New Beginnings

New Beginnings
By: Misty101803
Part 4

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"Holy disclaimers Batman!" is what Robin would say to Batman at the reaction of this disclaimer. I never realized how sucky these things are. Man, this is the fifth one I've writen. I've read a lot of disclaimers from a lot of people and most of them were really funny. But I had no idea how much they really hated these. Now I know. And a little part of me wishes that I didn't know the truth about disclaimers. Well, with that off my chest, let me just say this: I don't own Pokemon. Never have, never will, even if pigs fly in my lifetime, I still will not own Pokemon. I don't own anything so even if the people at Pokemon sued me, they wouldn't get anything. Ha! This story was written in January 2004.

We join our heros today in a forest somewhere around Vermilion City. The problem is, is that Ash was looking at the map, and they are now lost, again.

"Ash, did you get us lost again!" Misty screamed at him.

"We're not lost, just give me a minute to find the way to Vermilion City," Ash said.

"In other words, you're lost," Misty replied.

"Wait! I got it!" Ash yelled who just got a great idea. "Go, Swellow!" (his Taillow evolved).

Swellow came out of its Pokeball.

"Swellow, go and find Vermilion City and report back when you find it," Ash commanded his Pokémon.

"Swellow!" the Pokemon said back. And then it was off to find Vermilion City.

"Don't worry Misty, Swellow will find Vermilion City for us," Ash said to her.

"Why didn't you do that with your Pidgeotto the last time we were here Ash?" Misty asked.

"I don't know, that was so long ago, I don't even remember. Anyway that doesn't matter anymore. What matters now is my Swellow is going to find Vermilion City, and we'll be there soon to get on the cruise."

"If we get there in time," Misty said sadly.

"Don't worry, Swellow is very reliable," Ash said back.

"If you say so," Misty said.

'Now this is very strange,' Ash thought. 'She never lets me win arrguments. What is going on with her lately.'

Just then Swellow came back to the two tired travelers and the Pikachu sitting on his trainer's shoulder.

"Swellow!" the bird Pokémon squacked out.

"Did you find Vermilion City, Swellow?" Ash asked.

"Swellow llow swe," it said as it noded it's head.

"Then lead the way Swellow, come on Misty, off to Vermilion City!"

Finally, what seemed like hours to Misty, which was only about ten minutes, they had reached Vermilion City for the second time.

"Took you long enough!" Misty barked at Ash. "I'm never giving you the map as long as I live!"

"Come on we have to get to the ship in time," Ash said to Misty. "I can't wait to get to Ohnee and catch more Pokémon!"

"Wait a minute! How much time do we have until the ship sails off," Misty asked Ash.

"Uh... I don't know. Let me ask someone," Ash said.

"Uh...excuse me sir, can you tell me what time it is?" Ash said to a rather tall man talking to two other people from behind his back with a Raichu standing by his side. Strangly, Ash didn't notice this.

"I'm sorry, but I don't have the time," the man said as he turned around to see who was asking.

"Lt. Surge!" Ash and Misty said in unison.

"Hey Ash, Misty, Pikachu. Long time no see. What brings you to Vermilion City after all this time," Lt. Surge replied.

"Oh, we were just going to catch the cruise to Ohnee, because that's where we are going next," Misty said to Surge.

"Do you have time for a Pokémon battle, Ash?" Surge asked him.

"But I don't need a thunder badge. I'm going to compete in the Ohnee League," Ash said as Pikachu jumped down and started talking to Surge's Raichu.

"But you can still battle right?" Surge asked again.

"Yeah, lets battle, Surge!"

"Hold it Ash! The cruise. First thing first, we have to find out how much time we have," Misty said to him.

"Oh, I can tell you that," said a man who was slightly shorter than Lt. Surge, which was still over six feet. "Right now it's 10:18 (A.M.)."

"How long do you have until the ship sails off?" Lt. Surge asked Ash.

"The ship leaves at 12:00, so that gives us about an hour and a half until we have to leave," Misty said jumping in.

"Yes! Lt. Surge I challenge you to a gym battle."

"I accept your challenge, but be warned, my Raichu has gotten much better than the last encounter."

"Well that goes double for my Pikachu."

"Then lets get going to my gym, it's not far from here."

"Hold it Ash," Misty said to him. "Don't you think you should check your Pokémon into the Pokémon center before you battle Surge?" Misty asked Ash.

"Oh, she's right. I hope it doesn't take too long, because I really want to do this last battle before we head off the Ohnee.

"Don't worry Ash. Since none of your Pokémon have been in a battle for the past few days, it won't take long to heal all of them up to 100%," Misty said with accurance.

So off Ash, Misty, and Pikachu went to the Pokémon center while Lt. Surge and his crew went back to the gym to wait for Ash.

"Nurse Joy, it's me Ash. Do you remember me?"

"I'm sorry, Ash, but this is my first week working at this Pokémon center, but I did hear from you from my second cousin who used to work here. You must be Misty," Nurse Joy said as she turned to Misty.

"Yes," Misty replied as she noded.

"Nurse Joy, can you please take a look at my Pokémon for me?" Ash asked Joy. "I have a gym battle coming up and I need my Pokémon to be fully healed."

"I'd be happy to take a look at your Pokémon," Nurse Joy said with a smile on her face.

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Ash said while handing over his Pokéballs and Pikachu over to the nurse.

"Pika pi."

"See you later Pikachu," Ash said.

Then, Nurse Joy turned around and went into the back to treat Ash's Pokémon.

"Come on Misty, I'm going to call my mom to tell her I'm here," Ash said to his red-headed friend.

"Okay," was all Misty said as she followed Ash over to the green videophones over to the right.

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring!!!

Phone call Phone call!!!

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring!!!

Phone call Phone call!!!

The phone was ringing quite loudly at the Ketchum's house.

"Coming!!!" Mrs. Ketchum called out to the phone.

"Hello?" Delia asked as she picked up the phone and the video screen came on.

"Hey mom, just calling from Vermilion City to tell you that we're almost ready to go onto the cruise and head off to Ohnee."

"Oh well thanks for calling Ash, it's always good to hear from you," Delia replied.

"Hi Mrs. Ketchum. How are you?" Misty asked as she shoved Ash out of the way so she could talk to Mrs. Ketchum.

"I'm great. Thanks for asking, Misty."

"Oh no. This is going to take a while so I think I'll go and check up on Pikachu and see how it's doing," Ash said as he left to find which room Pikachu was in.

"So how are you Misty," Delia asked. "Did you tell Ash that you love him yet?"

"Oh, Mrs. Ketchum!" Misty said quietly. "Not so loud, Ash might hear you." Misty was now blushing really hard and she could feel it.

"So, I would take that as a no. Misty when are you going to tell him?"

"I thought maybe on the cruise. It does take a week to get to Ohnee, so I will be spending a lot of time with him." Misty was now blushing so hard that it looked like she had a mild sunburn.

"Just be sure to tell him soon, this can't go on forever."

Meanwhile, once in the room that Pikachu was in, Ash went over to sit down next to him. Nurse Joy was now back in the front doing something on her computer.

"Hey little buddy," Ash said to Pikachu. "Do you think that I should tell Misty that I love her on the cruise?" Ash asked his best Pokémon friend.

"Chu chu," it said while nooding.

"Thanks Pikachu. I can always count on you. Are you ready for our battle?"

"Pika pika!" it said as it nodded its head.

"All right! Then lets go out and find Misty so we can go and beat Lt. Surge and his Raichu for a second time," Ash said excited about his next battle. "Lets go Pikachu."

As Ash was walking back to the videophone Misty was using, he heard his mom say to Misty, "Just be sure to tell him soon, this can't go on forever.

"Tell me what?" asked Ash as he and Pikachu were walking up to the videophone.

"Nothing!" Misty screamed as she was surprized and embarassed. Misty was now blushing so red, and she knew it, that she got up and ran to the bathroom and hoped that Ash didn't see it. Lucky for her, he didn't.

Once in the bathroom and infront of one of the mirrors above the sinks, Misty asked herself,

"Why can't I just tell him? Am I too scared too tell him that I love him," Misty said close to tears.

"Are you talking about that cute boy, Ash, out there?" Nurse Joy asked Misty as she came out of the stall behind Misty, heading towards the sink so she could wash her hands.

"Nurse Joy!" Misty screamed out surprized. Misty was blushing again, but not as much as before. ", I love Ash, but I don't know how to tell him, Nurse Joy."

"Don't worry, Misty. You can tell him when your ready," Nurse Joy replied.

"But I'm afraid that when I'm ready it'll be too late."

"Well you truly love him don't you?"


"Well then I'm sure that he feels the same way."

"The problem is, is that we fight all the time, and I don't know if he loves me or not. I'm afraid if I tell him, and he's not in love with me, that we'll never be friends again.

"Well you know what they say. When two people fight a lot, they say that they really care for eachother.

"Maybe your right," Misty said to her. "Thanks Nurse Joy, you really helped. I'm going to tell him sometime on our cruise. I think that the cruise is more romantic and it might be easier to tell him."

"That's it Misty, now go out there and get ready for the cruise. And just remember, he probably loves you too," Joy said to Misty who wasn't blushing anymore.

"Okay, bye Nurse Joy. See you later when we...uh...well I don't know the next time we'll see you. After the battle at the gym, we're heading right over to the ship."

"That's okay Misty, I'll see you when you come back from Ohnee.

"Okay, bye Nurse Joy and thanks," Misty said as she was walking towards the door.

"You're welcome. I do what I can."

Misty then walked out the door followed a few minutes later by Nurse Joy. Misty was walking towards Ash and Pikachu just when she heard Ash say,

"Bye mom."

A few minutes ago, outside the bathroom near the phone, Ash asked his mom,

"What was that all about?"

"Oh, just girl things. You wouldn't understand."


"Well good luck in the Ohnee region and on the cruise," Delia said that last part with a wink of her left eye. "and say goodbye to Misty for me, will you?

"Okay, thanks, I'll call you soon, bye."

"Bye, oh, and remember to change your "you-know-what."


"Sorry, bye bye."

"Bye mom," Ash said as the screen went blank and then Ash hung up the phone. Just then Misty was heading towards Ash and Pikachu coming from the girl's bathroom, followed by Nurse Joy a few minutes later.

"Are you ready to go to the gym, Misty?" Ash asked her.

"Yeah, and your gonna beat Lt. Surge again," Misty said to Ash with confidence.

"Oh wait, I have to get the rest of my Pokémon from Nurse Joy."

Ash walked over to Nurse Joy, who was now behind her desk again, and asked her,

"Nurse Joy, are my other Pokémon fully healed, yet?"

"Hold on a minute while I check," and Joy went in the back to check on Ash's Pokémon. A minute later she came back with his Pokéballs and said to Ash,

"Here you go, Ash. All of your Pokémon are fully healed and ready for battle."

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Ash said as he took back his Pokéballs and put them back on his belt. "Come on Misty, Pikachu, lets go to Lt. Surge's gym. Bye Nurse Joy see you the next time we're in Vermilion City," Ash said waving as he was walking out the door with Pikachu. "Come on Misty, lets get going."

"Coming!" Misty called out to Ash who was already outside the door. Misty turned back to Joy when Joy said,

"Remember what I told you and you'll be fine, Misty."

"Okay, bye Nurse Joy, and thanks again," Misty yelled as she was running to catch up to Ash. Joy had said something else, but Misty was already too far away to hear it.


So what did ya think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? (I hope not). This story has so many parts. If you want to stick around until this story is done, it might take a few weeks/months. I estimate that it's going to have atleast eight, that's 8, parts (nine parts if you count the Prologue. Ten parts if I add an Epilogue). I never thoought that it would get this long. But you know what they say: great storys take time. Please review, in my eyes, the greatest AAMRN ever written. What? Too egotistical? Well, maybe. But I'm allowed to say that, because it's my story. That's all for now. Misty101803 signing off.