New Beginnings

New Beginnings
By: Misty101803
Part: 11
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: Despite this being part 11, I also have written a prologue for this story so this is the 12th disclaimer I have written (not counting the disclaimers in my story "This Pichu is Different,"). I have thought up many funny things to say at this point, but right now I'm just too tired to think of anything funny to say. I don't own Pokémon. And I don't own The Pokémon Tower, but I do use the name of it in this part. This story was written in March 2004.

The Kojho, the water Pokémon competition, is just about to begin. All the trainers have gathered together and are currently in a crowd up on deck crowded around a man on a podium. He was just handed a megaphone from someone in the crowd and is about to say something.

"Hello, I'm Captain Skyler if some of you didn't know and I'm here to first welcome all of you trainers to the Kojho!" Everyone started to cheer in the crowd at what the captain said. "I'm not one to make long speeches but I wish the best of luck to all of you Pokémon trainers!" Everyone in the crowd cheered again.

After everyone had quieted down Captian Skyler began again. "Now let me explain the rules for day one of the Kojho. Each trainer will only be using one water Pokémon in a sudden death battle. For those of you that don't know, all of the battling will comence off the ship. Each trainer will be on a boat anchored to the sea while the ship isn't moving. And for your information, the ship will not be returning on its course to Ohnee untill the Kojho is offically over, which should be in the next four days, but don't quote me on that. Finally, whomever wins all of thier matches will be the winner of the Kojho and will get the grand prize of $20,000 dollars and an official Masterball." As expected, everyone in the crowd cheered again at what the captain said.

"Now let the Kojho begin!" There was a loud uproar in the crowd once again. "But first let me name off the trainers that will be battling today, on what field they will battle on, and when they will be battling." The captain was handed a list from the same person that gave him the megaphone and started to read off the names.

"The first battle, on field one, right now, will be against, oh will be against my son Sean, the owner of the best restaurant on the ship The Pokémon Tower, verses Ash Ketchum!" While the captain kept on naming names, Ash and Misty just looked at Sean and Natalie in surprize.

"Why didn't you two tell us your dad is the captian of the ship!" Ash said loudly at them.

"It never occured to us that we had to. But it doesn't matter now that you know. Ash you are my opponent in the first battle of the Kojho and I promise you to give you the match of your life!" Sean said to Ash with determination in his voice.

"Well that goes the same for me. Get ready for the hardest battle that you'll ever face!" Ash said clenching his fists and holding them up as if he was gonna start a fight.

"Pika pika chu!" it said doing the same thing that Ash did with its tiny fists.

"Well then come on. I know where we have to go for the first battle," Sean said to Ash, Natalie and Misty. By now the captain was almost done with reading the names off the list. When he was finally done he yelled out on the megaphone,

"Good luck to all of the trainers, expecially me son. Let to Kojho officially begin with the first battle which will occur on the right side of the ship." The captain then pointed on his right to where the battle between Ash and Sean will begin.

Within another few seconds the gang was all around where the first two boats were ready to take Ash and Sean into the water below. Ash and Sean got into their boats and were about to be lowered into the ocean.

"Good luck Ash. I know you can beat Sean!" Misty said with determination to Ash.

"And good luck to you too Sean. Crush Ash into dust!" Natalie said to Sean.

"Thanks Misty. You have nothing to worry about 'cause I'm gonna win!" Ash said with confidence.

"Thanks Natalie but there's no need since I am going to win either way!" Sean said with equal confidence.

The two boats were then lowered into the ocean and the rowers of the boats began to row them to the ready positions. Meanwhile every one of the spectators were crowding on the right side of the ship to watch the battle. Natalie and Misty were right next to eachother ready for Ash and Sean to begin the battle.

There was a huge megascreen floating high above Ash and Sean and on it on the left side was a picture of Sean, with red under his picture and on the right side had a picture of Ash, with green under his picture. In the middle of their pictures was a circle divided into ten different parts with alternating colors of red and green in the divisions. It was there to decide which trainer would release their Pokémon first.

The referee was almost to the ready position in his own boat and he had two flags in his hands. In his left hand had a green flag and in his right hand was a red flag. With the referee facing the crowd Ash, the green trainer, was on his left side and Sean, the red trainer, was on the referee's right side.

Soon the boats were in position and the referee, who had a microphone attached to his collar (so everyone could here him) began to say,

"The battle between Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and Sean, who lives on this ship, is about to begin! Now begin the selector on the megascreen!" When he said this, the circle between Ash's and Sean's pictures began to flash green and red as the light traveled around the circle. It was going for about five seconds when it began to slow down untill it landed on red. This meant that Sean had to release his Pokémon first.

"Go Wingull!" Sean yelled while he threw a Pokéball out into the air. A Wingull came out in a blinding flash of white light while the Pokéball returned to Sean's hand.

Ash quickly got out his Pokédex and pointed it at Wingull.

"Wingull, the Seagull Pokémon. Wingull has the habit of carrying prey and valuables in its beak and hiding them in all sorts of locations. This Pokémon rides the winds and flies as if it were skating across the sky," the Pokédex stated.

"A Wingull huh? Thats a nice choice, but I've got a good choice as well." Ash put away his Pokédex and got out his small Lureball and enlarged it by taping it once. "Totodile, I chose you!" Ash yelled as he too threw his Lureball straight into the field. Totodile came out of the Pokéball and started to dance around in the water while the Lureball returned to Ash's hand as well.

"Let the battle begin!" the referee said as he raised both flags up into the air.

"This won't take long. Wingull use Watergun!" Wingull caried out its trainers orders and a powerful Watergun came out of its mouth.

"You're not gonna take that Totodile. Use your Watergun too!" Totodile did the same thing as it shot water at Wingull.

"Wingull dodge it!"

"Totodile, dodge it by diving under water!" Both of the Pokémon successfully dodged eachothers Watergun attack.

"Wingull, when it comes back up use Wingattack!"

'How am I gonna defend against that? I know!' Ash thought.

"Totodile jump out of the water and try to grab hold of Wingull!" Totodile did as it was told and it jumped out of the water totally surprizing Wingull as Totodile grabbed Wingull by its left wing.

"That's great Totdile. Now use your Bite attack!" Ash yelled out. Totodile then bit really hard onto Wingull's wing. Since it couldn't keep flying with Totodile on its wing, it fell into the ocean.

"Excellent, now use Watergun!" Ash yelled to Totodile.

"Wingull try to fly up into the air!" Sean yelled at it just as the Watergun was about to hit. Wingull then flew up and dodged the Watergun.

"Great, now use your Wingattack!" Wingull moved so fast, Ash didn't have enough time to tell Totodile to dodge the attack. Wingull's attack hit dead on and then Totodile went flying out of the water.

As the battle ragged on, Natalie and Misty were standing together watching the battle.

"Come on Ash. Beat this guy!" Misty yelled out but Ash was too into the battle to hear her say anything. And anyway the crowd was too loud for Ash or Sean to hear anything.

"You really want him to win don't you Misty?" Natalie asked her.

"Well sure I do. Don't you want Sean to win too?"

"Well not really. Look at it this way Misty. If Sean loses this battle, it will just make it easier for me because Sean is a very powerful trainer. I wouldn't want to face him in a battle. Havn't you ever considered that you and Ash might have to go against eachother?" Natalie asked.

"Sure I've thought about it and I think, what better way to prove to Ash that I'm the better trainer than to beat him in a battle. We have battled before a bunch of times, but the last time was in the Whirl Cup Competition in the Whirl Islands in Johto. I ended up winning the battle and even though I didn't win the whole competition, at least I got to beat Ash at his own game. And what about you Natalie. Have you ever beaten your brother in a battle before?"

"Oh yeah, a lot of times. Since we basically live on this ship, we always enter the Kojho. And because we are so good, we always end up meeting eachother in a battle together."

"What happened the last time you battled?" Misty asked.

"The last time we battled was the last time the Kojho was going on and that was about a month ago. Since the ship is not always traveling from Kanto to Ohnee or from Ohnee to Kanto, the Kojho doesn't always take place. So the last time, the ship was traveling from Ohnee to Kanto and naturely the Kojho took place. And as always we won our battles and we eventually met eachother in battle. Anyway, I was using my newly caught Chinchou against his one of his Corsola. As the battle went on I tried to use my Chinchou's Spark attack on his Corsola, but..." Natalie was saying but got cut off by Misty.

"But since Corsola probably was using Recover and Mirror Coat all the time, you lost the battle."

"Exactly Misty. How did you know?"

"Don't forget I have a Corsola of my own, and I'm using it in my first battle in the Kojho. And I also know that if I was Sean, I would have kept on using Recover and Mirror Coat as well."

Meanwhile back in the battle...

"Wingull use Wingattack again!" Sean yelled out. Totodile was now in the water again badly hurt, but it still had life left in it.

"Totodile, wait for it to come really close to you!" Ash called out.

"Toto!" it responded as it nodded its head. It knew what it had to do. Wingull was almost upon Totodile.

"Now Totodile!" Ash screamed. When Totodile heard this it jumped out of the water right before the Wingattack hit and it grabbed onto Wingull again by the neck.

"Wingull, fly up and try to shack it off." Wingull started to fly up higher and higher all the time trying to get Totodile off.

"Don't let go Totodile! Now, grab onto Wingull's wings so it can't fly anymore!" Totodile did as it was told and then Wingull and Totodile started to fall from about 300 feet in the air. A few seconds later, right before the two Pokémon hit the water Totodile jumped off into the water and landed a few feet away.

"No, Wingull!" Sean yelled. There was a big splash of water when Wingull hit the water because it was moving so fast. Then most of the crowd got quiet to see if Wingull would emerge from the water ready to battle or done for battle.

A few seconds later everyone could see something coming up to the surface. When Wingull finally broke through the water it was belly up and it had swirls in its eyes; it wasn't moving anymore.

"Wingull is unable to battle! The victory goes to Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and his Totodile!" the referee yelled out as he raised the green flag in his left hand. On the megascreen floating above Ash's picture became enlarged and it said on it "Winner!"

Everyone in the crowd, especially Misty was screaming and cheering for Ash.

"Yeah, Ash. I knew you could do it!" Misty called out.

"I can't believe Ash beat my brother Sean. I can't even remember the last time Sean lost his first battle in the Kojho."

"Well that just shows you that Ash is a great trainer. He did get fourth place in the Hoenn League after all," Misty said to Natalie.

Ash was still waving to everyone and basking in his win while he was being rowed back so he could get back to the ship. Ash and Sean had already recalled their Pokémon and were almost up on deck again. Once they got back on deck, Sean said,

"That was a great battle Ash. I can't remember the last time I lost my first battle in the Kojho."

"Really? Wow, well you were a great opponent to battle against. Put 'er there," Ash said as he outstretched his hand.

"I think that you're even good enough to win the whole Kojho Ash," Sean said as he was shaking Ash's hand.

"Pika pika chu!" Pikachu said as it was riding on Ash's shoulder.

"Well he's gonna have to get through me to win the whole thing, Sean," Natalie said while walking up to Ash, Sean and Pikachu.

"And me!" Misty said to all of them.

"I just can't wait untill my next battle!" Ash said with determination.

"Well that won't happen untill at least tomorrow. First the first round has to end and that won't be untill after tomorrow, because of all of the trainers," Sean said.

"Oh, I was wondering why the captian didn't call my name or Natalie's name," Misty said.

"Yeah, we won't get to battle untill tomorrow. In the meantime, the rest of the day one, round one, battlers will comence," Natalie said.

Sean was looking at Pikachu when he noticed something that he hadn't noticed before because Pikachu was never at his eye level before. "Hey is that a bagde that Pikachu is wearing?" Sean asked while pointing at Pikachu.

"Oh, yeah. Right before we got on this ship yesterday I had a battle with Lt. Surge, the Vermilion City gym leader and I won. And since I've already been to the Pokémon League at the Indigo Plateau I had no need for Lt' Surge's Thunder Badge so I gave it to Pikachu."

"Oh, wow. Lt. Surge is a really tough gym leader. I've tried to beat him before but he just totally destroyed my water Pokémon," Natalie said.

"Yeah it was a tough battle but Pikachu came though and won it for both of us."

"So what do ya want to do now Ash?" Misty asked.

"Why don't we stick around and watch some of the battles guys?" Ash suggessted.

"Okay," Misty said.

"Got nothin' better to do," Natalie said.

"Not me. Since I'm out of the Kojho I should go back to The Pokémon Tower to get some more customers," Sean said.

"Oh yeah, the restaurant. Sorry guys but I have to go help my brother with the cooking so I guess we'll see you all later; maybe even in battle," Natalie said to Ash and Misty.

"Well okay untill next time Natalie," Ash said.

"Good ridence," Misty said quietly.

"What was that Misty?" Natalie asked.

"Oh I said, 'good luck tomorrow,'" Misty said. 'Cuase you're gonna need it,' she thought.

"Well thanks; uh, good luck to you two too," Natalie said then turned to leave.

"Yeah, good luck in the Kojho guys," Sean said and then turned around to follow his sister back to The Tower.

With Sean and Natalie gone, Ash and Misty walked up to the railing on the side of the ship and waited for the next battle to begin.

Now with the first battle over, a lot more boats and megascreens were being set up to have more battles at one time. On average there were about four battles going on on each side of the ship at one time and when one battle ended, the next one quickly began. Right now Ash and Misty are on the right side of the ship, in the middle, waiting eagerly.

When everything was ready for the next battle the referee yelled, "Let the battle begin!" It was against this girl named Beyonca with a Wailmer and this boy named Matthew with a Sharpedo.

While the battle raged on Misty tried to start a conversation with Ash. She said, "So what do you think of Natalie, Ash?"

"Natalie, well I think that she's a nice girl. I like her, and she's not mean sometimes like some girls I know," Ash said this, half aware of what he had just said because he was trying to concentrate on the battle.

"What was that Ash?" Misty asked.

When Ash realized what he had said he thought, 'Oh no! We can't fight or we'll both get disqualified!'

"Oh Misty, I'm sorry. I just meant that Natalie is too nice. She's never mean and that makes her too boring," Ash said trying to save himself from disqualification.

"Oh, well, at least we agree on one thing. I don't like her that much either," Misty said now watching the battle again.

All the way through the battle Ash and Misty talked about various stuff including: Natalie, Sean, the Kojho and themselves. Halfway through the battle Misty asked Ash,

"But what do you think of me, Ash?"

Ash had no idea what to say about this. So he just said the first thing that came to his head.

"Well Misty I think that you're a true friend who would do almost anything for me," Ash said.

"Oh Ash, that's one of the most sweetest this that you've ever said to me. Thanks Ash," Misty said and then started to hug Ash. This was a total surprize to Ash so not to look strange, he found himself hugging Misty back. Meanwhile Pikachu was looking on with a smile on its face. When they finally let go Misty said,

"I think that you're a true friend too, Ash. Thanks for always being a good friend to me."

"Oh sure Misty. We'll always be friends and I'll always be there for you if you're there for me, Misty."

"Of course Ash. We've been friends for too long for me to just forget about you. I bet you that we'll be friends for the rest of our lives." But right before Ash could respond to this, the referee yelled,

"Sharpedo is unable to battle, the victory goes to Beyonca and her newly evolved Wailord!" Everyone in the crowd watching the battle started an uproar of cheering louder than an Exploud. Everyone that is except Ash and Misty because they havn't even been watching the battle for the past five minutes. It was too loud to speak so Ash just motioned for Misty to follow him to another part on the ship. Once Ash, Misty and Pikachu were away from the crowds, they found a bench, the same one in fact from just last night and they all sat down.

"So what we're you gonna say Ash?" Misty asked.

"I was just gonna agree with you saying that we'll be friends for the rest of out lives."

"Well don't think that that means that I'll take it easy on you if we end up battling, Ash."

"Of course not Misty. The same goes for me and Pikachu."

"Pika pika chu ka chu," Pikachu said while shaking its head at Ash.

"What do you mean Pikachu?" Ash asked it.

"I know. It means that it would never want to battle me because we're too close of friends. Right Pikachu?" Misty asked.

"Pika pika!" it said nodding its head and then it jumped into Misty's lap.

"Oh well Pikachu's been that way ever since it refused to battle you in our first battle in the Cerulean city gym," Ash said. "Come on Misty lets go watch some more battles."

"Okay, lets go Pikachu!" Misty said to it.

Ash, Misty and Pikahcu went over to where the nearest battle was taking place. There was already a big crowd so it was too loud to talk. Ash and Misty just cheered along with the crowd when the time came.

Basically they did the same thing for the rest of the day untill all of the battles were over for day one. To cut a long story short, once they were hungry they went over to The Pokémon Tower to eat. Naturely they got to eat free because of Misty's Corsola. After they we're done eating, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and her Corsola, which was put back into its Lureball, left the restaurant and went down to their room, 183.

Once inside, Ash and Misty got out their toothbrushes and went into the bathroom to brush their teeth. There were two sinks so it wasn't much of a problem.

Once Ash, Misty and Pikachu were all ready for bed, Ash and Misty were crawling into their seperate beds when Misty remembered something strange about last night.

"Hey Ash, just one thing before you go to bed. I forgot to ask you about how I got here last night," Misty asked.

"What do you mean?" Ash asked trying to play dumb, but it didn't work.

"Don't play dumb with me Ash. We were sitting on that one bench yesterday watching the sunset when I fell asleep and when I woke up I was here. So how did this happen?" Misty asked.

"Does it really matter Misty?"

"Yes, to me it does."

"Okay, if it will make you happy," Ash said and then he sighed. "I carried you up here with you still asleep and Pikahcu helped me along the way. Now can we just go to sleep now. Its been a long day and remember you have that battle tomorrow so you should get some sleep too. Goodnight Misty. Goodnight Pikachu," Ash said as he turned off the light.

Misty was totally speechless. She had no idea that Ash would have done such a thing, or that he was capable of accomplishing such an event. So all she could say was,

"Goodnight Ash, sweet dreams."

"You too Misty," Misty heard Ash say in the dark.

While she was trying to get asleep Misty was thinking, 'Could he love me like I love him? I mean he must have been really considerate to not wake me up and then he carried me all the way back to our room. That's so romantic of him to do for me. I don't think that every guy would have done that for me.'

Also, while Ash was trying to get to sleep, he was thinking, 'I wonder if she knows that I love her or not. Probably not, any guy would have done that for her, I think.'

Soon enough, everyone was sleeping in room 183 having pleasent dreams.


Finally part 11 is done. That took me forever to write. Anyway, I suspect there to be 17 parts in all, but I'm not totally sure. I'd say that I'm about 85% sure about that, but knowing me I'll be writing more. Stay tuned for part 12. It's gonna be a good one. Please review. Gotta Catch Ya Later. Misty101803 signing off.