The End of Friendship

The End of Friendship
By: Misty101803
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: I think that the concept for this story is cool, and you may not have seen an AAMRN written in this way before, so I hope you like it. I don't own Pokémon, as you may have suspected, but I would love to own it for various reasons. This story was written in May 2004.

It felt nice not to have to walk anymore. I was getting really tired. I always enjoyed the view from up here on my master's shoulder. He was not only my master, or my trainer, but he was also my best friend, and he thought the same way about me too.

He was acting very strange today for some reason. It didn't seem like today was any differnet from any other. It always seemed to be the same routine with Misty and Brock usually behind us, if I was traveling on Ash's shoulder that is.

I had known Ash for a very long time. He was the first trainer that actually treated me as an equal, but that's another story. I could tell that Ash was acting very weird. I had known him for long enough to know when something was bothering him.

I lightly tapped him on the side of his head near his left ear and he seemed to understand that I knew that something was wrong.

"Everything's okay Pikachu. I'm fine."

"What did ya say, Ash?" Misty, the young red headed girl that has traveled with us ever since I met Ash, asked. Her bright aqua eyes stared at Ash from behind his head. I just looked at her and smiled.

"Oh, Pikachu was just telling me something."

"Pokémon can't talk, Ash. But I would think that at least you would know that," Misty said.

"I know that, Misty! I didn't mean that Pikachu actually told me. I just could tell what he was trying to tell me."

"And what is that, Ash?" Brock asked. He was another boy, a little older than Ash and Misty, and I first me him when Ash and I were trying to get his first Gym Badge. He had short, spikey black hair, and his skin was more tan than Ash or Misty. That had been about two weeks after we first left Pallet Town.

"Oh, Pikachu just thinks that something is bothering me, but I told him that I'm okay."

"I didn't notice anything wrong with you," Misty said.

"Well that's because nothing is wrong with me, and that's exactly what I told Pikachu, so can we just drop this conversation now?!" Ash yelled at the other two humans.

"Fine, fine, whatever," Misty said lightly. No one else talked very much the rest of the day. It was getting kinda late and the sun was setting so I knew that they would be setting up camp soon, and not a moment too soon because I was starting to get hungry, and so was Ash. We were walking on a long dirt road, so since they needed to find somewhere to make camp, Ash immediatly veered off the road and started to walk into the adjacent woods.

Not too long later, Ash stopped in a clearing and I knew that this was where we must sleep for tonight. I jumped off Ash's shoulder with one leap and quickly surveyed the campsite. It was an average size and could easily hold three people and one Pokémon. A little off from the center of the clearing was a tree stump which appeared to have been there for a long time.

While I was just waiting, and following Ash around, him, Brock and Misty started to make the camp more habitable.

"How about you and Pikachu go and find some firewood for the campfire," Brock said. He had said it with a little more insentive which was more like a command than a request. Ash didn't protest as much as usual, because he noticed this too.

"Fine, come on Pikachu," Ash said and then started walking into the forest. I quickly followed with a trot and caught up with him within a few seconds. The sun had fully set, so it was dark out, but there was still light from the full moon that was out tonight. I was trying to help as much as I could, but since I was so small, I couldn't really do much than point out firewood for Ash to pick up.

He was doing this sort of slugishly, so I knew that something was still bothering him.

"What's the matter, buddy?" I asked him. But all that he heard was "Pika chu chu pikachu?" so he just ignored me. I was really concerned for my best friend. If something was wrong with him, I felt like I should help him out with it.

Soon after, Ash had collected enough firewood, and we returned to the campsite to find Misty and Brock were all ready to start a fire for the stew that they were eating tonight. Human food was alright, but I thought the taste of my Pokémon food, as they called it, was much better. And if there was some ketchup on my food, then it was just that much better.

It didn't really take all that long to get the fire started and then before I knew it, they were eating Brock's world famous stew. Ash could tell that I was hungry, so by the time they had started eating, I had already eaten my Pokémon food.

Ash didn't really feel like talking during dinner so he just sat there and ate his stew silently. Whenever Misty or Brock attempted to talk to him, he would just either ignore them or just say a few words and then go back to eating his stew. Brock and Misty gave up on talking to him for the rest of the night, since they knew that he clearly didn't want to talk.

Something strange that I noticed was that Ash had only one bowl of stew. He usually had about 3 bowls of stew, so I knew something was really bothering Ash when he had lost his appatite.

I started to wonder what it could be, but I wasn't coming up with anything. Meanwhile, after Ash was done eating, he just kept on sitting there staring into the red and orange flames of the fire. Brock and Misty were having a conversation about something to do with Water Pokémon, but I wasn't really paying much attention to them at the moment. I was too preoccupied with Ash, and what was bothering him.

After Brock and Misty were done eating their stew, they tried to talk to Ash once more.

"Um, Ash? Brock and I are going to go to sleep now. Are you going to stay up?" Misty asked him.

"Huh?" Ash asked as he looked up from the fire. "Uh, yeah, you guys go on to bed, I'm just gonna stay up for a little while longer."

"Suit yourself," Brock said and then started to get ready for bed by rolling out his sleeping bag, while Misty did the same. Not too much longer, they were ready for bed and they curled into their sleeping bags and were about to go to sleep, but Brock said one final thing before he layed down.

"Just remember to put out the fire, Ash. We can't risk the fire spreading and having these woods go up in flames."

"Okay, I won't forget." Then, with Brock satisfied by this, he layed down in his sleeping bag and was quickly asleep talking about Officer Jenny while he slept.

The tree stump was closer to the fire and I was cold where I was sitting so I jumped up onto the stump with one leap. I quickly curled up into a little ball and the last thing I saw before I fell asleep was Ash still staring at the fire with a blank stare.

I awoke in the middle of the night because a Notcowl was making too much noise in one of the trees near the campsite. I was going to go back to sleep but I noticed that something was different. The fire was out but the full moon was still up in the sky so I could see the whole campsite. Brock was still in his sleeping bag, this time speaking of Nurse Joy in his sleep.

I looked around and Misty was out of her sleeping bag and then I looked around for Ash, and he was no where to be found as well. They were both gone for some reason. I wanted to find them, but decided against waking Brock up from his dream. It seemed like a good one and I thought that he gets regected so many times while he's awake, why wake him up?

So I jumped off of the stump and qucikly picked up Ash and Misty's scents. They were both going in the same direction, but Misty's was stronger, meaning that she left after Ash had. I followed my nose and noticed that this place was very familiar. This was the same path that Ash and I took earlier when we were collecting firewood for the fire.

I kept on walking along until I started to hear Ash and Misty's voices. I began to run in their direction to find out what was going on. There was a very large bush in my way, and I could hear Ash and Misty talking on the other side of it. I walked through the bush, and while I was making my way through it, Ash and Misty stopped talking for a few moments and then just started to talk again.

I decided that they probably wanted to be alone, so I was about to go back to the campsite, but I still wanted to find out what was bothering Ash, so I stuck around for a little longer and listened to them talk. They were sitting next to each other looking at each other on a large boulder which was directly underneath the bright moon.

"So then tell me what's bothering you," Misty said with compasion in her voice. I could tell that she was concerned for Ash just as I had been.

"Well okay, but I'm afraid of how you might react. I've been thinking a lot lately about you, Misty. And I've been trying to think of an easy way to ask you something but there isn't any easy way to do it."

"What are you trying to tell me, Ash?" Misty asked quietly.

"I've been trying to think of a way to tell you that I..." Ash just stopped mid-sentence, unable to find the words.

"Tell me what?"

"That I...oh I can't say it, Misty. I'm afraid that it'll destroy our friendship." If I knew what Ash was talking about, then it would destroy they're friendship from that point on.

"Ash, how long have I known you for?" Misty asked looking up at the moon.

"Uh, you met me about three years ago."

"And would you say that we have a strong friendship?" Misty asked.

"Well of course Misty, you're one of my closest friends."

"Well I think of you in the same way, so no matter what you tell me won't destroy our friendship. At the very least we will always be friends, Ash. Now, please, tell me what has been bothering you."

"Well...okay, what I have been trying to tell you for the longest time is that I...I...I love you Misty," Ash said really quickly.

Ash and Misty just kept staring at each other. Ash was waiting for a reply, while Misty was trying to get out of the total and complete shock of what Ash just said.

"If you don't want to be my friend anymore, I'll understand," Ash said about to get off of the boulder.

"Oh shut up, Ash, you're ruining the moment," Misty said sweetly.

"The what?" Ash asked turning back to Misty, and remaining on the boulder.

"Just shut up and kiss me Ash." Misty said and then started to lean into Ash more and more untill their lips made contact. It was a beautiful moment, I thought. Ash and Misty just kissing with their eyes closed, but they weren't doing anything else, just kissing.

After the long and very passionate kiss, Misty spoke first.

"I love you too, Ash. I've loved you for longer than you know.

"I've loved you for a long time too, Misty. I've dreamed of this moment of happening one day, and now it has."

"Me too." Ash and Misty then smiled and leaned in for another long and passionate kiss, but this time, they were holding each other in a hug as well. I decided to leave them alone for the rest of the night. I was satisfied that I had learned what was bothering Ash all day today, so as quietly as I could, I got out of the bush that I was in and left Ash and Misty to each other. I headed back to the campsite, and I was still tired so I jumped back on to that same tree stump and curled up into a ball about to got to sleap again.

I started to wonder how they're going to break this to Brock. It's going to be funny to see his reaction tomorrow. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

My last thought before I went to sleep was that Ash and Misty's friendship has offically ended. Now they were more than just friends and they had a relationship together.


I just thought of the concept for this story the same day I wrote it, so I hope it was good. I was thinking an AAMRN in Pikachu's POV would be cool to write, so here it is. I'd love to know what you thought about my little one shot fic. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.