Ash: it’s starting to get late…hey look were nearly there.

Misty: that’s good I was starting to get a bit tired.

Ash: misty what do you think your sisters will say when I rock up?

Misty: ash you don’t have to worry there not home, remember I told you that they won a around the world trip there not due home till next Monday… so they don’t have to know about us, yet.

It was no more than 2 mins when they reach the gym, misty open the door and they went in.

Misty: were finely here! Misty said with a sigh of relief.

Ash: hey misty do you mind if I have a shower before we retire to bed?

Misty: sure you don’t have to ask… you remember were the bathroom is right?

Ash: y-yeah I do (I think I do)

Ash made his way upstairs and turned into the hallway.

Ash: which door is it? I think it’s this one

Ash slowly opens the door, the next thing ash knew he was hugging a mop.

Misty: what was that noise? Misty made her way upstairs to find ash on the floor, with a MOP.

Misty: ash what are you doing I thought you said that you were going to have a shower.

Ash: yeah I did but I-I sort of got lost… it has been a while since I’ve been here.

Misty: oh right, well it’s the second door on the right… you do remember where my room is right?

Ash: yes it’s straight across from the bathroom

Ash was a bit red from embarrassment, he grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom to take his shower

Misty: ash watch out the floor might …

Ash: ahhhhhhhh.

Misty: … be… wet… still

While ash was showering misty was getting changed for bed

Misty: I hope ash will like this.

Misty had found it the perfect nightgown, it was a cute little number that she had always had encase of a moment like this. Its like a dress but really short a little to short with see-though lass going down the sides and edges and has a split in the front of it leading to a cute little bow that kept it together. The water, misty could no longer hear the water running

Misty: he must have finished… I better light the candles.

Misty wanted to make it up to ash about earlier, ash had finally finished his shower and was about to enter misty’s room when something stopped him. He didn’t know what it was but something was telling not to go in there, but ash didn’t really pay attention he just wanted to be with misty.

He opened the door and walked in.


Misty: well what do you think

Ash: wow misty is that you… you look um…

Misty slowly made her way to ash, she undid the bow that was keeping her over lace together,

Ash just stood there as he watched the lace hit the floor, misty now wore a short silk night gown. She now stood there in front of him not more that 10 cm away from him. Ash was immobilized misty started unbuttoning his shirt and it fell to the floor. ash was hypnotized and couldn’t help but pull her in closer to him and touch her body all over. they slowly made there way over to her bed laid down ad kiss the night away.

The sun already begun to rise as daisy, Lilly and violate had returned home early than they planned

Daisy: Lilly like can you kinda hurry up and open the door it’s like cold out hear.

Lilly: will you like stop yelling at me.

Violate: hey I wonder if like misty will be awake yet.

About five minutes they like finally got inside, misty had cuddled closer to ash.

daisy made her way up stair to check if misty was awake

daisy: knock, knock misty are you like awake…

daisy opened the door to find misty cuddling up to someone in bed and that someone who looked to be ash

daisy: violate, Lilly can you like come and look at this

violate: look at what… is that misty in there and is that like a boy in bed with her… hey that looks like that twerp that misty hangs out with or used to…

Lilly: wow our little sis is growing up… well we better let them sleep

About five minutes later misty started to wake, she looked at ash who was still asleep, misty just lay there for a while longer, ash started to stir.

Misty: good morning are you hungry I’ll go start breakfast if you won’t

Ash: I don’t care about breakfast, all I want right now is to be with you…(stomach grumberling sounds )..err on second thought’s I can’t skip breakfast

Misty: you haven’t really changed a bit have you ash


Misty put her robe on and may her way down to the kitchen to start breakfast, with ash following not far behind.

Misty grabbed a frying pan and started to cook breakfast ash walked up behind her and put his arms around her and softly kissed her neck.

Daisy: wow isn’t like so sweet

Ash and misty froze, misty slowly turned around to find her three sister standing in the kitchen door way. That look that came over ash’s face was that of shock than complete embarrassment

Misty( oh no, what am I going to say) um hi how was the trip…(what was that… I can’t belive I just said that)

Violate: well hello ash it’s been like a long time since you visited us…so how was your sleep. With a sort of evil smirk on her face as she said it.

Lilly: yeah you’s two looked pretty cozy before


Daisy: hey look we were just checking to see if you were awake… look were happy that you found someone… well we already knew it was going to be ash were just happy that you’s are finally together

Misty: wait so your not gonna tease me about going out with ash or something like that

Violate: no were just like happy that your like happy… ash you better like take good care of her or you’ll be like well I rather no have things come to that.

Ash: don’t worry about that I don’t plan to hurt misty at all… I don’t think I would e able to stand seeing misty hurt you see she’s everything to me

Daisy: I think I’m like gonna cry, that is like so totally sweet

Misty: hey so why did you come back early for?

Violate: well like to pack of course


Lilly: well were are gonna like move over sea’s somewhere that’s well got more people that will like our show

Misty: but what about the gym

Daisy: we well like wont you to be the gym leader… so how about it

Ash: come again???

Misty: so when are you’s leaving?

Lilly: um next week.. well were really busy so well leave you and ash alone.


Misty: oh no our breakfast… I’m sorry ash.

Ash: it’s o.k. I’m no really hungry now.

Misty was still in shock, she went upstairs to her room and ash followed the had gotten back into bed, ash lay there hugging misty

Misty: I can’t do this by myself

Ash: but you wont be by yourself, you have me hear with you.

Ash softly kissed misty on the for head, misty just lay there then she turned and started kissing him, they had both soon fall asleep.

Misty in ash’s arms.

Ash couldn’t help but dream.


It was cold and ash was caught out in the rain.

Ash: hey where are you going, wait please don’t go what have I done wrong please wait.

The girl had disappeared into the shadows ash was just left standing there, the rain was getting worse by the minute ash headed home none of the lights were on ash took the keys out of his pocket to unlock the door, but it was already unlocked

Ash: she must be home.

Ash walked inside and made his way to the kitchen he started dinner, then he made his way to the study, he looked at the picture and started to cry.

The tears were streaming down his face

Child: what’s wrong daddy were’s mummy gone.

Ash looked down to his 5 year old daughter she had no idea ash tried the best to stop the tears from flowing but he couldn’t help it

Ash: no were mystic, it’s o.k. daddy will be fine…I’m cooking our favourite for dinner tonight how’s that sound.

Mystic: oh really daddy that sound’s great.

His 5 year old daughter had no idea she wasn’t gonna come back



Ash woke with a fright and looked down at misty who was still asleep, he gave he a soft sweet kiss

Ash:( that was weird, I have a daughter in it and who was that girl?)

Ash started to caress her face with his hand but stopped after a while, he looked up at the clock

Ash: it already lunch time… I think I might go for a swim to clear my head.

Ash had gotten up and made hi way to the pool, he had no idea what that dream was about, ash tried to forget about it after all it was just a dream

Ash: but it felt so real… who was that girl

Ash dove in the water was like ice, he had come up for air, but because the water was so cold he was unable to catch hi breath, after a short while ash’s body had gotten used to the cold water, he started doing laps, he tried so hard to forget about his dream, but it just kept replaying in his head, the girl disappear into the shadows, and mystic the child in his dream, his daughter.

It felt all to real for ash.

While ash was taking a swim misty had just awoke to find ash not by her side

Misty: ash…ash!

She got up and went down stairs, she looked ever where but he was no were to be found

Misty: where is he I’ve looked every where… wait I’ve looked every where but the pool.

Misty was scared what if he wasn’t there she couldn’t deal with ash not being with her,

She sighed with relief he was there, he was there, he was just swimming misty went back to the kitchen

Misty: I’ll bet his hungry… let me see what do we have?

While misty was searching for some thing to get for lunch, ash had already gotten out of the pool and he was dried and dressed, he stood there for a moment just watching her before he walked up right behind her and put his arms around and whispered in her ear

Ash: hey what you up

Misty was in a trance, she felt warm with ash around

Ash: earth to misty, come in misty

Misty: huh , what oh ash I was going to make us something for lunch… so what do you feel like?

Ash: Chinese…

: Misty: sure I’ll just get… what

Ash: Chinese my treat how’s that sound?

Misty: ash … um sure just let me have a shower first!

Ash: that sounds like a great idea I’ll join you.

Misty didn’t really seem to mind, they made there to the bathroom, when they were in the bathroom misty closed the door, ash had already taken his shirt off misty just stood there ash slowly walked up to her and slowly removed her shirt, misty just stood there, once ash had removed her shirt he began to unclip her bra, while ash was doing so misty had start to caress his face slowly and steady then she moved her hand was now caressing his chest

Moments passed and it became interment.

After there shower ash and misty head out to the closest Chinese restraint they could find, the finally found it, it was a small but cozy place not very busy at all, ash had something else in mind for misty after the had finished, once inside they ate quietly chatting once finished ash and misty started to head back but ash took misty trough the park the moon was hidden behind the clouds, it was really dark and misty was starting to scared

Ash: misty you don’t have to worry I won’t let any thing happen to you… your safe with me

Misty: oh ash it’s just so dark…. Hey look a shooting star.

Ash put his arm around her and they walked home.

As misty was opening the door the phone rang once misty was inside she answered the phone.

Misty: hello …

Ash: I’m gonna head upstairs.

Misty: sure ash… hello, hello.. how is this, what do you wont… just leave me alone

Misty slammed the phone and went upstairs ash was half asleep on the bed, she sat on the end of the bed, she started to crawl on top of him. She was just staring at him he did look peaceful, misty didn’t pay any attention to how she was kneeling on the bed, she fell off and took ash with her

Ash: ah hey misty who was on the phone?

Misty: who well I don’t know but I really don’t care… it was no one!

Ash: well it was a pretty big no one from what I heard.

Misty: will you just lay off, I said it was now one.

Ash: fine if you don’t wonna tell me that’s fine but you don’t have to get crabby with me.

Misty: ash I’m sorry… were are you going… ash I said I was sorry!

Ash: I’m going for a swim you can join me if you wont.

They both headed down to the pool, while ash did lap’s of the pool misty just floated on her back thinking, just thinking

Ash: misty is every thing o.k.

Misty: what did you say something?

Ash: misty I know that something is bothering you so what is it, you know that you can tell me anything.

Misty: oh is it that obvious that I looked worried to you… it’s that phone call from before… ash I’m scared.

Misty began to cry, ash swam to her and tried to wipe the tears from her face but made it look worse.

Ash: don’t worry I’m hear to protect you, tell me what happened?

Misty: I don’t even know how it was but the sounded like they knew me… oh ash I’m really scared

Ash: misty what did they say?

Misty: th-they said that th-they were gonna get m-me, ash I’m really sacred.

Ash: misty don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you.

Ash held misty in a tight and long embrace, daisy stood watching from the shadow’s

Daisy: I know his like gonna take real good care of her.

It had been a long day for the both of them, so they decide to retire to bed.

The next day misty and ash said here goodbye’s to the three sisters as hey departed for the airport, ash turned to face misty.

Ash: are you o.k. with staying by your self for tonight while I go and collect some more of my stuff and pikachu?

Misty: ash I’ll be fine tonight just call me when you get there remember to call me o.k. see you soon I love you bye.

Ash: I love you too.

Ash headed home to collect his things, while misty stood there waving until he disappeared beyond the horizon, misty heared the phone ring so she dashed in side to answer it.

Misty: hello

Voice: I’m watching you misty

Misty: w-who is this, what do you want from me?

Voice: it’s you that I want misty… I’m coming for you

Misty: just leave me alone.

While misty was distracted on the phone someone had entered and slowly crept up behind her,

Misty hang the phone up but didn’t move she could feel a slight breeze on the back of her neck

She turned around to find a slim figure standing behind her, she went to scream but she silence as a hand covered her moth the last thing that misty remembered was the figure standing before her.

End chapter 2

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