It's Not Fair

It's Not Fair
By: Misty101803
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Disclaimer: Well here I am again. Whether you are one of my new or loyal readers, I think you'll be able to enjoy reading this story. Much like my story "Love's End", this story is also based on actual events that went on in my life. Well, now that that's said, I don't own Pokémon, yet I feel inclined to say it. This story was written in July 2004.

Today we join our heros taking a rest back in Pallet Town. Ash has already acquired all eight Hoenn League gym badges, and is back in Pallet Town visiting all his friends, including Misty.

Currently, everyone is at Oak's lab, except for Ash and May who are now talking at Ash's house.

"I told you May, I don't want to go out with you," Ash said to her. May had been asking him to be her boyfriend for about a couple of months now, but Ash always refused.

"Well then if you don't want to go out with me, then who do you want to go out with anyway?" May asked with an angry look upon her normally happy face.

"Um well, ya see," Ash stuttered nervously.

"It's Misty isn't it?"

"Well I can't lie to you May, yes, I do want to go out with Misty. And ya know what, I'm gonna go over to Professor Oak's right now and talk to Misty."

"No Ash, you can't. Don't go," May tried to say, but Ash and Pikachu were already out of the door and off down the road towards Oak's famous laboratory.

Ash had finally made it to Oak's lab, and was looking around to where Misty was right now. He took a quick look in the massive field behind the lab, and Ash was not surprised to see Misty sitting by the nearest pond, watching her and the other Water Pokémon frolic and play in the clear blue water.

Ash quickly, but quietly, walked up to Misty and tried to start up a conversation. Also around was Professor Oak with Tracey, Delia, Brock and Max doing various things. Professor Oak was talking with a very nervous Max, as Tracey was sketching some Butterfree while they were in a courtship-dance. And then Delia was saying hello to Pikachu, who had instantly gone to see her once Ash got into the back field. And finally, Brock was carring to a small injured Oddish, which had bruised itself while in a battle with a Hoppip, who was perfectly fine as of now.

"Hey Misty," Ash started with. "How's it going?" he asked as he sat down next to her.

"Oh I've been doing fine Ash, and what about you?" Misty asked back.

"Oh, I've been okay, just, May has been bugging me lately to go out with her, but I still told her that it's never going to happen." Just then, May arrived in the fields, and quickly went over to see what Brock was doing with the Oddish. Misty noticed that May had arrived, and decided to say,

"Hey Ash, how about we go take a walk down that hill over there." Misty gestured to this small hill which was pretty close to the pond where they sat. Obviously, Misty wanted to talk with Ash without May or anyone else hearing them.

"Um, alright," Ash said and got up as Misty did the same thing. They then both started walking towards, and up the hill.

"So Ash, you said that you wouldn't ever go out with May. Why is that? Just curious."

"Well I told her that I liked someone else, and that I wanted to ask them out instead of her."

"Um, who?" Misty asked as they were at the top of the hill.

Ash stood there just facing Misty for what seemed like an eternity, but was in reality only a few seconds until he turned away looking at the sky as he blushed.

"Well, Misty," Ash said turning back to her, ""

"Oh Ash, you want to go out with me?"

"Well yeah..." Ash was about to explain, but just then Misty got this large grin on her face and leaned in for a small, but sweet kiss on the lips. From where they were standing, everyone at Oak's could see what they were doing, and May, paying more attention to them than Brock and the Oddish, pointed out what had just happened. Within another few seconds, Delia was saying,

"Awww, how cute." While all the other guys just stood there with a simple smile on their faces.

After what seemed like forever for both of them, Ash and Misty pulled apart from each other, and smiled.

"Oh, Ash, I've had this major crush on you for the past few years of my life," Misty said.

"Well the same goes with me. I think I've liked you even longer."

"Well then Ash, shall we," Misty said holding up her right hand.

"Shall we what?"

"Oh, Ash, just take my hand in your left hand," Misty explained.

"Okay," Ash said and did what she said.

"Good, now lets go," Misty said and started to walk down the hill towards everyone at the base who were already full-aware of what had just happened.

Later that day, while Misty was taking a nap in Ash's house, everyone was planning a congratulatory dinner because of Ash and Misty finally getting together. Most of them were helping with the plans. Delia, Brock, and Mr. Mime were cooking or mixing something, as Max and Tracey set the table, and Oak was doing what he could do to help with. Meanwhile, Ash and May were in the living room talking.

"Ash, how could you do this to me?" May asked him.

"May look, I really like Misty, maybe even love her, and I'm sorry but I just don't have the same feelings for you as you do for me."

"I just can't believe that you chose Misty over me. She's not even your type Ash, and she's definalty not the one for you."

"Oh, and you are, May? You are just going to have to accept to fact that I chose Misty and not you. Just move on, and try to find someone else out there for you."

"That's a little hard, since you're the perfect one for me."

"Oh stop it May. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were jealous."

"Me, jealous, yeah right Ash."

"It's true May. You're jealous that you got left behind when Misty and I got together. Well news flash May, you never had a chance with me. And I don't see how you can say that she is not the one for me. You barely know her, May! You met her once while we were in Hoenn, and then again just a few days ago, so you can't say anything about Misty."

May got both mad and unhappy at what Ash said to her, and quickly left the room to go outside. Ash was going to go after her, but then just decided to check on the preperations for the dinner tonight, as Misty slept in Ash's room.

It has now been about two weeks since the first kiss on that hill at Oak's lab. Over that time, May and Misty have bumped heads a few times and almost got into a couple of fights. May hated Misty even more these days, while Misty was just annoyed at how May was acting. Meanwhile, Ash didn't really like having May mad at Misty over the subject of Misty and himself now going out.

Over the course of these two weeks, Ash and Misty have been having a lot of fun all around Pallet Town and Viridian City. May on the other hand was not having any fun. She wanted Ash to dump Misty, and even if Ash wasn't going to go out with her, it would be good enough for her if at least Ash dumped Misty. Finally, May had gotten an idea to do just that.

Everyone was back at Oak's lab again today. While mostly everyone was outside in the backyard fields, May wanted to talk with Ash inside the lab alone.

"Well Ash Ketchum, have you been having fun with Misty over the past two weeks?" May asked him.

"Well yes, I have been having fun. This is the happiest I've ever been in my whole life."

"Well sorry to burst your bubble Ash, but I can't let this little thing between you two go on for much longer."

"Oh yeah, well what could you do to stop us?" Ash asked.

"Easy, I could blackmail you."

"With what?"

"With this," May said and held up a photograph.

Ash was so mad at May. She was willing to blackmail him just so he would stop going out with Misty. After much talk and yelling, Ash found himself saying,

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Good Ash, because you know what will happen if you don't comply," May said as she waved the picture at Ash. "And don't forget, I have a lot more copies of these hidden away, so you have no choice."

Ash was mortified. He couldn't do anything but just say,

"It's not fair."

"Well nothing is ever fair, Ash. I mean, you not wanting to go out with me, that is not fair to me. So then what are you waiting for, Ash. Go outside and get to it."

Ash gave out a long sigh, and headed outside to find Misty. She was agian sitting by the small pond with her Water Pokémon playing in the water. Ash quickly went over to her and sat down next to her.

"Misty, we need to talk."

"Okay Ash, what about?"

"Well first let me explain what is going on. You know how May dislikes the fact that we are now going out? Well, she's currently blackmailing me so that I will break up with you."

"What?! That's not fair, Ash. She can't do that!"

"Well she can and is." Ash let out a long sigh again. "I just wanted you to know that the reason that I may break up with you is because I was forced to, not because I wanted to." Misty was in disbelief.

"Well then what are you going to do Ash?"

"I don't know exactly," Ash lied.

"All I can say is that I would be lying if I didn't say that I am afraid of what you might do. I can't believe May is doing this to us, Misty said."

"Yeah, me too. I also wanted to say, Misty, that I...I..."


"I'm sorry...for anything that I have to do because..."

"But I already know what you're going to tell me," Misty said sadly.

"Because...I have no other choice than to break up with you, as much as I don't want to."

"Oh, Ash, if you have no choice, but can you give me one last kiss?"

"There wouldn't be anything else I would want, other than for us to be together," Ash said and then leaned in for the one final kiss that they would share. Meanwhile, May was happy as she had over-heard what they had talked about, and Tracey, not knowing what Ash and Misty had talked about, quickly sketched Ash and Misty kissing together in a very cute scene by the pond.

When they finally broke the kiss, Misty got up as quick as she could from the ground, and started running down the field, away from everyone else. Tears had already started to flow from Misty's aqua eyes, and as she ran, they rolled down her cheeks and onto the ground. Everyone else around was pretty confused about this, all except for Ash and May.

All Ash could do was sit there and watch Misty run all the while thinking,

'It's not fair.'

Misty ran all the way down to where she and Ash first met by that river, and sat down on the edge of the bank. The sun had already set, but luckily there was a full moon out tonight, so there was enough light to see around her. Misty looked down into the water and first saw her reflection in the rippling water. She could see that she looked really upset, as she had been. Then Misty looked up and gazed at the large and bright moon in the sky. There was something about it that she couldn't take her eyes off it at that moment. She could also see some clouds in the sky, and saw how the moon's light reflected off the clouds and made it seem like they were glowing in the night sky. Misty started to talk to herself, between sobs.

"Why me? Why me? Why am I always so unlucky. Throughout my whole life, it's never been really good, and then just two weeks ago, I thought everything was starting to go my way, until May got into it. Maybe this was meant to be. Maybe this was fate. But I can't accept those things, because I love Ash just way too much. It's just...just not fair," Misty said finally, and began to pour even more tears into her already drenched hands.

The End.


Well this story was harder for me to write than I thought it would be. As I said, this is almost a true story, and that is where I got the inspiration to write it. Please review this story if you would like. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.