Love's End

Love's End
By: Misty101803
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: Frist of all let me credit Lonepichu for this story because she gave me the idea for this story. Also, keep in mind that this story is based on actual events that might have happened in my own life. With that, let me say that I don't own Pokémon, never have, never will, even if I change my name to Satoshi Tajiri, even that would not be enough for me to own Pokémon. This story was written in June 2004.

"Today is the day. Today I'm gonna tell Ash how I feel about him and nothing is going to stop me. I have waited too long for this day to come, and I won't pass this opportunity up." Misty was home alone, at Ash's house, while everyone else went over to Prof. Oak's for a while. Misty didn't want to go because she knew what she had to do.

Misty had been talking in front of the mirror in the bathroom trying to build up the courage to tell Ash that she loved him more than anything in the world. Misty knew that it was now or never to tell Ash how she really felt.

Ash had just finished his journey in the Hoenn region and now has come back to Pallet Town to rest a while. Along with Ash came his friends of Misty, Brock, May and Max.

"I hope that this works." Misty was full aware that she had to tell Ash whether she liked it or not.

"Misty, were back!" Misty heard the voice of her beloved, Ash, yelling out to her.

"Coming!" Misty called back. Misty left the bathroom and went to greet all her friends. Professor Oak, Delia Ketchum, Brock, Tracey and Max were all standing around Ash and May talking. When Misty entered the room, Ash immediatly got excited and ran over to Misty with May close by.

"Hey Ash, have a good time at Professor Oak's today?" Misty asked him.

"A good time is an understatement Misty. I have wonderful news to tell you," Ash said with a big smile on his face. Meanwhile May came up next to Ash and took his hand in hers right in front of Misty.

"What's going on here?" Misty asked confused.

"Misty, I have a girlfriend now, and she's May!" Ash nearly yelled and then turned to smile at May who smiled right back at him.

Misty was completely mortified. It felt as if Ash had taken her heart and smashed it into a million differnet pieces; she was heartbroken. At that moment she felt like crying, but held herself together while Ash trampled on her heart.

"Misty, didn't you hear me, we're boyfriend and girlfriend now, aren't you happy for me?" Ash asked her.

"Oh of course I'm happy for you Ash. Congratulations Ash, May, I hope you two stay together for a long time, because obviously you love each other."

"We most certainly do, Misty. I love May with all my heart, and I haven't been happier in my whole entire life."

Misty could feel her tears starting to surface, so she knew she didn't have much time if she was to not make a scene.

"Well Ash, May, everybody, I'd love to stay but I really must be getting back to the Cerulean Gym. I told my sisters that I wasn't gonna be a long time, so I'll see ya later guys," Misty said and then turned to leave, but then stopped when she felt Ash's hand on her arm.

"Oh Misty don't go. We're gonna go out to eat tonight at my favorite restaurant and I want you to come too," Ash said trying to make her stay.

Without even turning around, Misty said quietly,

"I'm sorry Ash, but I really must be going. Have a good time guys. Maybe I'll see you soon, but goodbye for now Ash," Misty said and then started walking forward again, which made Ash lose his grip on her. Ash and the others just stood there and watched Misty leave through the front door to get on her bike so as to ride back to Cerulean City.

Outside, Misty, while siting on her bike, gave Ash's house one more look before she set off. She knew that this would probably be the last time she ever saw it. Misty couldn't hold it back any longer. The tears started flowing like waterfalls from her eyes. She could feel them as they slid down her cheek and onto the dirt below her. The last thing she said, under her breath, before she set off was,

"Goodbye Ash, I love you." Then she started to ride off in the direction of Cerulean City while the tears never stopped flowing.

"Misty, like, why are you back so early?" Daisy asked as Misty came through the front door. Misty had the sense at least to wipe the tears from her eyes before she entered the gym.

"Oh, it's nothing, I just got bored over there and wanted to see the gym again," Misty lied.

"Well, like, you must be hungry Misty. Do you want me to make you like anything?" Daisy asked her.

"No, I'm not hungry. Actually, I'm pretty tired. I just want to go upstairs to my room and sleep right now, k?"

"Like, whatever Misty," Daisy said then left Misty to go back to the pool where Misty's other sisters Lily and Violet were swimming.

Misty silently climbed the stairs and went up to her room. She actually wasn't tired at all. She just wanted to be alone so that she could sort out her thoughts. Once in her room she locked her door behind her and just plopped onto her bed, and just let the tears consume her. She had loved Ash with every ounce of her heart and soul, and he didn't even know.

Unknown to Misty, Misty's sisters wanted to know why she had come home so early, so they were heading up the stairs to her room. Daisy was just about to put her hand on the doorknob of Misty's room but then she heard Misty crying. They could all hear her crying and they knew that they had to do something about it.

Knock knock

"Misty, uh, can I like come in please. I want to talk to you," Daisy said behind Misty's door. Misty lifted her head from her wet-with-tears pillow and cried,

"Just go...go away. I just want alone." Then she layed her head back onto the pillow and continued crying.

"But Misty, like, we want to know what happened to you. Was it Ash? Did he do something to you?" Lily asked. Misty lifted her head again and started crying even more at just the mention of Ash's name. It used to bring her such joy, but now all it brought was sorrow.

"Misty, like, we want to help you, so let us in baby sis," Violet said next trying to get Misty to open the door. Misty thought about her sisters and how they might be able to help, so Misty got off of the bed, wipped her tears from her face and unlocked the door. A second later, Daisy opened the door and stood face-to-face with Misty.

"Misty, look at you, like what happened to you?" Daisy asked as she led Misty to sit on the side of her bed, followed by Lily and Violet. Misty's face was all red and puffy with all of the crying that she had done, that she didn't even look like her normal self.

"Oh, you're right, it was Ash. He got a girlfriend before I could even get to tell him that I loved him so much. And today I was actually gonna tell him, but then...then," Misty stuttered and began to cry again, this time on Daisy's shoulder. Daisy did what she could to try to comfort Misty, but there was little she, Lily and Violet could do.

"Oh Misty, I know how you feel, we like all do. Boys are horrible creatures that love to trample on little girls' hearts everyday, and as I can see Ash was no different," Daisy said trying to stop Misty from crying. Her shoulder was getting quite drenched at the moment.

"Like we all know what you've been though Misty. It's a way of life. You shouldn't let Ash get you down," Lily tried this time.

"Yeah, like, forget him Misty. Go on with your life, and with us, you'll never be alone," Violet said to her. Gradually, Misty stopped crying, and lifted her head again when just then Violet handed Misty a kleenex so she could blow her nose in it. Misty took it, blew her nose and tried to wipe the unused portion of the kleenex with her tears; she was feeling a little better now.

"Thanks you guys, thanks for caring so much about me," Misty said to them.

"Like it's no problem Misty," Daisy said first.

"Like you're our sister Misty, and we always look out for each other," Lily said second.

"And we know that you would do the same for us, Misty," Violet said last.

"Thanks again, now can I be alone now, I need time to think," Misty asked her three sisters.

"Oh of course Misty. We'll be back up here later to check on you, okay?" Daisy suggested.

"Yeah, that'll be great guys," Misty said and then all three one-by-one all hugged Misty until they all left through the door, and closed it behind them.

Now Misty was alone in her room, and she went over to her large mirror, and sat down in a chair. There was a good sized desk between her and the mirror too. There were a bunch of pictures of Ash and Misty from various places around the world hanging on the mirror, taped up. Like in Altomare after the Tour de Altomare was over and Misty was awarded her prize with Ash right by her side. She took that picture down and tore it into halves until she couldn't tear it anymore.

And like this other photograph when Ash and Misty were at the beach last year. She remembered that Todd had taken that picture, it was so cute. Misty had been wearing Ash's hat and he was chasing her around the beach, but with a smile upon both their faces. Misty took this picture down as well and tore it into pieces. She then preceeded to destroy every picture one-by-one until there was a huge pile of picture pieces at the base of the mirror on the desk.

Every picture except for one. Misty took down the last picture. She had remembered that it had been taken by Brock one day at the Pallet Town park a few years back. Ash and Misty were sitting on a bench while Pikachu, Togepi and the rest of their Pokémon played and frolicked around in front of them. Ash had his arm around Misty because it was cold that day and she had started to shiver, which was also the reason why she was wearing Ash's old blue vest. The reason why Misty couldn't bare to tear this picture up was because Ash had lightly kissed Misty on her right cheek that day in the picture. She remembered how surprised she ahd been and she was blushing so much after that that she just ran off back to Ash's house. Misty then put the picture back where it had been on the mirror and just sat there and started to lightly cry again.

Misty started to get angry right after this. So angry that she started pounding the desk over and over again until her hands were red and numb. By the time she was done with her pounding, some of the drawers on the right side had been slid open; there were three drawers. Misty shut the top one first, then the one right below that, and was just about to shut the third drawer but something had caught her eye.

It was a letter opener that Ash had given her a few years back. The handle was shaped like a Tentacruel, her favorite Pokémon, and the blade was one of its long tentaculls, which was slightly curved all the way down to the tip. Misty looked at it for several seconds and then picked it up with both her hands.

She started to contemplate what she should do. In one hand she could live with her broken heart forever, and in the other hand, she could end her life right now; pierce the heart that Ash had already crushed beneath his shoe.

Misty stood up from the chair, still holding the letter opener in both of her hands and walked over to where her door was and turned around to face her mirror. In it she could see a heartbroken girl that could not go on living much longer without her beloved Ash.

Misty started thinking about who would care if she was gone. She didn't have many close friends except the people back in Pallet Town, and for her sisters, but she thought since she's never here, that they probably wouldn't notice if she was gone at all. Misty had decided what she was going to do.

Misty walked over to the mirror and got the picture down again and stabed the letter opener right though the center where Ash's face was. She then took the handle in both hands, and with her last words she said simply,

"I love you Ash, goodbye." She then felt one final tear escape her eye and fall down her cheek. Misty thrust the letter opener right though her heart with all her strength that she had. The force of the thrust made her fall backwards onto the hard floor, where a rug was laying. Misty had been so caught up with emotion that she had forgotten to leave a note to anyone who cared.

Misty's sisters had not heard anything, for they were all underwater at the time, swimming in their very large pool, practicing for another underwater ballet.

Meanwhile, in Pallet Town the next day, they hadn't heard yet of Misty's death, because Misty's sisters were too distraught to do anything but cry. Ash was sitting in the living room on the couch in his house, flipping through the channels on the television while thinking about the events of the past 24 hours.

In that time, he had thought he wanted to be with May, but he soon found out what kind of a person May really is when in a relationship. In just a day they had become boyfriend and girlfriend and then broken up just last night. Ash had been crying some that night, but then realized that he shouldn't be crying for May for he knew that who he really cared for was Misty. It just took this experiance with May to realize this.

This time Ash was the one that was staying over while everyone else had went to Prof. Oak's lab for the day. All Ash wanted to do was to see Misty again, and try to expalin that he really does care for her not May. He could feel it in his heart as he continued to flip through the channels until he switched to the daily news. He was just about to go to the next channel, but then he heard the news person say Cerulean City. The news person started reporting,

"...And in some realted news, a young girl by the name of Misty Waterflower had killed herself in a ritualistic fashion yesterday. She was found by her three sisters the same day in thier home at the Cerulean City gym. She had been killed by stabbing herself through the heart with a letter opener while a picture of her and a boy was stabbed with it. Misty's three sisters, the three sensational sisters of Cerulean City consisting of Daisy, Lily and Violet commented later by saying that a boy named Ash Ketchum had broken her heart and driven her to her inevitable suicide. You may remember Ash Ketchum from a few years back by coming in the top 16 trainers at the Indigo Plateau at the Pokémon League. There was no suicide note at the scene for some reason unknown to investigators. They suspect that she thought no one would care if she had died or not. We will bring you more information when it is available to us now onto our next story..." but Ash then shut off the television.

He could not believe what he had just heard, and unknown to him, everyone at Prof. Oak's lab had seen the report as well. Ash was in complete shock, he didn't know what to think. All these emotions were running though his head.

'Could it be true? Could she have really killed herself all because of me?' Ash thought.

"But I didn't even know she liked me. How could I, she never even showed any sign of ever liking me. Oh if only I would have never gotten together with May then Misty wouldn't be dead and me and her could have been together," Ash said quietly to himself.

"If...if only," Ash said finally and then just starting crying while holding his head with his hands.

The End.


Well that was sad wasn't it? As I said this story is based on actual real-life events that almost went on in my own life, but luckily, no one in real-life was killed. I came really close to experiancing this first hand, but thank God that didn't happen. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.