use a psywave, but ShadowMew kept at him. He now had tiny catlike pokemon's neck in his hand.

Mewthree: Any last words?

Mew: Only three; Watch your back!

A shadowball attack hit Mewthree on his back.

Mewtwo: Direct hit.

Mewthree still has a fine grip on Mew.

Mewthree(looking at Mew) For lasting as long as you did, your death will be quick and painless.

Mewthree used a Shadowblast (upgraded Shadowball) and sent Mew high in the air. Only moments later, Mew was sinking to the bottom of the sea.


Mewthree: Oh, right, you're still here. Well, I guess you are jealous of Mew, being killed by the most powerful pokemon in the world in all. Would you like a taste?

Mewtwo: You're the one who'll be tasting defeat.

Mewthree: And who will help you? You can't possibly think you could defeat me all by yourself.

Mewtwo: We'll see about that.

Mewtwo used Psychic on Mewthree. It was blocked by Safeguard.

Mewthree: Pathetic.

Mewtwo gritted his teeth.

Mewthree: I am perfection. I cannot be defeated so easily by an obsolete clone.

Mewtwo used a Shadowblast in anger, but the Safeguard was still up.

Mewthree: Do you really think I would let my guard down?

Mewtwo couldn't stand it. He threw Shadowball after Shadowball, but Mewthree kept his
safeguard up the whole time.

Mewthree: You realize I'm not trying, right?

He turned over his open hand, then rapidly made it into a tight fist. A crushing Shadowgrip ( A dark move that strangles the defending pokemon and drains their energy) now held Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhgggggg!!!!


Mewtwo:(thinking) I...can't...give...up! I won't! I can't let him win. After all he's done he will pay.

Mewtwo finally broke free.

Mewthree: Ah. So you're not as weak as I thought you were. If you broke through that, you should easily withstand THIS!

Mewtwo was struck by a Death Spear ( a blast of dark energy, shaped like a spear) attack.

Mewtwo: MY ARM!!

Mewthree: Nothing will save you now!!!

A voice from far off: I wouldn't count on that! Charizard, use flamethrower!

A stream of fire sent Mewthree downward. He was only inches away from the surface of the ocean.

Mewthree:(thinking) Who was that!? Time to find out.

Mewthree invaded Mewtwo's mind.

...The one pure of heart...
...The chosen one...
...Thank you Ash...
...Ash Ketchum...
...The world hangs in the balance...
...We must stop him...

Mewthree:(thinking) That's all I need to know.

Mewthree: Mewtwo!

Mewtwo looked down toward Mewthree.

Mewthree: Do you think a mere child will stop me?!?

Mewtwo: He's stopped my reign of terror, and other evil in the world, so why not you?

Mewthree: Fool. Your games have gone on long enough. I'll desrtoy you and anyone or anything that gets in my way.

He pointed at Ash.

Mewthree: Starting with you...


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