Something Unexpected



This story is written by me Mistaria Ketchum, it was a dream I had lol, I know weird dreams but what can I do? and in the dream I was misty so yeah just think how I felt when I woke up haha. I will warn you that this story is MA for people over the age of 15 so people under that age.... read at your own risk.

oh and i dont own pokemon, wish I did but dont. LOL.


Misty: 19

Ash: 19

Brock: 24

Dilea: 37

Jake: 18

Dan: 39


It starts off, Misty was getting every thing ready for the party tonight. Well it wasn’t really a party but it was more of a get together, every body that was a close friend to misty was going to be there. Brock, Tracey, Prof. Oak, Dilea a few others and most of all Ash.

Misty lived with her sisters in Cerulean City, but they didn’t live in the gym any more they still ran it but it just wasn’t big enough. Instead they live in a big 5-bed room house on top of a hill over looking the city, and at night the view was breathtaking. It was a rather big house and u could easily get lost in it. Misty’s bedroom was at one end of the house, away from the others, her room wasn’t very big, but it had its own balcony were she could sit and watch the sunset.

Misty was at the front of the house in the entertaining room putting some food out wile her sisters were doing their hair. (Ding dong) the doorbell rang; Misty went to the door to greet the guests. She opened the door and standing there was a man with brown spiky hair, dark completion and squinty eyes.

Misty: “hi Brock.”

Brock: “hi misty how have u been?”

They both said wile giving each other a friendly hug.

Misty: “I’ve been good” she replied.

Brock: “look at you, look how much you’ve grown…you look beautiful” remarked Brock looking up and down her body. Viewing a tall, milky skin, elegant girl with red hair that fell down past her shoulders that reached half way down her back.

Misty: “umm thanks Brock,” said misty blushing.

Brock: “hmm how long has it been since I last saw you?” Brock said thinking out loud.

Misty: “umm about 3 years I think”

Brock: “wow 3 years!” Brock Shouted

Misty: “yeah it’s been a wile, well any way come in come in” Misty said showing him through the door and closing it behind her.

All of a sudden 3 girls came running down the hallway to greet the handsome guy (he wishes! hehe) that just came through the door.

Brock: “hi girls” said Brock

Violet: “hmm who is it?” she asked trying to see past hers sisters.

Lily: “oh its just Brock”

Violet: “oh” she said disappointedly.

Daisy: “like don’t be so rude sisters” daisy said scolding the two.

Lily: “sorry”

Violet: “yeah sorry” they both said to Brock.

They all said there hellos and went to the `party room`, but not long before there was another knock at the door.

Daisy: “misty get the door and we’ll show Brock through”.

Misty: “but I..I”

Daisy: “just get the door!!” daisy yelled back at her.

Misty: “okay” she murmured in defeat, opening the door.

Misty: “hi” she said studying the three people in front of her.

Deliah: “hello um… Misty? Is that you?” she asked surprisingly.

Misty: “yes it is Mrs. Ketchum its nice to see you.”

Deliah: “oh my!, look how gorgeous you are!”

Misty: “ah thanks Ms. Ketchum”

Professor Oak: “hello there misty, she’s right you shore have grown into a beautiful woman”

Misty: “hi Prof. Oak umm thanks”.

Tracy: “hey don’t forget I’m here!” Tracey said feeling left out.

Misty: “oh hi Tracey its been so long since I’ve seen you all”

Tracy: “its sure has”

Misty: “umm well come in and I’ll show you around” she said showing them through the door them in.

Misty showed them all around then took them to the party room. They all said their hellos and how are yas to each other.( sorry I’m so aussi) Some time had past and more people arrived. One of those people was Gary, which Misty was surprised that he came. After a wile Misty was siting on her own waiting for an certain someone to arrive, that’s when Gary came up and sat down beside her.

Gary: “hi red” he said acknowledging her.

Misty: “hi Gary” Misty said not looking at him.

Gary: “wow you sure have grown” he said looking at her body.

Misty: “really I thought I was still 11” she said still not acknowledging him.

Gary: “ha ha your really funny, though you still are scrawny so where is the guy I never see you without until now?”

Misty: “hmm I don’t know what your talking about and anyway what are you doing here?” she said in a aggravated tone.

Gary: “Ash invited me” he said with a huge smile on his face.

Misty: “what? How can he do that inviting someone to someone else’s party!” Misty was furious..

Gary: “I wasn’t going to come, but I was in the neighbourhood and he said you wouldn’t mind,

and plus I wouldn’t want to miss a chance in seeing your beautiful sisters”

Misty: “yeah yeah what ever”

Gary: “I know why your panties are in a bunch, its because he’s not here.”

Misty: “how dare you speak to me like that” she said dangerously looking him in the eye.

Gary: “oh come on red I’m only mucking around” he said chuckling.

Misty however was not laughing; she got up and went to walk away.

Gary: “oh don’t be so serious” he said trying to reason with her.

Misty: “you talk to me like that, also insult me on how I look and you expected me to take it as a joke?”

Gary: “come on I didn’t mean it, you don’t look that bad, if you weren’t so hooked on ash I’d take you out in a second.” He said looking at her.

Misty gave him a weird look and walked away.

An hour past and Misty was beginning to get tired of waiting, so she decided to go to her room for a break. She got to her door and opened it; she walked in and fell onto the bed. She started to think. ‘Stupid Ash why does he never come when he said he would? He’ll probably get here tomorrow if I’m lucky but I don’t like my chances', misty thought to herself. Closing her eyes she started to drift off, then she was distracted by a noise. She opened her eyes and all of a sudden two men came out from nowhere and held her down on the bed. She screamed realizing what was happening, but one of the men put a hand over her mouth before a sound could leave her lips.



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