New Beginnings

New Beginnings
By: Misty101803
Part 3

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Disclaimer: Man I sure hate these. These are so dumb, but I know it must be done or I'll get sued (Yeah right). Who would want to sue me, I don't have anything. Anyway, I don't own Pokemon, but rest assured if I did, then my saga "New Beginnings" would become a chain of episodes and then everyone would be happy, I hope. This story was written in December 2003.

Ash and Misty have been on the road for about a month since they left Pallet Town. They are currently heading towards Cerulaean City so Misty can pack for the trip to the new region: Ohnee. We join our heros today almost to Cerulean City.

"Come on Misty we're almost there!" screamed an anxious Ash.

"Not so fast, Ash!" Misty called out to him. "Why are you in such a hurry to get to Cerulean?"

"I want to get to Ohnee as soon as possable, so I can see some new Pokemon!" Ash exclaimed, who was now a bit ahead of Misty who didn't feel like running.

"Honestly Ash, sometimes I don't know who you love more: yourself or Pokemon. Right now I'd say you're more in love with your Pokemon!" Misty said calling out to him. She didn't even know if he heard her or not.

'The truth is,' Ash thought to himself, 'is that I'm more in love with you, Misty.'

"I don't see why I put up with him sometimes," Misty said to herself.

'It's because you love him, Misty,' Misty thought to herself.

"Ash! Wait up! I don't want to run! Ash! Stop!" Misty screamed out to Ash.

Ash didn't know what it was, but something inside of him, inside of his heart, made him stop for Misty.

"That's better," said Misty as she was passing Ash. "Now, lets take it slow, Ohnee and Cerulean aren't going anywhere.

But the truth of the matter was, Misty wished that she wasn't going back to Cerulean just with Ash, because she knows better than anyone, that once they get there, Misty's three older sisters are going to tease Misty well until they leave for Ohnee.

"Hi Misty. Is this your boyfriend Ash?" Daisy asked as Ash and Misty walked through the front door.

"I've told you before and I'll tell you again. Ash is not my boyfriend!!" Misty screamed at Daisy. Ash just looked at her with a disapointed look. Misty didn't notice because she was so mad at her older sister.

"If he's not your boyfriend then where's Brock? Did you get rid of him so you and your boyfriend could be alone on the cruise to Ohnee?" Daisy asked Misty.

"What cruise?" the slightly dense Ash questioned Daisy.

"The only way to get from Kanto to Ohnee," Misty's older sister, Lily, said coming into the room, "is by cruise starting from Vermilion City."

"Welcome home, Misty," Lily added in.

"How long does this cruise take?" asked Ash sounding reluctant to ask.

"Oh, I would say about a week," Violet said walking in to the living room.

"A week! I had no idea that Ohnee was so far away," Ash exclaimed to the ohters.

"Don't worry Ash, this will just give you more time to confess your love for Misty.

"Confess my what!" Ash nearly screamed.

"Your love. Don't you love Misty?" Daisy asked Ash.

"I'm sorry but you've got the wrong guy," Ash said to the three sensational sisters. Misty just looked at Ash with a sad look on her face. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice it.

"Well if you guys will excuse me, me and Ash have to go up to my room to..." Misty started.

"Neck!?" the three sisters exclaimed.

"To pack for the trip. I have to get my backpack ready. And that's the only reason that we're here. I knew that you three would make fun of me and Ash, but please once in your lives, leave us alone!" Misty said full of emotion and close to tears. Ash thought that they must tease Misty a lot, even if it's not always about Misty and Ash.

Once in Misty's room Misty said, "I hate my three sisters. They're always teasing me.

"Just ignore them, Mist. Once we're gone, we won't have to see them for at least a year," Ash said trying to comfort Misty.

"That true," Misty replied.

Misty's room was a medium size room with light blue walls and a light blue ceiling. Obviously, Ash thought, light blue was her favorite color.

'Maybe something to remember later,' Ash thought to himself.

"How long is it going to take you to pack for our trip, Misty?" Ash asked her.

"I'm going as fast as I can, Ash. I want to get out of here as fast as I can, so I won't have to listen to my older sisters anymore.

"Don't worry, we'll be alone soon," Ash said to her.

Misty just looked at him with a confused expression. 'Did Ash want to be alone with me for the same reason that I want to be alone with him?' Misty thought. 'I guess I'll have to wait until later to find out; maybe the cruise?'

Not to long after that, Misty, Ash and Pikachu were already packed and ready to leave for Vermilion City.

"Come on Ash, come on Pikachu, lets go. Off to Vermilion City and away from Cerulean City and my three sisters," Misty said to the other two.

"Yeah, lets go! Off to Ohnee," Ash said as they were going down the stairs from Misty's room.

"You two love birds arn't leaving already are you?" Daisy asked them as they were coming down the stairs.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Misty screamed to her three sisters.

"Hey, hey, no need to scream," Lily said calmly to Misty.

"Why don't you let Ash speak for himself, Misty?" Violet asked.

"Huh?" questioned a cluless Ash.

"Yeah!" Daisy exclaimed, "Ash, do you think that you and Misty are a couple?"

"A couple of what?" answered Ash.

Everyone fell down at this comment.

"A couple of what? Ash sometimes I wonder why I follow you around," Misty said back to Ash.

"Because you love him, Misty," Lily said to her. All three of the sisters started laughing hysterically.

"A couple of what?" Ash asked again.

Daisy stopped laughing to ask Ash, "I meant, are you and Misty boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"Daisy!" Misty screamed out.

"Let the boy speak, Misty," Daisy said back.

Misty and her three sisters then got quiet to hear Ash's response.

"No, we're not boyfriend and girlfriend. We're just two really good friends who like to travel together," Ash said calmly. "Now lets go Misty, off to Vermilion City."

'That's strange,' thought Misty. 'He sounded a little disappointed.'

"Yeah Ash, we don't want to miss the ship to Ohnee," Misty said to him.

And with that, Ash and Misty were out the door and started to head down the road to Vermilion City.


So, how was it? I hope I finish this story soon. It's such a long story to write, I just had to take a break for about a week from writing or I thought that I was going to go insane. That was eight days ago (Dec. 23, 2003), but now I'm back, and I am going to finish this story once and for all, I hope. That's all for now. Misty101803 signing off.