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Misty was scared all she could do was try to fight agents the men that were holding her down, but soon got tied and all she could do was lay in there grip and wait for a miracle to come and save her. she laid there as they were busy binding her arms together and had taped up her mouth so she couldn’t even try to call for help even if she wanted. She waited and watch the men as they started to fight over something she didn’t know what. She tried to get a good look at there faces but was unable to as they had black balaclavas on over there heads with eye holes cut out in them. Misty thought this was her chance to run, she got up and run for the door but was stop by one of the men.

Man 1 : "now now you wouldn’t be trying to escape now would you?" he said in a low and rusty voice as he step in front of her.

Misty was scared normally she wouldn’t be scared but there were two of them and one of her she didn’t stand a chance at escaping.

She just shock her head as a replied.

Man 1 : "I think you were." he said moving closer to her.

She shock her head again and step back to be met with the her bed.

Man 1 : "you know now i will have to teach you a lesson" he said with a gilt of last in his eyes.

He thought her back agents the bed and told the other man to wait on the balcony, but he wasn’t happy at this and mumble something about that he always has all the fun as he walk out the other door onto the balcony. Misty was really scared now she started to cry and was praying that ash would come and save her but that moment was never to come. The man lower himself over her body and started to touch her all over he could here her sobs getting louder he stop to pull off his balaclava so he could kiss her neck. He look into her tear stained eyes...

Man 1 "don’t worry this wont hurt ." he said trying to get her to stop crying.

Misty just wanted him to stop but She new that he wasn’t going to. She was just thankful that she had already lost her virginity to ash about 2 years ago at lest he wasn’t going to take that away. Misty look into his eyes and something struck her, she had seen those eyes before...... but she didn’t really care she just prayed for this to be over......

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