Chapter Eleven: A moment to Dream

That dawn Julia and Aaron, their wounds bandaged, were roped to a tree. Nathan was desperately trying to fix the helicopter. Comedor Humano was acting perfectly innocent. Cedus was bathing in the sea and Ira was sitting on a rock.

Can we leave? Cedus finally asked her.

“Huh? Leave? Where to?”

The Island of the Granted Dreams. I want to go there. Now. I’ve always wanted to see that place. I’ll take you if you want.

“Nathan!” Ira called in the helicopter’s direction. “Cedus will be taking me for a ride!”

“Fine,” Nathan answered. Ira turned to the Gyarados.

“OK,” she said. “Nathan can manage on his own.”

Cedus nodded, and let her on his back.

They passed two islands, like the map had showed. The one farthest north seemed horizons away, but they traveled and traveled till the island appeared. It was really a small, lush, and apparently very deep lagoon. Mist was rising from it. Cedus began moving faster.

They approached the moist shore. Cedus moved up to it so Ira could get off. Slowly, she got off of his back, putting her foot on the island. All of the sudden, a gold image flashed around the trees, and a warmth surged into her leg. Amazed, she looked back and forth, as Cedus lifted part of his body onto the land. He looked around.

The cure! he said suddenly. It is here! He reached up to the tree and tore off a branch in his mouth. Strange, gold fruit was growing on it. Cedus’s eyes seemed to radiate from within. He had saved his people.

The Gyarados turned to Ira. I couldn’t have without you.

She smiled.

You really have lived up to your father. I will give you a Gyarish name. You are Ahgy, Dreamer. For this is the Island of the Granted Dreams, and my dream has been granted.

Ira stared, the smile still on her face, but only partly so. She was too stunned to do anything but stare. She had succeeded in following in her father’s footsteps. Her dream had been fulfilled, too.

Thank you, she muttered, realizing she had replied in Gyarish.

There was a splash in the lagoon. They looked. Something gold was there, gold and transparent. Was it a Gyarados? Was it a spectre?

A surge of water swept past their feet, and it approached. Ira saw she had been right- it was a Gyarados and a spectre. It was the spectre of a golden Gyarados. A golden one! She had been told legends of them, but only dreamed of seeing them.

This place is the Island of the Granted Dreams because dreams are granted here, right? she asked. It nodded.

Do you live here? asked Ira. It nodded again.

And you have the power to grant our dreams? It shook its head and this time replied.

You have the power to grant them yourself. I am but the guardian of the Island of the Granted Dreams. Here the lush forest is fruitful and the lagoon is deep. If you find your dream here, you have simply proven yourself worthy of it.

How long have you been here?

Eons. I could pass on if I want to.

Why do you stay?

Revenge. Superiority is the sweetest form of revenge.

Revenge? You’ve held a grudge this long?

I’ve almost forgotten it now. It doesn't matter. I am waiting for Lugia. Then I will pass on. But that is my story, not yours. You may go now.
It closed its eyes, they faded.

Wait! called Ira, but it was gone.

She looked at Cedus who was packing as much of the branches into his mouth as possible. She helped him carry some. Before they left, she could have swore that he winked towards the place where the spectre had been/

“So this island place doesn't really grant dreams but you gotta, like, do it yourself?” asked Nathan.

“Sort of. Not really.”

“Forget it, I’m lost.” He looked back out the window and pulled the copter into a dive. “Lake of Rage. We’re here.” They landed gracefully on the banks. Nathan opened the door to let Cedus out. “See you later, big fella.”

“You know, uh, I think I’ll get off here too,” said Ira. “It’s a nice hike back and I like to look at the Gyarados.”

Nathan sighed. “OK, but I doan want this to be goodbye. Listen, keep in touch, ‘k, Ira?”

Ira grinned. “Sure,” she said.

“The copter’s about to bust,” said Nathan. “Won’t hold long, and I got to get our stowaways someplace... Well, see you soon!”

They waved. Comedor Humano came up and waved as well. Then the door shut. The helicopter ascended into the sky. The Gyarados, with a last nod at Ira, descended into the lake. And Ira began her hike back to Maghony Town.

The End


Author’s Note:
I kind of lost time for this story towards the end; I had begun writing Secrecy, another fanfic of mine. But I decided to finish it anyway. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, and wanna read more of my stuff, you can read Secrecy, which should be done in Fall 2003. You can find it at Or you can visit my shrine to Gyarados at Thanks for reading the story, and remember, you can always e-mail me comments you have!