Author's note: ((...)) means translation in English


Part 8: Girl Talk

"Ash, tell me again where we're going and why?" asked Misty as she and Ash took off on a smaller
spaceship to another base.

"You'll see."

"Ash, you can't just take me anywhere without me knowing."

Ash looked in the window like glass to look at the stars that were being passed by.  "Maybe it's a surprise," he said,
partly mentally absent, trying to concentrate on his thoughts of that rose.

"A surprise?  I know it's not a surprise!  What all surprises could be in Space?"

"Misty, you told me you've never been in Space before, which is obvious," said Ash.  "Why don't you just enjoy the

"Are you telling me to shut up?!"

Ash sighed.  He knew she was still just angry about running into Rosa.

"We're here," he said.


The spaceship landed onto another base that was red, unlike Ash's blue one.

+Asli doj Ceruli plest!  Horra je zatgenerhei.+ shouted a mechanic like voice.

"Wha...?  English, please?" Misty asked no one in particular as they left the space ship.

"Misty, this isn't Earth," said Ash, laughing at Misty's confused expression, "it isn't even your
Solar System.  You can't expect any of the languages to be spoken here."

"Well, do you know what they said?" Misty asked expectantly, but not thinking he'd know it.

"They said Welcome To Blue Port, then they said Have A Nice Time," Ash translated.  "Actually,
they said it quite differently, but sorry--I don't know how to tell you exactly what they said in
Human English words," said Ash.

"But how do you know the language if you only were in Red Port Solar System or whatever?"

"Special ability #1: Psychic," he said with a sly smile.

"Psychic?!  Ash, you're psychic?!?!"

"Misty, how many times do I have to remind you that I'm not human?" he asked, laughing a little. 
"You humans are limited...we pretty much aren't."

Misty grunted, then muttered under her breath, "Can you fly?"

Ash smirked...then took her hand and floated to the top of the ship (no, he didn't have wings or
anything--he flew just like they do on Dragonball Z).  Misty gasped.  "Ahh...put me down, I
do NOT like heights!!!"

"Fancy that coming from you, Miss Climb Up a Tree Everytime You See A Bug," he said with
a smirk.  He held tighter onto her hand, then vanished, and within less than half of half a second,
reappeared back on the ground.

" weren't lying...." Misty said, shocked.  "What are you gonna do now, throw a fireball?"

"Fire or energy?" he asked with a smirk.

Misty's eyes widened.

"Jerli so prr ((Enough showing off))," said a voice.  Ash and Misty turned to see a man with red markings on his face
somewhat similar to Ash's brown ones, red eyes, and a uniform that Misty noticed a lot of 
alien guys...were wearing.  He was Ash's height, and wore a tough posture.  In his hand was a golden
spear, showing the obviousness of his place as a guard.  "Asno jun po? Chronne... ((Are you going to leave the
ship or what?  I don't have time for...))."  He paused as he saw Misty.  "Si a...(( that a...))
EARTHLING  that...that you brought along with you?!" he asked, his key words not hiding a tone of disgust.

"What?  No!" said Ash.  "She just has every trait of a human, and...she hasn't discovered her powers

"Sir, with all due respect, we've never seen this girl before.  Allow me to investigate her--"

"Guard, you don't need to do anything.  She is not human.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say."

"But Sir--"

"But?  Guard, you know how I don't like to hear that word, unless you can find yourself BUT-ting out
and back into your job," said Ash icily.

"Y-yes, sir, I apologize," the guard said as he went away.  "I-I'll open the ship gates for you and your
hu--uh I mean companion," he said before he left.

"How'd you go from him ordering you around to you ordering him around?"

"Well I did mention earlier that I was Prince of Juragi, right?  He seemed to have forgotten that for a minute. 
We're still in Juragi.  This is a Solar System that includes...well...other Solar Systems as well."

"You're a prince?!?!" Misty asked, totally shocked.  "The son of some King??"

Ash laughed again as he knocked on her forehead.  "Blue Port to Misty!" (Well you didn't expect me to
put 'Earth', did ya?!  hehe, I know--I'm too smart :-D)  "I've told you that about three times already! 
Now you wanna pay attention when I say it, huh?"

"Well, gee, sorry, but it's a little hard to dissolve!" said Misty.

Ash shook his head.


"Sometimes, I begin to think you really aren't human," he said, giving her a sideways glance, but still
smiling slyly.

"What's that supposed to mean, Ash Ketchum?!"

"Hehe...anyway, let's go to Blue Port and take care of business...I'll bet we've been standing here for
at least an hour."


"Oh, by the way..." Ash said as he suddenly grabbed her and pressed his lips gently to hers, swirling
his tongue around hers.  She mumbled a "quiet yelp" in surprise and startledness, but as soon as she
was about to close her eyes and enjoy the feeling, a wave of pain rushed through her...a mixture of extreme
heat that fire couldn't even stand before, and a burning sensation inside her.  She felt like something
was squeezing her tightly, then felt her body begin to illuminate.  Her eyes widened as she looked at her
own body, but Ash's lips were still upon hers.  Within five seconds, he let go with a higher level of gentleness,
and then suddenly Misty's pain was gone.

"I heard that kisses really do that..." Misty mumbled, trying to come up with whatever reason it was that
Ash's kiss could be so painful but warm at the same time.

"Actually," he said, leading her to a mirror, "it was for another purpose, sorry."

Misty looked in the mirror that appeared out of nowhere...and saw herself looking a little...different.  She had
bluish green markings on her face that were shaped like stars--the stars in the sky--with the lighter blue tint
spray paint look circling each one.  She found herself in a different wardrobe, also--it resembled a bunny suit
with a small white cotton ball puffed out in the back, and some small bunny rabbits for ears...which actually
were.  And she found herself able to feel her little tail, and felt the markings on her face which seemed so real....

"Ash, what did you do to me?!?" she asked, freaking out, but kind of liking inside the fashionable side of it.

"Relax, Mist, it's just a disguise," said Ash.  "I don't like people questioning me about having a human tag
along.  Believe me, they recognize what you are by scent and appearance."

Misty smelled herself, expecting to smell like a dog but actually finding herself smelling very good.  She smiled. 
"Okay, let's go."  She also noticed that she didn't need to breathe...the disguise was a little realistic...but
she had to expect it--Blue Port didn't exactly have Earth's atmosphere, and Ash didn't want her suffocating. 

When they FINALLY exited the spaceship, Ash immediately led her to a certain section of the port in where
they were now facing a metallic looking door.  There was a keycode thing that Ash pressed a few buttons
on, then not too long later, the door slid open to reveal a beautiful woman standing before them.  She gasped. 

"Ash!  Oh my goodness, I thought you were dead!" she said, surprised and overly shocked. 
(She had said it in a different language, but everyone understood her, so I'll just keep with the English ;).  How? 
Well, Ash's temporary gift to Misty included a little bit of psychic translation.)
She threw her arms around him and kissed him with full effect...and he kissed back.  He kissed back!

Their lips were still, but they did not...well...let me put it this way...give tongue.  Ash did not hold her.

I bet you're wondering what's up in Misty's mind...heh, can you not guess?

"Um...well, nice greetings...we came by to ask you something, I think," said Misty, trying to
hide the extreme fury from her voice.

Ash and the woman let go of each other.  Ash turned to Misty as if nothing happened, and told her, "Misty, this
is Flora, one of the best people you could ever meet.  Flora, this is Misty, one of the best loves you could ever
have," he said with a smile.

"Hello, Misty," she said as she extended her hand.  Misty briefly shook it, and Flora could feel the tightness
of her hand.

"Yes, we did come to ask you something," Ash said in that language.  "It's about the Life Rose...."

As Ash, Misty, and Flora were in the room on the couch chatting (yes, they did have rooms similar to Earth's... 
in some kinda way...picture it like the Jetsons' home, that'll work ;)), Flora agreed to help them out by leading
them to him, and then whatever she could do after that.  Ash had went out to go get some things he needed for
the ship, leaving Flora and Misty alone.

"Hey," said Flora as she sat next to Misty.

Misty looked away, her arms folded.  "So what have you and Ash got going, this big relationship that includes
doing things me and him probably never will?"

Flora just smiled.  "Misty, I'm sorry about doing that, but I couldn't remember at that moment I was so happy
to see Ash again that you humans don't greet each other that way.  We Juragians are raised to greet the opposite
sex like that, and the same sex with a tight hug."

"You're sure touchy," Misty said, half believing her.  She stopped.  "Hey--I'm not a human!  I--"

"Misty, you don't have to cover for yourself...I can see past your disguise...literally," said Flora.  "One thing
you need to make sure of is to not underestimate the power of...well...what you Humans call Aliens.  It can
lead to well danger."

"Is that a threat?!"

"No, Misty, it's not.  It's a warning to keep you from getting into trouble with anyone else," she said calmly.  Misty
calmed down a little.  "Listen, it won't happen with me and your boyfriend again, but before we kissed I hadn't
noticed you or the fact that Earthlings grow...well, envious of things like that.  Here, it's different...but I doubt we'll
be meeting any more females along the way, okay?  Just calm down, it was only a kiss that meant nothing.  Besides,
the only way Ash could give you that disguise is by kissing you and sending temporary pain and pleasure into
your entire body, am I right?" she asked with a small smile.

Misty wanted to kick herself mentally for actually smiling and saying, "I guess you're right."  She wondered
greatly how she was supposed to hate Flora but already felt friendly vibes coming from her.

Just then, Flora's face stiffened.  "Misty," she said seriously, "when you two go after that Rose...whatever you do,
protect Ash all you can.  He is the Prince, you know."  Misty nodded.  "Your enemy, Vibe, who I'm sure you
had a bad encounter with back on Earth when he disguised himself as 'Dex', is going to be a lot more dangerous
than he may seem.  He has the Rose, and by God, we all need it back.  We don't know who's life it depends on,
but everyone's more than sure that it's important.  And I'm sure you know that Ash, not only having it on Earth
as a Human, still has that sense of adventure that only leads him to grave danger."  Misty nodded again.  "Like
I said, I'm counting on you to protect him, but be careful yourself.  He is, after all, our Protector, and without
him, our other co-protecters who are not very strong cannot stand against such a foe as Vibe if he were to attack
our Port, or even Solar System.  This is a very dangerous mission, and I'm flattered that you're willing to accept
it and stand alongside your true love, but be very careful...Ash wouldn't understand if I told him so," she said, making
sure the last comment would lighten the mood a little.

Misty nodded.  "Your Protector, huh?  I guess Ash is a lot of things...he has a pretty important life then."

"Very important.  I want you to know something about Ash himself though...." she said, a lot more seriously than
she had ever been.  "At times, if you get him angry...even you, Misty...he can be extremely dangerous also to whoever
infuriates him."


"You saw the way he grabbed your neck back on Earth before he left.  True, he didn't harm you, but as an Earthling,
he had a very pure heart, and that stopped him, so he left right then for one reason to make sure he wouldn't
want to hurt you, although he could have left a long time ago," she said.  "If you make him mad enough, maybe by
insulting someone he loves or harming them, he will not hesitate to hit you.  He is not an Earthling; nothing will
stop him.  He has a pure heart still but not as pure as it was on Earth.  You also remember what he did to Vibe...or
Dex.  He was extremely infuriated then.  I'm just saying that if you push it, Misty, surprisingly he might actually do
exactly the same thing to you."

Misty's eyes widened even more.  Flora sweatdropped.  "I don't mean to make you scared of him, now, Misty,
I'm just warning you," she said, giggling a little in an attempt to reenlighten the mood. 

"Oh," Misty said, seeming to immediately relax.  "Question?"


"Well...before all this happened, Ash had this crazy dream about his mother killing him.  Strange, I know, but
is it in any way--"

"Connected with all this?"  Misty nodded, and Flora did the same.  "Yes, but...well, not completely.  I'll keep it
short.  Vibe was going around giving all these people nightmares, and the biggest one was bestowed upon Ash. 
It was supposed to draw him apart from his mother, and his father being already dead, Ash was supposed to
leave Earth depressed, and that way it would lead him right into Vibe's trap to kill him, him being so envious of
what Ash had.  But, feelings for a certain heroin (no not the drug!!) persuaded him to stay a little longer 'till Vibe's
trap no longer took place," said Flora, winking at her.  Misty blushed, then smiled.

"Hey, I'm back," said Ash, walking in on them.

"Hey," they said.

"Everything's stored.  You guys ready to go?" asked Ash.

"I'm ready," said Flora, standing up.

"What about you, Mist?"

Misty stood up, looked at both of them, then, with a smile slowly spreading across her lips, she raised her
fist into the air and shouted, "Yeah!  Let's do this!"

"Yeah!!" they all cheered in agreement.