New Beginnings

New Beginnings
By: Misty101803
Part: 14
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: Disclaimers, disclaimers, the magical paragraph, the more you write, the more you hate them-agraph. See it rhymes. Oh, well, enough of that. I don't own Pokémon, but I do own this story, my other story, "This Pichu is Different," my other story, "The Origin of Pikachu," and any other stories that I may write in the future. This story was written in March 2004.

When we last left our heros, Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Natalie were watching an intense battle against a Lombre and a Marshstomp, which evolved into a Swampert halfway through the battle. Well, only Ash and Pikachu were watching the battle, really. Misty and Natalie were really preoccupied with Ash and making sure that the other one didn't do anything that may give them the advantage in the battle for Ash's heart.

Just when Misty opened her mouth to say something, the referee said,

"Lombre is unable to battle. The victory goes to Susie and her Swampert!" Following this, the whole crowd cheered for Susie and her victory over the Lombre. Once the crowd died down and the trainers were back up on deck, Ash asked,

"Well, now what should we do?" That was the real question for today because there wasn't much else to do, despite this ship being so large. The only thing that they could do right now is watch more Pokémon battles, and Misty and Natalie were really getting tired of Ash watching the battles while totally ignoring his two "girl-friends."

"Will Natalie, the daughter of the captain, please come to the Pokémon Center!" Nurse Joy said through the intercom.

"Why would she want me to go to the Pokémon Center?" Natalie asked aloud.

"Maybe it has something to do with your Cloyster," Misty said trying to say anything to get Natalie away from Ash.

"Will you come with me Ash?" Natalie asked him.

Before he could answer, Misty quickly said, "He can't because I want to talk to him in private."

"Oh I'd bet you'd like that, Misty," Natalie said getting mad at her.

"Come on Ash. Lets go down to the Pokémon Cetner," Natalie said trying to pull him in her direction.

"No Ash," Misty said pulling him in her direction. "It's really important!"

"Well if it's important, then I guess I'll go with Misty," Ash said.

"Oh fine, be that way!" Natalie angerly said and then stormed off in the direction of the Pokémon Center.

Once she was gone Ash asked, "So what was so important?"

"Oh, um, lets start walking and then I'll tell you."

"Um, okay, I guess," Ash said and then started walking down the deck. Right now, Ash was walking by the railing on the side of the ship with Pikachu following behind him and Misty was on Ash's right.

"Well you see Ash, it's Natalie. I just don't trust her. Are you sure that she loves you, because I think that she's after you for something else," Misty said to him.

"Why would you think that Misty?"

"Oh, just some things that she told me."

"Like what, Misty?"

"Well, she told me that she would stop at nothing to make you her boyfriend, and if that happens I don't want you to have your heart broken by this girl."

"Oh, Misty, as I said before, you have nothing to worry about. I don't love her. I just don't know how to tell her without hurting her feelings."

"Would you want me to tell her?" Misty asked. She would love to break Natalie's heart.

"No, Misty. She's my problem, not yours. If anyone's gonna tell her, then it would be me," Ash said.

"Oh, okay," Misty said disappointed.

Meanwhile, in the Pokémon Center, Natalie was going up to Nurse Joy to find out why she was called down here.

"Nurse Joy, is my Cloyster all right?"

"Oh yes, your Cloyster is doing just fine. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up, but that's not the reason I called you down here," Joy said. "I called you down here because I got a message from your mom. She wants you to call her back."

"Oh, my mom. I havn't talked to her in such a long time. Thanks Nurse Joy," Natalie said and then went over to the nearest videophone, sat down, and started to dial her mom back in Slateport City. Finally, the videoscreen turned on and Natalie could see her mother. Not surprizingly, Natalie's mother looked a lot like Natalie, just she was about 25 years older than Natalie.

"Hi mom. Why did you call?"

"Oh, I got a call from your father saying that you lost in your first match of the Kojho. I'm really sorry honey," Natalie's mom said.

"Don't be mom. I knew what I was doing. It's just Misty's Psyduck was really powerful and that's how I lost."

"Who's Misty?"

Natalie just got really angry. "She's this girl who's trying to steal my true love from me."

"Your true love?"

Natalie instantly cheered up. "He's this boy named Ash Ketchum and I really do love him. Problem is, Misty really loves him too, and we're constantly fighting over Ash. Actually, right now, Ash and Misty are up on deck walking around and probably talking about me," Natlaie said.

"Oh yeah. Your father told me about him saying that Ash beat your brother Sean in the first round as well. He and Misty must be really strong trainers to knock you and Sean out of the Kojho so fast," Natalie's mom said.

"Yeah, they are, but that's not the point. The point is, is how do I get Ash to like me?"

"I don't think that you can get him to like you. He either likes you or he doesn't. And what about this Misty? Does Ash like her?"

"I don't think so since they always seem to fight, and Ash also seems to ignore her most of the time, but come to think of it, he ignores me too."

"Well there is the possabilty that he doesn't really love either you or Misty. Maybe he just thinks of you and her as friends, not girlfriends."

"Don't say that, mom. I'm gonna get Ash to be my boyfriend before we leave this ship, you just wait and see," Natlaie said.

"Well if you think that you can do it..." Natlaie's mom started.

"I know I can mother," Natalie finished.

"Well okay. You go out there and do your best Natalie. I know you can do it."

"Thanks mom, I will. Well I gotta go catch up with Ash again. I don't want to leave him alone with Misty too long."

"Okay Natalie, I love you."

"I love you too mom, bye."

"Bye, sweetheart," Natalie's mom said and then the videoscreen went blank and Natalie hung up the phone. Finally she stood up and headed for the exit intent on finding Ash again soon.

Back up on deck Ash and Misty were still talking.

"So what do you think of Natalie?" Misty asked him.

"Well, I like her as a friend but not as a girlfriend," Ash responded.

"Do you think that you would ever love her?"

"No way. Not Natalie!"

'Oh well, that's good,' Misty thought.

"Hey look at that," Ash said pointing to a battle that was going on near them on the deck. It wasn't a Kojho battle, infact there weren't any Kojho battles going on around them at the time. The battle was in an open space between the left and right side of the ship so there was enough room for a battle. It was against two water Pokémon: an Octillary and a Poliwhirl.

"Lets stop and watch the battle, Misty," Ash suggessted.

"Uh, okay, Ash." So they stopped to watch the battle. There wasn't anywhere to sit so Ash and Misty just leaned on the railing by the side of the ship. Facing them, pretty close in fact, was the back of a guy in his late teens with his Poliwhirl in front of him which was facing the Octillary.

Octillary's trainer, a boy about Ash's age, yelled out, "Octillary use Headbutt!" Octillary quickly did as it was told and shot towards the Poliwhirl.

"Poliwhirl, jump and dodge it!" Poliwhirl then jumped high into the air, and Octillary missed it, but now the Octillary was headed straight for Misty's head.

"Misty! Look out!" Ash yelled as he pushed her out of the way, but there was no time for Ash to dodge it. The Octillary couldn't stop and it hit Ash right in the head, which knocked him out. And if that wasn't bad enough, Octillary hit Ash so hard that since he was right by the railing, he fell backwards into the ocean, which was about one-hundred feet down from the deck.

After he started to fall Misty went over to the railing and looked over to see Ash hit the water with a big splash.

"Ash! No!" Misty screamed.

"Pika pi!"

Then she did the only thing that she knew she had to do. Misty jumped off the deck, over the railing and dove head first in a perfect dive into the ocean. Since the ship wasn't moving there wasn't any danger so it was okay to jump in. Ash was still unconscious while floating underwater so Misty had to work fast. She quickly found him and pulled him up to the surface.

Luckily, most of the people around them had seen what had happened so within a few more seconds some vines came down, wrapped themselves around Ash and Misty and pulled them up to the deck again.

Once back on deck Misty could see that it had been an Ivysaur's Vinewhip that had saved them. There was a big crowd around Ash and Misty because they wanted to see if Ash was okay, but he wasn't. Ash wasn't breathing.

"Ash, don't you die on me. Not now," Misty said with tears in her eyes, and then she started to give Ash mouth-to-mouth resusitation.

Natalie was still trying to find Ash and Misty. When she was walking down the deck, she noticed a big crowd, but there weren't any Kojho battles going on around, so Natalie went over to the crowd to investigate.

When she finally made it through the crowd of people, she couldn't believe what she was witnessing.

Ash was laying on the deck with Pikachu by his head saying some things to him and Misty had her lips on Ash's mouth while she was giving him mouth-to-mouth, also known as CPR.

"Misty, what do you think that you're doing?" Natalie asked.

"I'm trying to save his life, Natalie, now if you'll let me," Misty said and then went back to giving Ash CPR. After a few more seconds, and with Misty's lips off of Ash's, Ash coughed up some water and started to breathe again.

"Oh Ash, your okay," Misty joyfully said while giving Ash a big hug.

"Pika pika chu!" it said while hugging Ash as well.

"Yeah, uh, what happened, Misty?" Ash asked.

"After you got hit by the Octillary you got knocked out and then you fell into the ocean. Then I went in to save you. Then after we got taken out by Ivysaur's Vinewhip, I uh," Misty was gonna say but was too embarrased.

"You what, Misty?"

"She saved your life by giving you mouth-to-mouth resusitation," someone in the crowd said to Ash. Then Misty immediatly began to blush. She was so embarrased.

"Wow, you did Misty?" Ash said. Misty was too flustered to respond with words so she just nodded.

"Thanks Misty, I owe you my life," Ash said and then started to hug Misty. Natalie was getting really jeoulous of Ash and Misty.

"Okay, what's all the comotion around here?" Officer Jenny said coming through the crowd.

"What's going on here?" Jenny asked.

"Nothing Officer Jenny. Ash fell over board and I jumped in to save him," Misty said to her still sitting down with Ash.

"Oh hello again, Ash, Misty. Well Misty, good job. It looks like Ash is okay now," Jenny said.

"Are you okay Ash?" Misty asked him.

"Well, I'm just a little tired after all that," Ash said.

"Well then maybe you should go back to our room and take a nap," Misty sugessted.

"Yeah, Ash. If you're feeling a little sick then you should go and lay down," Jenny said.

"Okay, I'll go lay down," Ash said as he and Misty stood up.

"Okay, break it up, there's nothing more to see here. Give him some room," Jenny said trying to break up the crowd. Within another minute all of the people were gone and the only one's that were left were Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Natalie and Officer Jenny.

"Well I have to go. Keep up the good work and good luck in the Kojho tomorrow you two," Officer Jenny said to Ash and Misty.

"Thanks Officer Jenny. See ya later," Misty said and then Officer Jenny left.

"Well Ash Ketchum, lets go down to our room now," Misty said.

"Okay, lets go," Ash said and then all of them headed down to room 183 so Ash could take a little rest. Within another few minutes the gang was right outside Ash and Misty's room: 183.

"Well Natalie, it's been fun, but Ash and I have to change out of our wet clothes into some dry ones, so see ya later," Misty said.

"Oh, well, fine. I'm leaving, but I'll see you later Ash," Natalie said and then left going down the hallway towards the elevators.

"Well Ash, you do have the keycard, don't you?" Misty asked.

"Oh, sure," Ash said and then reached into his back pocket and got out his wallet. Then he opened it, pulled out the keycard, and swiped it on the lock and the door clicked open. Finally, Ash turned the door knob and went in quickly followed by Pikachu and Misty.

Almost immediatly, Misty grabbed her red backpack and went into the bathroom to change into some dry clothes while Ash did the same thing in the room, after he shut the door that is.

When Misty was done she asked,

"Are you done changing Ash?"

"Yes, I'm done, you can come out now," Misty heard Ash say from inside the room. Misty came out of the bathroom and saw that Ash was getting in bed.

"Ya know, I'm a little tired too," Misty said as she went over to her bed and started to climb in.

"Sweet dreams Misty, and thank you for saving my life."

"No problem Ash. I know you would have done the same for me. Well good..." Misty was about to say goodnight, but it wasn't night yet. In fact it was only about 3:30 PM and the sun was still shinning. The good thing was that Ash had already closed the curtains on the one window in the cabin, so when the lamp gets turned off, it would be as dark as night in the room.

"...night I guess, even though it's not night yet," Misty finished.

"It's okay, Mist. It's the thought that counts. Goodnight to you too," Ash said and then turned off the light by the bed.

Without another word Ash was soon asleep and snoring, but not loudly.

The last thought Misty had before she fell asleep was, 'I love you Ash. With all my heart.'


Well I hope that this part came out good. I had such a severe case of writer's block, but I don't think I'll have anymore for the rest of this story. The reason that it took me so long was because I wanted an AAML scene that was cute, but I didn't want Ash to experiance it like Misty did. That's why I knocked him out. I hope you'll review this soon. I just love reviews, maybe even more than Ash loves Misty and visa versa, well maybe not, but I do love them. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.