New Beginnings

New Beginnings
By: Misty101803
Part: 13
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: So many disclaimers, so little time. Lets see, at this moment in time, I have written 20 disclaimers, including this one. I started to get bored of these probably around my fifth one. I don't own Pokémon, probably never will. But there are a couple of things that I do rightfully own and they are just things that other writers shouldn't steal from me. They include: the word Ohnee. Ohnee was created by me and only me. Also, the word Kojho was created fully by me and no one has the right to steal these words from me or my stories. I know I can't stop you but it's just an unwritten rule of writing stories. That rule is that a writer should not steal another writer's ideas. Well with that in mind, I don't think that there is anything else I created that people can't take away because even though I created the characters of Natalie, Sean, Captain Skyler and Scott, those are just common names that anyone can use. But their personalities and their appearances never leave my story. Not to mention that I don't own the Pokémon Tower, that is the Jolt Master's until he decideds to sell it to me, like that would ever happen. Oh, and I mention the story "Pichus in the Sky," which is owned by Lonepichu, in this part a couple of times. This story was written in March 2004.

When we last left our heros, Ash was traveling down the deck with Pikachu on his left shoulder, Misty was holding his left arm with both of her arms and Natalie was doing the same thing on the right side of Ash. They are currently heading to the Pokémon Center a few decks down so Misty and Natalie can check up on the Pokémon they left there a little while ago.

"Misty, Natalie, would you two mind if you let go of me now. I can barely walk with you two attached to me by both arms," Ash said to the two girls.

"Oh sure Ash," Misty said about to let go of Ash, but wanted Natalie to go first.

"How about you go first, Natalie?" Misty suggested.

"Why don't you go first?" Natalie asked Misty.

"Why don't you both let go of me on three girls?" Ash said to both of them.

"Okay, on three," Misty said. "One."

"Two," Natalie said.

"Three," Ash said and then Misty and Natalie let go of Ash at the same time. They were almost to the Center now so it wouldn't be long before they were inside the front doors of the Pokémon Center.

Finally they got to the Center. While Ash stood there at the front door, Natalie and Misty quickly walked up to the front desk and Natalie started talking to Nurse Joy.

"Nurse Joy, is my Cloyster doing okay?" Natalie asked her.

"Oh your Cloyster is doing just fine, Natalie. It's in the back resting on one of the beds. If you want to go to the back and see it, you can," Joy said.

"Okay, um, just lead me to it," Natalie said as she followed Nurse Joy to the back where her Cloyster was sleeping.

'Finally, I'd thought she'd never leave!' Misty thought to herself and then walked over to where Ash was. He was siting on a couch reading a short story in a magazine called Pokémon Monthly.

Misty went over and sat right next to him, really close in fact so she could see what he was reading.

"So what 'cha reading Ash?" Misty asked him.

"Just this short story called "Pichus in the Sky" by Lonepichu. It's a really funny story in a stupid sort of way. I guess you would expect that from a person who wrote it after she took a test. Those tests really drain your brain," Ash answered her.

"Is it good?"

"Well I'm about halfway through," Ash said without even looking up at Misty, "but it's good so far. Maybe you should read it some time?"

"Yeah maybe later, anyway, how about we just get out here," Misty sugessted.

"But what about Natalie?"

"Oh forget about her Ash! Why do you even like her anyway?"

"Well I don't think that she is a bad person, so I don't have any reason to not like her."

"But do you love her?" Misty was afraid to ask.

"Love her?! No, I only met her two days ago Misty. Where would you get that idea?"

"Oh it's just something that Natalie told me about when you were stuck in that elevator," Misty responded.

"Oh that, I think that she's the one that loves me, but I don't love her. I like her as a friend, but I don't know how to tell her without hurting her feelings." Misty was relieved to hear Ash talk like this.

"Why do you ask?" Ash asked, but before Misty had a chance to say anything, Natalie returned from the back, walked up to them and said,

"Well my Cloyster is doing fine. Nurse Joy said that all it needs is a good night rest, and then it will be okay again."

"Oh, that's great Natalie!" Ash said in that excited tone of his.

'Woppdy do!' Misty thought.

"Oh Misty, don't you think that you should go and check on your Psyduck," Natalie sugessted to her.

"Well, okay, be back in a minute," Misty said and then went to the back to check up on Psyduck.

'Finally,' Natalie thought.

Ash went back to reading the short story. It was really interesting.

"So what are you reading, Ash?"

"Just this short story called "Pichus in the Sky" by Lonepichu."

"What's it about?" Natalie said kreeping in closer to get a closer look at the story.

"It's about these two trainers that go up to these clouds in the sky where these Pichu are. It's really funny too.

"Sounds facinating," Natalie said. "So, Ash, you, uh, never answered my question that I gave you yesterday in that elevator."

"What question was that, Natalie?" Ash said trying to play dumb.

"You remember, I asked you if you loved me back and you said that you would think about it, well?" Natalie said in anticipation.

"Well...oh look, here comes Misty," Ash said getting up from the couch to greet her.

'Why didn't her get up from the couch to greet me?!' Natalie thought.

"My Psyduck is doing great, but it also needs a good night rest and in the morning it should be back to normal again."

"Oh that's great, Misty, uh, I'm getting hungry. How about we all go back up to The Pokémon Tower and eat there?" Ash sugessted.

"That's a great idea Ash, I'm starving," Misty said.

"And me too," Natalie said.

"Okay then, it's settled. Lets go!" Ash yelled and then the three of them and Pikahcu left to go back up on deck to eat at The Pokémon Tower, which is owned by Sean, Natalie's brother.

After a couple of minutes they arrive back to The Pokémon Tower and Sean is right at the door ready to greet more customers.

Sean, despite being around 20 years old, was completely bald because he shaves it that way. On his face, he has a goatie of a beard which was a brown color and he has blue eyes.

"Well hello guys! Misty, did you bring your Corsola with you?" Sean asked excited.

"Sure did," Misty said as she reached into her pocket and got out her Lureball. "Corsola, come on out," Misty said while holding the ball in her right hand. A second later, Corsola appeared and said,

"Cor cor sola!"

"Oh that's excellant, Misty. Are all of you hungry?" Sean asked.

"We sure are!" Ash said. "Can we come in and have something to eat?"

"Well of course you can. Just follow me," Sean said and then led Ash, Misty, Natalie, Pikachu and Corsola to a large table that could fit at least six people.

"Expecting some more people, Sean?" Natalie asked.

"Yeah, in fact dad is gonna be down here in a few minutes, sis."

"Why is he coming down here?!" Natalie asked.

"To eat, duh," Sean said. "And why do you care if he comes down here or not?"

"It's.....nothing," Natalie responded.

"Well alright, be that way. Would it be alright if I just made some stew to save time," Sean asked Ash and Misty.

"Sure, that would be okay," Misty said.

"Anything's fine," Ash said.

"Okay, it won't take long. I'll go and start on it now," Sean said and then headed for the kitchen in the back of the restaurant. With Sean now gone, the rest of them all sat down at the table. The table itself was round and it had six chairs all around it. Ash was the first one to sit down at the nearest chair with his back to the front door of the restaurant. Then Misty sat down to the left of him and naturely Natalie sat on his right side. Also, Pikachu and Corsola jumped on some chairs and then onto the table nearest to their respective trainers of Ash and Misty.

"So Ash?" Misty and Natalie said at the exact same time.

"What?" he asked them both.

"What do you think of the cruise so far?" Misty asked him.

"Hey, you stole what I was gonna say!" Natalie yelled.

"Did not!" Misty yelled back.

"Did too!"

"Girls! Stop fighting, I don't know what happened but you two were once friends before your battle today. Hey, is that it? Natalie are you mad at Misty for what her Psyduck did to your Cloyster?" Ash asked turning to Natalie.

"Well sure I was mad at what she did to my poor little Cloyster, but that's not the reason that I'm mad with her now."

"Then enlighten me. Why are you mad at Misty now?" Ash asked. Finally he was gonna get some answers.

"Well remember what I asked you in the elevator yesterday?" Natalie asked. Misty didn't like where this was going.


"The reason that I'm mad at her and that she is mad at me is because we both..." Natalie started to say but Misty quickly interupted.

"Because we both want to hang out with you more without there being three of us!" Misty yelled. It was the first thing that came to her mind.

"Uh, exactly, Ash, that's it." Misty was so surprized that Natalie agreed with her. The reason the Natalie agreed with Misty was because Natalie knew that her chances of getting Ash as her boyfriend were greater as long as Ash didn't know that Misty loved him.

"What's gotten into you, Misty?" Ash asked surprized.

"Nothing Ash. It's nothing," Misty said.

"Okay then. Well, I don't see how one of you could hang out with me more without the other one being left out most of the time," Ash said to both of them.

"Yeah, that's what we thought too," Natalie lied.

But before any one else could say anything more, the three of them heard from behind them,

"Well hello my daughter, who are your friends?"

Ash, Misty and Natalie turned around to see a man standing right in front of them. He was wearing what most would consider a captian's uniform because it looked so fancy. He was quite short though, not that much taller than Ash and he was sort of fat. He was an old man because Ash, Misty and Natalie saw that he had a white beard and mustache around his lips. Also, behind his small glasses, the three of them could see that he had blue eyes, a lot like Sean's in fact. Finally, atop his head, was a captain's hat which he then took off with his right hand and then Ash, Misty and Natalie could see that he had a full head of white hair.

"Hello daddy. Nice to see you again. This is Ash and his friend Misty," Natalie said while pointing them out with her left hand.

"Hello kids, nice to meet you. I'm the captain of this grand ship. Skyler's the name." Then Ash and Misty got up from the table and Ash said,

"Nice to meet you too sir," Ash said while shaking his hand.

"Yeah, it's great to finally meet you," Misty said and then she too shook the captain's hand. Then Skyler moved around to the "head" of the table and sat down, which was opposite to Ash, Misty, Natalie and the two Pokémon of Pikachu and Corsola.

"So, Natalie I saw that battle you were in with Misty. Sorry your Cloyster got so hurt," Skyler said.

"Don't be, I know what can happen in a Pokémon battle and I knew what I was doing; I just got careless," Natalie said.

"You can say that again," Misty said quietly, but not quietly enough because Natalie heard her.

"What did you say?" Natalie asked her starting to get mad again.

"Oh nothing," Misty replied not looking at her. Misty was too preoccupied looking at Ash, but of course, he didn't notice this.

"So captain..." Ash started but got cut off.

"Call me Skyler, Ash."

"Okay, so, Skyler, how long have you been captain," Ash asked.

"Oh about 10 years now," Skyler said.

"Wow that long! You must love what you do," Ash said.

"Well sure I love it. If I didn't love it then I wouldn't be doing it. But what I really love are my children and Pokémon. That's why I love hosting the Kojho. All of the battles are so exciting."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Sir. There's nothing like Pokémon," Ash said. "I've loved them all my life."

"Tell me Ash, because I've been wondering this since I saw you battle my son Sean. When I saw you battle, I noticed that your Pikachu stayed out with you while you were in the boat. Now I don't have anything against not keeping Pokémon in their Pokéballs, just like my son, but why do you let your Pikachu stay out with you?" Skyler said.

"Well, Pikachu just likes hanging out with me, I guess," Ash said.


"Hm, does your Pikachu like being in a Pokéball?" Skyler asked.

"Oh no, it doesn't. In all the time I've known Pikachu, I've only seen it inside it's Pokéball once, and that was the first day I got it."

"I wonder why your Pikachu would be afraid to go into its Pokéball?" Skyler asked himself.

"Oh, well, I've never really thought about that before," Ash said.

"Never?! Not even once?" Skyler asked. But before Ash could respond, Misty spoke up and said,

"Well that's what Ash is good at, not thinking." Natalie couldn't help it. She just started to burst out laughing, really loudly infact.

"Hey, that wasn't funny!" Ash yelled at both of the girls.

"Sorry Ash," Misty started to say, "I couldn't help myself; force of habit." Just then Sean came up to the table holding a large tray with five large bowls and two smaller ones filled with Sean's stew on it. Then he went around the table while everyone picked off a bowl for themselves. Finally, he set down the smaller bowls infront of Pikachu and Corsola and sat down next to Misty so he could be close to her Corsola while he ate.

By this time Natalie had stopped laughing, but that didn't stop Sean from asking her,

"What was so funny, sis?"

"It's just something that Misty said about Ash," Natalie responded.

"What did you say, Misty?" Sean asked.

"She didn't say anything. Just drop it. It wasn't even funny," Ash said. Misty acted like she didn't even hear Ash and said,

"I said that Ash is good at not thinking."

"That's not true!" Ash yelled trying to defend himself.

"Oh yes it is," Misty said. "You wouldn't believe some of the things I could tell you about Ash."

"Like what?" Natalie asked.

"Don't say anything, Misty!" Ash yelled. But again Misty just ignored him.

"Like this one time I can remember from a long time ago when I first met him. Ash was trying to catch a Pidgeotto and he had two choices of Pokémon; his electric type Pikachu and his bug type Caterpie."

"Oh no, no one could be that stupid," Sean said.

"Well of course Ash sends out his Caterpie and it looses in like 30 seconds. It was really pathetic."

"But that's not all that happened. Even though I made one small mistake, I then sent out Pikachu and with one Thundershock attack, I caught Pidgeotto as my third Pokémon."

"But why would you send out your Caterpie against a Pidgeotto if you had an electric type ready for battle?" Natalie asked.

"Exactly my point," Misty said.

"Hey, I was just starting out, Misty! I'm a much better trainer now! And I'll show you all just how good I've gotten in the Kojho tomorrow!" Ash yelled to all of them.

"Exactly! I can't wait to see you and Misty battle in the Kojho again," Skyler said to Ash and Misty.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna win the whole thing!" Ash said with confidance.

"No, I'm gonna get first place in the Kojho," Misty said with equal confidance.

"Your both wrong, because I'm gonna beat both of you and win the entire Kojho," an unfamiliar voice said from behind Ash, Misty, Natalie and Sean. They all turned around to see who it was. As Ash and Misty looked him over, they thought he looked familiar, but they didn't know why. The man standing right in front of them was around Sean's age and had long blonde hair which was tied back into a ponytail on the back of his head. Although they almost couldn't tell because he also had a hat on that said "Ohnee Cuisine" on the front of it. When he came closer to the group, they could also tell that he had black eyes that squinted at them. He came around to face Sean and said,

"Hello Sean, nice place you got here. Too bad there's no one in here except for us. Must've been something I said," this man said and then started laughing an evil laugh.

"Hey, who are you anyway," Ash asked.

"The name's Scott, the owner of Ohnee Cuisine, the best restaurant on the ship. Hey, I remember you from two days ago, with the Pikachu. Still letting it run around, huh?" Scott said to Ash. "Sean, why do you let these Pokémon out while you are eating?"

"Because they are so cool and they deserve to be out here when we're hungry, I mean, they get hungry too," Sean said to him.

"That doesn't mean you have to eat with them," Scott continued saying. Everyone at the table was now really starting to dislike or even hate this guy.

"What are you doing here anyway? If you hate what we do so much, then why don't you just leave!" Misty yelled at Scott.

"I'll leave when I'm ready, little girl. I came here to tell you all that after I win the whole Kojho and get all that money, that I will buy out The Pokémon Tower and open up another Ohnee Cuisine in it's place." The people and Pokémon at the table were shocked to hear this.

"Well you can just forget it because even if you win, you're never gonna get this restaurant!" Sean yelled.

"Oh yes, I will!" Scott said with confidance. "It looks like this place is very close to closing down for good, and when you do, I'll be here to take it up."

"For right now this is still my restaurant," Sean said getting up off the table. "And I want you out of here right now!" Sean yelled forcably to Scott.

"Okay, okay, no need to get angry, I'm leaving," Scott said as he headed for the front door. When he was almost out he turned around and said, "But just remember, in two short days this place will be mine!" And then he exited from the restaurant and Sean said,

"Good ridence."

"Sean, could he really do that?" Natalie asked worried.

"Well considering the sales that we've had in the past few weeks, we might just have to sell it, but we're not going down without a fight, you can count on that!" Sean said loudly.

"Yeah, and there's nothing to worry about, because he's not gonna win the Kojho anyway. We won't let him," Ash said to Sean.

"Yeah, he won't get past both of us," Misty said.

"Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you two," Sean said to Ash and Misty.

"Well that won't be happening until tomorrow because that's when the battles begin again," Ash said. "So so right now, how about we finish eating this delicious stew."

So all of them continued eating their soup until everyone was full. Then Ash said,

"Well, if everyone's done then how about we get out here?" Ash sugessted to the two girls.

"Okay, I'm ready to go," Misty said. Natalie knew that she couldn't take the chance of leaving Ash and Misty alone so she said,

"Yeah, I'm ready to go too."

"Oh, well, okay. I guess the next time we see you guys will be at the Kojho tomorrow," Sean said.

"Yeah, and that's where I'm gonna win my next battle," Ash said with confidance.

"Me too. No one's standing in my way tomorrow," Misty said.

"Well good luck Ash, Misty. You two are excellant trainers and I know both of you are going to win your battles tomorrow," Sean said.

"Well thanks Sean," Ash said and then got up from the table.

"Yeah, thanks Sean and thanks for the lunch. It was great," Misty said as she too got up from the table. Then everyone else got up from the table as well.

"Your welcome Ash and Misty. Just win your battles tomorrow. We'll all be rooting for ya," Sean said.

"Except for me," Natalie said under her breathe but not too softly that Misty couldn't hear her.

"What was that Natalie?" Misty asked Natalie.

"Oh nothing. I didn't say anything," Natalie lied.

"I heard you say something, Natalie!"

"You must be hearing things, Misty. I didn't hear anything," Ash said.

"Oh, lets just go," Misty said and then headed for the door soon followed by Corsola, Ash, Pikahcu and Natalie. Now out on deck out in the sunshine, Ash asked,

"So what now guys?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do Ash?" Misty asked him.

"Well I wouldn't mind watching more Pokémon battles," Ash replied.

"What a great idea Ash!" Natalie nearly yelled out to Ash.

"But that's what we did for most of yesterday. Why don't we do something else," Misty said.

"You don't have to come if you don't want to Misty," Natalie said.

"Not on your life, Natalie! Okay, fine, come on Ash, where's the nearest battlefield?" Misty asked him while getting him away from Natalie.

"Uh, there's one over there," Ash said as he pointed to a battle just about to begin over to the left of them. There was also a big crowd on the railing watching the battle. So, as to get a good view, Ash, Misty and Natalie moved through the crowd until they could see the battle. Ash was in the middle, with Pikachu on his head, Misty on his left and Natalie on his right.

The referee just called out to let the battle begin and it was underway. It was against this one guy, whose name was Robert, and his Lombre, which is the evolved form of Lotad, against another guy, whose name was John, and his Pokémon: Marshtomp, which is the evolved form of Mudkip.

Ash was loving the battle without paying much attention to Misty or Natalie. As the battle raged on, Misty thought,

'I wonder when I'm gonna get the chance to tell Ash that I love him?'

Also while the battle was going on, Natalie thought,

'When is Misty gonna leave us alone so Ash and I can be together?'


I thought that I would never get out of this part. For the last half of this part, I had a servere case of writer's block so I'm thankful that I finally got it done. And you, the reader, probably are too because you had the chance to enjoy another part of "New Beginnings" my first fanfiction ever written. If you would like to tell me how it's going so far then would you please review this story now, or you could wait until you're done reading the whole story and review it then. It's you're choice. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.