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Ash was on his way to the party but got court up in a battle, the battle was his pikachu agents an old manís squtle. 'Pikachu being an electric type and squtle being a water type this battle should be over in no time'. Ash thought. But that was not the case. When the battle was finely over ash had realized that he was late, and if he knew misty she was not going to be happy about it.

Ash ran as fast as he could with pikachu on his back, knowing that if he was eney later he would be in big trouble!

As Ash rounded another corner he could have sworn he was being fowled. He stoped and look back form where he just came from, but no one could be seen. Ash just shrugged the thought and continued on, as he did he started to think about who would be at the party Brock, Tracy, Porf Oke, his mom, Gary, and more. Then he started to think about Misty, what she looked like, what she smelt like and what she felt like to touch. Yes Misty had grown from a scewney little girl into a beautiful women, she smelt of strawberries and her skin was soft as silk and smooth to the touch. He wasnít shore exactly what relationship he and Misty had, but all he knew was that he love her and needed her in his life.

Ash was so court up in his thoughts he didnít realizes that he had ran past Misty's house, which made him even more late.

Ash: "hey pikachu whereís the house"? Ash asked embarrass scratching the back of his head.

Ash : "Iím shore it was here some where"?

pika : "pikachu pi!" Pikachu said shaking his head and pointed to the house, that was back down the street.

Ash : "he he i ran past it." Ash stated.

pika : "pika!!!" (yes) pikachu yelled at its trainer for being so dumb.

Ash walked back towards the house. "I must have been court up in my thoughts agene", Ash said to himself. He reach the door and ranged the bell. He could here the people inside and some one walk to the door, it opened...

Lilly : "Hi." Lilly greeted.

Ash : "Hi." ash replied

Lilly : "can i like help you?" Lilly said not recognizing who he was.

Ash : "huh?? umm its me Lilly..., ash." he said with a weird look.

Lilly : "Ash?? OMG!!! Ash i like didnít recognize you! Misty had said you had like grown but wow."

Ash : "aah thanks? He he. umm can i come in?" ash asked standing out side.

Lilly : "oh yes of course come in." she said showing him in.

Ash : "thanks."

Ash came in and closed the door behind him.

Lilly : "come though every body is in the party room."

Ash : "ok."

They walk though the foyer towards the party room as they did ash thought the house look different. He had stayed here twice before with Misty when her sisters were away, the house was a peace colour, now it was a baby blue he much like the new colour then the old. 'They must of done some redecorating scene last time I was here' he thought. they reach the party room and Ash was happy to see all his friends and his mom there.

Lilly : "every body ash is like here!" Lilly announced.

Ash : "thanks Lilly but you didnít have to do that." he said a little embarrassed.

Lilly : "like why shouldnít a pokemon master be like announced where he enters the a room?"

Ash : "aah???ok thanks."

Yes Ash had became a pokemon master and Lilly was the first to say something about it. ĎNot that everybody he will talk to tonight wont let him now about it'. Ash thought. hehe.... anywayís Ash's daydreams were evidently interrupted when he hared his mother scream and run up to him. Pikacu jump off his shoulder and made his way to the food table, where he spotted it a hole new fresh bottle of ketchup just for him. Pikachu jumped up on the table pick up the ketchup and ran off with it. Ash : "where are you going!" he yelled to his little yellow companion as it scampered off with the ketchup.

'Donít leave me alone, This is going to be a long night' ash thought...


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