Name: Miki


Title: anything can Happen part 4 





Anything Can Happen Part 4


Miki: this is actually part 3, kinda. Well enjoy!


Last time: * Misty and the girls are getting ready to go to the party*


Now: “ So Misty, how was working with Gary for ya?”  Roxy asked while blow-drying her hair/


“ awww pretty good” Misty said not wanting to tell them too much about the whole thing with Gary.


“ Well girls, are you ready?” Clohe asked


“ Yeah!” they all sang in a chorus


All the girls looked great! Alex was wearing Jeans and a red shirt. Pretty simple. Michelle had a light blue skirt with a yellow sleeveless shirt. Her blonde/red hair was up and she only wore a little bit of makeup to show off her bright blue eyes. Roxy wore a tan skirt with a matching shirt. (What matches with tan besides white and tan is news to me) Her brown hair was shoulder length to show off her curls. She wore light blue eye shadow and just a hint of blush.


Clohe had on dress-pants that were indigo and a purple sleeveless shirt. She wore purple eye shadow and lip gloss just to shimmer her lips. Misty wore a black mini-skirt with a pink sleeveless shirt. Her aquamarine eyes weren’t very notice able because she wore pink eye-shadow. So yes, they were ready.


 When they arrived they saw Brock, May, Max, Tracey, and…Gary.‘Where is he,?’ Misty thought.


” Oh man, why is he here!?” Clohe groaned


“ He’s probably here to see Misty” Alex said nudging Misty.


“Ewwe, gross! Misty yelled finally finding Ash and really looking at him. He wore blue pants with a white shirt. His hair was kinda wet, most likely from just taking a quick shower misty thought. And his face looked nice.  ‘ man he cleans up good’ Misty thought. Her thoughts were interpreted when suddenly someone grabbed her and started dragging her.


“ Get your hand off me!” she exclaimed SLAP! She hit Ash 


“ Owww, man girl, you can hit!” Ash said


“ Oh sorry, I thought you were G- s-someone else.” Misty apologized.


“ Someone being Gary?” Ash questioned


“ Y-Yeah, how’d you know?”


“ Just call it a sixth-sense” Ash answered.' or expierence' he thought before starring again “ H-hey Misty, c-can I ask you something?” Ash stuttered.


“ Sure”


‘ um…” ash began


“ Ash, who is this?” A voice chimed in.


“ MOM!”


“ Hi Ms. Ketchum” Misty said


“ oh hi dear.” Delilah said.” How are you?” fine I hope.” She said


“ Yes great!” Misty said.


“ well Ash who is Misty to you?”


“ Oh, well she’s my n-new girlfriend” Ash answered


“ She is?”


“ I AM!”


“ Just play along please.” Ash whispered


“ Oh, uh yeah, he just asked me out!” Misty kinda yelled


“ Oh that’s just great! Now Misty, why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow night!” she said happily


“ S-Sure I’d love to!” Misty answered.


            After the misunderstanding, Ash and Misty went out for some other dinner. Just the two of them. They had to work out some ‘ minor’ details.


“ Tell me again why I have to do this? Misty asked


“ Look, it sounds weird, but every year the 7 and 8 graders get to go on an all expenses paid trip to and region of their choice. For some strange reason, I can’t go unless I have had a girlfriend for at least a year!” Ash explained for the fourth time


“ so why me?” Misty asked


“ because, Clohe is Gary’s cousin and is we faked it Gary would find out. Roxy likes Tracey and I wanna help them get together, if we go out…” Ash let Misty finish for him.


“ then Tracey will think she doesn’t like him


“ exactly!” Ash said “ Anyway, Michelle and Brock are perfect for each other, and no offence, but I really don’t want to go out with Alex. So you’re the only one left. Will you do it? He finished


“ Of course, only ‘cause you’re my friend” Misty said.


“ Hey, Misty, do you have any pokemon?” Ash asked


“ Uh, hello! I used to live at a water Pokemon gym, ya think I don’t have any?” Misty said.


“ oh…yeah” Ash said “ Well I have some, I have:


a pikachu

a ciniquill

a bayleaf

a totadile

a Noctowl

a phanphy

a heracross

 “ that’s all, but if we can go to the Hoenn league I plan to catch many more!”


“ Well I mainly train water pokemon, and I have:


a Goldeen

a Staru

a psyduck I’m trying to get a golduck, but he won’t battle

a togepi my baby

a Politoed

and a Corsola


“ those are my babies” Misty said “ and I too plan to catch many more!” she finished


“ yeah, your friends have some too, but I’ll let them tell you about them” Ash said


“ okay!” Misty said. And at that they decided to leave. When they got outside they met up with the rest of their friends. They decided to head back. When they stopped they saw tow unbelieveable sites!


Miki: that’s all what did the group see, find out next time! Thanks and please R&R thanks! :D