New Beginnings

New Beginnings
By: Misty101803
Part: 18
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Disclaimer: Well hello again. I feel a lot better now that I have continued writing once more. I don't own Pokémon, and I don't own The Pokémon Tower, although I do use that name in this fic, but I do own this story, and my other stories, so don't steal 'em or I'll have to sick my dog on you! Have fun reading. This story was written in July 2004.

When we last left out heros, Misty and Natalie had become friends again and were going up on deck to try to find Ash so that they could apologize for all of the fighting that they have been doing. They found Ash, said they were sorry, and Ash wasn't mad at them anymore. Ash had said that it was very nice of them to stop their fighting just for him, which made Misty and Natalie blush a little, but Ash didn't notice it.

Although, that was all yesterday, and now we join our heros today, the day of the big date between Ash and Misty.

"Milotic, use Twister!" Beyonka yelled out to her Pokémon.

"Feraligator, use Hydro Pump!" Scott yelled to his own Pokémon.

Ash, Misty, Natalie, Sean and Captain Skyler, and about a hundred other people were up on deck witnessing the final battle in the Kojho. It pitted Scott, the owner of Ohnee Cuisine, against Beyonka, a very powerful Water Pokémon trainer. The battle had been going on for nearly an hour, since it had been a three on three battle. Scott already had his Lantern and Vaporion knocked out, while Beyonka had her Starmie and Gyarados knocked out. Now, they were both down to their final Pokémon. Scott had his Feraligator and Beyonka had her Milotic.

Sean, Natalie and Captain Skyler were especially nervous for a special reason. Scott said that if he was to win the Kojho tournament, then Scott would buy out The Pokémon Tower, a restaurant owned by Sean and his family of Natalie (his sister) and Captain Skyler (Sean's and Natalie's father). Sean and all his friends, including Ash and Misty, were all pulling for Beyonka to win the battle, because no one wanted to see The Pokémon Tower go out of business.

"Now Miltoic, use Attract! I can tell that Scott's Feraligator is a male," Beyonka said. Milotic shook its tail towards Feraligator and some pink hearts emerged which traveled over to Feraligator and hit him right in the face. Milotic was a female, and it just so happened that Scott's Feraligator was a male, so Feraligator's eyes instantly lit up with hearts in them.

"Now Milotic, use Twister again!" Beyonka yelled out, and five enormous twisters of water appeared and trapped Feraligator in a spinning vortex.

"Feraligator, try to use Hydro Pump to get out of Milotic's Twister attack!" Scott yelled out to his Feraligator, but it was no use because Feraligator was now in love with Milotic and refused to attack it. The Twister attack was beginning to ware off now, and Feraligator was dropped from the incredible height it was at when in the Twister attack, down to the surface of the sea with a great splash of water. A few seconds later, Feraligator resurfaced with swirls in its eyes.

"Feraligator is unable to battle. The victory goes to Beyonka and her Milotic!" the referee yelled out. The entire crowd went crazy with an amazing uproar, but no one was cheering louder than Ash and his friends. Now that it was all over, this meant that The Pokémon Tower restaurant would still be open for business.

Scott returned his Feraligator, as did Beyonka with her Milotic, and then they were driven back to the ship and raised back on deck. Immediatly, Beyonka was greated by Captain Skyler.

"Corgratulations Beyonka, you have won the Kojho tournament. Now follow me as I present you your prize," Skyler said.

"Hold on dad," Sean said and then turned to Beyonka. "Thank you so much Beyonka. Because of you, I get to keep my restaurant in business, and if you ever want to eat at The Pokémon Tower again, its free from now on."

"Oh well, thank you, but I don't think I know you," Beyonka said to Sean.

"Oh right, so sorry, my name is Sean, the owner of The Pokémon Tower. It's a restaurant on this ship, and because you won, you saved it. You see, the guy you were battling, Scott, said that if he won the Kojho tournament, he would buy out The Pokémon Tower from me, and then I would be out of business, but because you won, you saved my restaurant, so anytime you want to, you can eat free at The Pokémon Tower," Sean said.

"Oh thank you Sean, maybe I'll go there later today when I'm hungry," Beyonka said.

Meanwhile, Ash and Misty were having a small conversation behind Sean.

"Ya know, if Sean keeps on giving people free admission to his restaurant, he will have to close up shop," Misty said quietly and with a little laugh at the end.

"Yeah," Ash said simply.

"Well, Beyonka, we have to go now so that I can present you your prizes, lets go," Skyler said to her.

"Oh right, the prizes, how 'bout we go together, Sean," Beyonka said.

"Oh okay," Sean said, and then Captain Skyler, Beyonka and Sean with a large portion of the crowd went over to the main announcing deck so that Beyonka could get her prizes. She was going to recieve a lifetime supply of Pokéballs, one Masterball, and $50,000.

With all of them gone to the main announcing deck, Ash, Misty, Natalie, and Pikachu were left behind, because they didn't feel like going to see Beyonka get her prizes.

"Well, now that The Pokémon Tower is saved, and the Kojho is now over, now what do we do?" Ash asked the two girls.

"Well Ash, we still haven't decided where we are going to eat tonight. And I want it to be someplace fancy, Ash," Misty said.

"I don't know any fancy restaurants on account the only place we've eaten in this whole time on this ship was The Pokémon Tower. Uh, no offence Natalie, it's just..." Ash said but got cut off by Natalie.

"Yeah, I know The Pokémon Tower isn't fancy, but you have to admit it is a good place to eat."

"It sure is, Natalie," Misty said.

"Yeah, the food there is great, and we'll be sure to tell a lot of people about it so that you will get more customers," Ash said.

"Well thanks guys, and since I've been on this ship a hundred times, I do know of the fanciest place that you guys could eat tonight."

"Where?" Misty asked excited.

"It's called Le Monde de Pokémon, and it's inside the ship a few decks down. I've only been there once before, and trust me, that place is fancy."

"Hey, isn't Le Monde de Pokémon French for The World of Pokémon?" Misty asked.

"That's right Misty," Natalie replied.

"Oh, I just love French places. Ash, we have to go there tonight," Misty said with an excited look upon her face.

"Well sure, we'll go there tonight if you want to, Misty."

"That's great Ash! I can't wait!" Misty nearly yelled because she was so excited about her "date" with Ash. "But what am I gonna wear, and I got a million things to do before then to get ready..." Misty started to say.

"Well I can help you with that, Misty. Lets see," Natalie said looking at her wristwatch, "It's 12:30 (PM) now so that should give us plenty of time before you two go on your little date," Natalie said, putting special emphasis on the word "date".

"Natalie! We're not going on a date!" Misty yelled at Natalie.

"Hey, hey, I was just kidding. What time are you two gonna go on your..."

"Uh," Misty said cutting off Natalie before she could say 'date', "Ash, how 'bout we go at seven?"

"Sure, Misty, that'll be great," Ash said to her.

"And in the mean time, I'll be helping Misty get ready, come on Misty," Natalie said and then pulled on Misty's arm.

"Wait, hold on, what about you Ash? What are you going to do in the mean time?" Misty asked.

"Oh I've got some stuff to do before then. Don't worry about me. You go on ahead and get ready, and I'll meet you in front of Le Monde de Pokémon at seven. K?"

"Oh okay," Misty said.

"Then lets go Misty. As you said, you got a million things to do before then," Natalie said pulling Misty away from Ash and Pikachu. A few seconds later, Natalie and Misty turned a corner, and Ash and Pikachu were all alone.

"Well Pikachu, I'm sorry, but even though it would be cool if you could come, I think that it would be better if just Misty and I go on this date."

"Pika pikachu!"

Ash could tell from Pikachu's tone that it agreed with him. "Oh, thanks buddy, you're the best. But now I need to figure out who's gonna look after you while I'm with Misty tonight." Ash thought for a few seconds and then snapped his fingers. "Hey I got it. I can leave you with Andrew and Vanessa at that Pokémon Daycare: PATCH. Lets go Pikachu," Ash said and then started to head towards where the daycare was.

About ten minutes later, Ash was at the entrance of the daycare and went inside. This time it wasn't as hectic as it was before. There were still a lot of people around helping and playing with the baby Pokémon though. Ash just went straight to the main desk at the other end of the room so he could talk with Andrew, who was standing behind the main desk.

"Well hello Ash, it's good to see you again," Andrew said.

"Hey Andrew, it's good to see you too. But I'm not just here to say hi, I have a little favor to ask you."

"Sure, what do ya need?" Andrew asked.

"Can you please watch over Pikachu while I go eat dinner with Misty tonight?"

"Well sure I can Ash, but why don't you just bring him along with you?"

"Uh, well you see," Ash said scrathing the back of his head as he usually did when he was nervous. "This is a very special night, and I was thinking of telling Misty that I...uh...that I love her."

"Oh that's why. Well I think you should go along and do it Ash."

"You do?" Ash asked surprized.

"Yeah, Ash, I could tell from last time that you really liked her, and, I don't know if you noticed it or not, but I could tell that she really liked you too."


"Mmm, hmm, so go on and tell her Ash, because in the end, you don't have anything to lose."

"Yeah, you're right, Andrew. Thanks for the advice."

"Oh anytime Ash. Now, what time is your date with Misty?"

"It's at seven at Le Monde de Pokémon."

"Oh that place is really fancy, but also really expensive, how are you gonna pay for all that?"

"That's not a problem, Andrew. After I lost my battle in the Kojho, the prize I got was that I get to have a free dinner for two at any restaurant on the ship, and Misty just loves French places, so I know she's gonna love it."

"Oh, that's a great idea Ash, but right now it's almost 1:00, what are you going to do for the next six hours? I'm guessing that the reason you're not with Misty now is because she's getting ready for the date, and that'll take another six hours at least, trust me, that's about how long it takes my wife, Vanessa, to get ready for a date with me."

"Well I thought that since I don't have anything better to do, I could just hang around here and maybe help you if you need it. It's the least I could do if you are gonna take care of Pikachu for a night."

"Well thanks, Ash, but I think everything is fine now, although I know something you might enjoy. Here today is a Pokémon researcher, Professor Redwood, right over there looking at those two Pichu." Sean then pointed over to where the professor was. "You could learn a lot about Pokémon from him." Ash turned around and looked where Andrew was pointing.

Professor Redwood didn't look too old to be a Pokémon researcher. He was more around Prof. Elm's age. Professor Redwood had this short red hair and he was wearing a white lab coat as most Pokémon researchers wore. At the moment, he was taking some notes in a notebook while observing two Pichu while they ate some bits of apple.

Ash turned back to Andrew and said, "Oh, thanks Andrew. I'll go and meet him now." Then Ash and Pikachu went over to Professor Redwood to start up a conversation.

Meanwhile, Natalie was with Misty in Natalie's cabin trying to get her ready for her date with Ash.

"So, how do I look in this?" Misty asked as she stood infront of a large mirror. Misty was wearing this long light-blue dress, a lot like the one she wore back at Ash's party. It came down to just about her ankles, but the dress was designed in such a way that Misty could still walk perfectly. For shoes, she wore these matching light-blue heels, but they weren't more than an inch or two of the ground. Ash had grown in the past year, so with these heels, Misty came to his exact height. In addition, this dress didn't have any sleves on it. And for a change, Misty had her hair down. It came down to just about her shoulders, and in her ears were two little hanging Horsea.

"Oh, you look great Misty. Ash is going to love you in this," Natalie said walking over to Misty.

"You really think so?" Misty asked starting to blush.

"Ooh, you really do love him, don't you Misty?" Natlaie asked. Misty then began to blush even harder. "Oh, Misty, I can really tell that you love him, and that you have loved him for a long time now. I'm sorry that I ever tried to come between you two before. And I could also tell that he likes you a lot, and not as much as he likes me, so, the better girl gets to go out with him tonight. He's a really great guy, and he's lucky to have someone like you to love him so much.

"Well I just hope I can tell him that I love him tonight. I was planning on telling him before we made it to Ohnee, and I think this is my perfect chance. I just hope I don't chicken out."

"Don't worry Misty. Just go out there tonight, and tell him how you really feel about him, and I'm sure that everything will turn out nicely."

"I hope so," Misty said.

Back with Ash and Professor Redwood, they have been talking a lot about Pokémon. Ash had also found out that Professor Redwood was the Pokémon researcher in the small town where the ship docks. The town was called Green Leaf Town, and was just about the size of Pallet Town. The best part was that Professor Redwood upgraded Ash's Pokédex with all the new Pokémon that he would encounter in the Ohnee region.

"Thanks for upgrading my Pokédex, Professor Redwood, I guess I forgot to ask Professor Oak before I left Pallet Town."

"Oh, it was no trouble at all, Ash. I know that upgrade will help you a lot in Ohnee. And I asked the captain today and he said that we'll be arriving in Ohnee tomorrow around 11:00 AM, so were almost there."

"Oh that's great. I can't wait 'till we get there."

Ash and Professor Redwood kept on talking for hours all about Pokémon and Ash learned a lot from him. Ash even told him about some of the crazy adventures he's been on all throughout Kanto, The Orange Islands, Johto, and Hoenn. Ash was so into telling his stories that he didn't even notice what time it was.

"Oh my gosh, look at the time. It's already 6:00, and I have to get going and get ready for my date tonight with Misty, you know, the girl I told you about."

"Oh yeah, I don't want to keep you. Have a good time on your date, and maybe we'll meet again sometime."

"Sure, once I get in Ohnee, I'll stop by and say hi," Ash said.

"That'll be great Ash, but bye for now."

"Bye," Ash said and then started to head to the exit doors. When Ash got to the door, he felt something pulling on his pants leg. Ash looked down and saw Pikachu.

"Oh I'm sorry Pikachu," Ash said kneeling down to him. "I was so excited about this date with Misty that I almost forgot about saying goodbye to you. Now don't you worry Pikachu. I'll be back for you tomorrow, and maybe by then, Misty and I will be boyfriend and girlfriend." Ash then stood up and said, "Now wish me luck Pikachu."

"Pi pi kachu!"

"Thanks buddy, see ya later," Ash said and then left through the exit door, leaving Pikachu where he stood.

Ash headed straight for his cabin and went inside to get ready for his date with Misty. Ash got out this nice suit and put it on quickly. He was sure to brush his teeth and even put on a little cologne to make himself smell nice for Misty. He even decided to comb his hair so it wasn't all over the place as it usually was. After he was done getting ready, Ash stepped back and looked at himself in the large mirror in the main room where the beds were.

Ash was wearing this nice black suit with this long black necktie. Over his white shirt that he was wearing, he wore a sleek black jacket. Overall, this made him look very distinguished and a lot better than he usually looked.

Ash took a quick look at the clock by the bed and saw that it was 6:45, and he thought that he should go down to Le Monde de Pokémon and wait for Misty, but something had just occured to him.

"I don't know where Le Monde de Pokémon is!" Ash said worried. 'Wait a second,' Ash thought. 'I bet Sean would know where it is.' So Ash decided to go down to The Pokémon Tower and ask Sean where it was. Before he left the room, he was sure to take the prize he won so that the dinner at Le Monde de Pokémon would be free. Then Ash left the room, heading towards The Pokémon Tower.

At the same time, Misty was nearly ready to go on the date, all she needed was just a little more time.

"Oh Misty you look beautiful. Ash is gonna drop dead when he sees you," Natalie said to her.

"Yeah, tonight is going to be great. This is the night I've been waiting for for the past three years of my life, ever since I met him that fateful day by that river."

"Well good luck Misty. I know everything is going to work out if you want it to."

"Thanks Natalie, but I'm still a little nervous about this whole thing."

"Well that's understandable, Misty. Tonight is the most important day of your life, and..."

"Thanks Natalie, that really helps me calm down," Misty said with sarcasim.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm not helping. Just remember to be yourself, and you'll do fine, but look at the time, we have to get going." Misty looked over at the clock by the bed and it read 6:55.

"Oh my gosh, it is getting late. We have to get going," Misty said.

"Then lets go, I know the way to Le Monde de Pokémon," Natalie said, and then they both left Natalie's cabin, heading towards Le Monde de Pokémon, which was just a few decks below them.

Meanwhile, Ash was in The Pokémon Tower talking with Sean.

"Sean, hi, do you know where Le Monde de Pokémon is?" Ash asked as soon as he saw Sean.

"Oh yeah, I do, but why are you going there?"

"Well I'm meeting Misty there for a date in about five minutes, and I can't be late. Can you show me where it is?"

"Sure Ash. Lets go right now. A couple of my waiters can watch the place while I'm gone."

"Great," Ash said and then Sean and Ash exited the restaurant and headed towards Le Monde de Pokémon.

What they didn't know was that Misty and Natalie were on the way to Le Monde de Pokémon at the same exact time.

Within another five minutes, Ash and Sean were turning the last corner, and were now in front of Le Monde de Pokémon. But at the same time they were turning that corner, Misty and Natalie were turning the corner on the other side. So, Ash, Sean, Misty and Natalie all met at the same time right in front of Le Monde de Pokémon.

"Hey Misty, you look great tonight," Ash said.

"Well you don't look half bad yourself, Ash," Misty said.

"Well I guess we'll just leave you two to be alone," Natalie said.

"Yeah, have fun you two," Sean said and then Sean and Natalie left together to leave Ash and Misty to be by themselves.

"Well, shall we?" Ash asked.

"Lets go," Misty said.

There were two large doors in front of them made of black oak. They seemed very slick and smooth. Ash put his hand on the handle and opened the door, ready for anything to happen tonight, as Misty quickly followed behind.


Well, how did you like that? Kind of a cliff hanger, if you want to call it that. I think you can tell that the next part is going to be very interesting, and you probably don't want to miss it. Please, stay tuned for the next part in this saga that I call "New Beginnings". If you would like to review this part, one choice is you could just click on that blue "Review" button where my fics are located. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.